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This is the information that was used to compile the Appendix of the new Boat Club History where we have attempted to list everyone known to have rowed or coxed for St Catherine's. Current boat club members are listed separately.

This information has also been used to reconstruct crew lists for each year.

If you have any further additions or corrections, please email me:

Format is:

SURNAME, First Name, (Matriculation Year)
Michaelmas/Hilary/Trinity Term, Mens/Womens nth Crew (*=blades), Posts held

Total = 2743 names listed


ABBOTT, Heidi (M.91)
1991/92: W3E.4

ABBOTT, Justine L. (M.90)
1990/91: M3E.C
1991/92: M2T.C, M2E.C

ABBOTT, Nigel (M.63)
1963/64: M6E
1964/65: M1T.C, M2E.C
1966/67: M1T.C

ABELSOHN, Jaron (M.10)
2009/10: M4E.4

1977/78: W2E.4
1978/79: W2E.S
1979/80: W1T.2, W1E.2

ABLACK, R. K. (M.??)
1940 Secretary
1941 Treasurer

ABOIM, Luiz C. D. (M.??)
2004/05: MNC8

ABRAHAM Benjamin M. (M.??) [B]
2014/15: M3E.5

ABRAHAMS, Joelle (M.05)
2005/06: WN8, W1T.3, W1E.3, Social Secretary
2006/07: W2E.5

2018/19: MNA8

ADAMS, Douglas B. (M.56)
1956/57: M2T, M2E
1957/58: M2T, M2E
1958/59: M4E*, Treasurer
1959/60: M4E

ADAMS, Jo (M.91)
1991/92: W2E.4
1992/93: W2E.6

ADAMS, Kimberley S. (M.75)
1975/76: OUWBC, W1E.S
1976/77: OUWBC, W1E.S

ADAMS, P. V. (M.??)
1963/64: M3E

ADAMS, Paul C.
2002/03: MNB8

ADAMS, Roger L. P. (M.56)
1957/58: M2T.C, M2E.C

ADAMS, R. (M.??)
1976/77: M5E.4

ADERMAN, Kerry (M.??)
2006/07: WNB8

ADIZES, Topaz (M.97)
1997/98: MNA8

ADSHEAD, Mark J. (M.85)
1985/86: M3E.B
1986/87: M3E
1988/89: M3T

AEBERHARD, Philippe (M.08)
2008/09: MNA8

AGGARWAL, Ishani (M.??)
2006/07: WNA8

2016/17: MNA8

AHARI, Hassan (M.93)
1993/94: M1T.S, M1E.6
1994/95: M1T.6, M1E.B, Men's Captain
1995/96: OULRC Trials, M1E.7, Men's President

AHLUWALIA, Kanwardeep (M.85)
1986/87: M6E

AINSLEY, Guy J. (M.??) [B]
2011/12: MNB8

AINSLEY, Peter D. (M.54)
1954/55: M1E.3
1955/56: M1T, Captain

AINSWORTH, Katherine A. (M.89)
1989/90: W2T, W2E
1990/91: W1T.3, W1E.3, Women's Vice-Captain

1976/77: M4E.C
1978/79: W1E.C

AINSWORTH, W. T. T. (M.??)
1908/09: M1E

AKERS, Carolyn (M.83)
1983/84: M3T.C, M3E.C
1984/85: M3T.C, M5E.C
1985/86: M2T.C, M5E.C
1986/87: M1T.C, M1E.C

van den AKKER, Dane H. (M.06)
2006/07: OUBC Trials, M1E.C
2007/08: OUBC Trials, M1E.C, M4E.S

ALCORN, James (M.??)
1999/00: MNA8, M2T, M2E.2

ALDEN Anna R. (M.15)
2015/16: WNC8

ALDERSON, Tim B. (M.75)
1976/77: M1T.B, M1E.3*
1977/78: M3E.3*

ALDWINCKLE, David C. (M.84)
1985/86: M2T, M5E.3
1986/87: M4E
1987/88: M3E

ALEEM, Irfan (M.76)
1976/77: M3E.3

ALER, Carolyn (M.03)
2003/04: W1T.7, W1E.7

2016/17: WNA8, W1T.2, W2E.7

ALEXANDER, Jessica (M.96)
1996/97: W3T.C, W3E.C

AL KHATIB, Adnan (M.15)

