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A History of St Catherine's Rowing 1875-1999

by Don Barton, Anu Dudhia and Tony Hancox

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(Extract from St Catherine's Year, 1999)

This new book is a comprehensive and fascinating account of rowing at St Catherine's from the earliest days of the Society to the most recent victories of the 1999 crews. The book describes the achievements of Catz rowers in the context of the history of the sport at both Society and College, as well as withing the University and beyond, and including the experiences of those alumni who have found success at national and international level.

Published by the College and written by the St Catherine's Rowing Society, the book is intended to appeal to the general reader as well as the rowing enthusiast and includes a chapter by Matthew Pinsent (1989) on the 1992 Barcelona Olympics at which he won his first gold medal. Lord Bullock has written the foreword.

(Review by Christopher Dodd in REGATTA, Aug/Sep 2000)
St Catherine's College Oxford has published a new edition of its Boat Club history ten years after its first attempt, nearly 300 pages of it. A handsome production it is, too. It records the story of a club which started life in 1874 as a boat club and musical society for non-collegiate students at Oxford. St Catherine's boats have been on the Isis since 1876, whereas the college has only existed since 1962.

This book does a lot more than record all the minutiae of the club, and thus might have a wider appeal in college rowing circles. Anu Dudhia writes an excellent potted history of the development of bumps and rowing on the Isis, accompanied by excellent maps. There are also accounts by St Cat's rowers of coxing the Boat Race (Neil Chugani) and taking part in the Olympics (Joanne Gough and Matthew Pinsent) and the Commonwealth Games (Tony Hancox).

Hardback, 305 pages, 68 illustrations. Published by Alden Press, Oxford. ISBN 0 9531279 1 5.


(Click on highlighted chapter names for extracts).
Preface to the 2nd Edition
Chapter I Oxford College Rowing (by A. Dudhia)
Chapter II 1875-1900
Chapter III 1900-1914
Chapter IV Rowing from Where? (by T. Hancox)
Chapter V The 1920's
Chapter VI A. E. Drew (1906-1987)
Chapter VII The 1930's
Chapter VIII Coaching (by J. Marsh)
Chapter IX The 1940's
Chapter X The 1950's
Chapter XI The 1958 Commonwealth Games (by T. Hancox)
Chapter XII The 1960's
Chapter XIII The 1970's
Chapter XIV The 1978 Blue Boat (by T. Sutton)
Chapter XV The 1980's
Chapter XVI The 1988 Olympic Games (by J. Gough)
Chapter XVII Coxing the 1991 Boat Race (by N. Chugani)
Chapter XVIII The 1990's
Chapter XIX The 1992 Olympic Games (by M. Pinsent)
Appendix A Dates and Events
Appendix B Arms, Colours and Dress
Appendix C The Rowing Society
Appendix D The Long Bridges Boathouse
Appendix E University Representatives
Appendix F International Representatives
Appendix G Captains of Boats
Appendix H List of Coaches
Appendix I List of Boat Club Members

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