ALLAN, C. O. (M.??)
1954/55: M2E.C
1955/56: M3E.C

ALLAN, James S. (M.97)
1998/99: M4E

1931/32: M1E ?
1934/35: M1E.4

ALLDRITT, Charlotte (M.03)
2004/05: W2E.7
2005/06: W1T.7

ALLEN, C. John (M.39)
1940 Secretary, Treasurer

ALLEN, D. S. (M.??)
1954/55: M3E

ALLEN, E. C. (M.??)
1898 M18
1899 M18

ALLEN, Patrick J. H. (M.69)
1969/70: M1E.C

ALLEN, Pelham B. (M.70)
1970/71: M2T*, M4E

ALLEN, Robert F. (M.83)
1984/85: M3T, M3E.B

ALLEN, Romy H. (M.77)
1978/79: W1E.6

ALLEN, Stuart P. (M.92)
1992/93: M3E.4

ALLEN, William D. G.
2021/22: M3E.sub
2022/23: M2E.sub

ALLERTON, Jane H. (M.91)
1991/92: W3E.S
1994/95: W2T

ALLISON, A. B. (M.??)
HT1929 M18, TT1929 M18
1929/30: OUBC Trials

ALLISON, David N. (M.83)
1983/84: M3E.3
1984/85: M2T, M2E.6*
1985/86: M5E.5

ALMAS, Helene M. (M.06)
2006/07: W2E.6
2007/08: W2T.6

ALUN-JONES, Emma L. (M.88)
1988/89: W3E
1989/90: W1E.3

2016/17: W2E.C

AMBROSE, David R. (M.87)
1987/88: M4E

AMEY, Grahame E. (M.62)
1962/63: M4E.C

AMIES, J. F. (M.??)
HT1910 M18

AMIN, Kyrillous (M.09)
2009/10: MNB8

AMZALEG Gilad A. (M.15)
2015/16: MNB8, M2T.4, M2E.3
2016/17: M2T.2, Social Secretary
2017/18: M3E.3*

ANDALL, Hogarth C. (M.89)
1990/91: M4E

ANDERSEN, Annelise (M.09)
2009/10: WNA8

ANDERSON, Erika C. (M.??)
2004/05: WNA8

ANDERSON, James S. (M.63)
1964/65: M3E

ANDERSON, James W. J. (M.??)
2011/12: M3T.5, M3E.5

ANDERSON, John W. (M.05)
2005/06: MNA8, M1T.2*

ANDREWS, K. J. (M.??)
1952/53: M2T

1993/94: W2E.C

ANTCLIFF Rory (M.??)
2014/15: M1E.6
2015/16: M1E.7

APPEL Jordan A. (M.15)
2015/16: WNC8

APPLETON, Josephine R. (M.96)
1996/97: W3T

APT, Adam J. (M.77)
1980/81: M2E.C
1981/82: M2T.C, M2E.C

ARBAUGH, Carlie J.(M.??)
2011/12: WNB8, W2T.3, W2E.5

ARCHER, Elizabeth J. (M.86)
1986/87: W3E

ARGALL, Rebecca (M.08)
2008/09: WNA8, W2T.3, W3E.3
2009/10: W1T.5, W1E.3
2010/11: W2T.sub, W2E.2

ARLT, Jan J. (M.95)
1996/97: M4E
1997/98: MJ4, MJ8, M2T

1960/61: M1T, M2E
1961/62: M1T, M4E

ARMSTRONG, Jane E. (M.86)
1986/87: W3E

ARP, Dustin (M.08)
2008/09: MNC8, M3T.S, M2E.4

ARNANDER, Katherine L. (M.86)
1986/87: W3E
1987/88: W3E

ARNOLD, Geoff P. (M.60)
1960/61: M3E
1961/62: M2T, M2E
1962/63: M2E*

ARNOLD, Hilary (M.75)
1975/76: W1E.6
1976/77: W1E.3
1978/79: W3E.S
1979/80: W1E.S
1981/82: W3E

ARNOLD, James O. (M.60)
1961/62: M5E

1981/82: M4T.S, M3E
1982/83: M2T.S, M2E.S
1983/84: M3T, M6E
1984/85: M5T

ARNOLD, T. (M.??)
1960/61: M5E.C

ARNZEN, Melissa (M.97)
1997/98: WNC8

ARTLE, K. R. (M.??)
1951/52: M2T

ASHMORE, David (M.09)
2009/10: MNB8, M2T.3, M2E.3
2010/11: M2T.S*, M2E.S, Men's Vice-Captain
2011/12: M1T.2
2012/13: M1T.2, M1E.2, M2E.C

ASHTON, Rhian A. (M.80)
1981/82: W2T.4, W2E

ASIMOV, George (M.98)
1998/99: MNA8

ASKEW, Robin (M.10)
2010/11: MNA8.sub, M4E.S

ASKEW, Sarah (M.94)
1994/95: WN8.C, W2T.C, W2E.C*
1995/96: WN8, W1T.C, W2E.C
1997/98: WS4.C, MS4.C, WJ8, W1T.C, M6E.C

ASOFSKY, Dean S. (M.86)
1986/87: M1T, M1E

ASPIN, Adam G. R. (M.76)
1976/77: M3E.4
1977/78: M3T.4

ASSON, Geoffrey O. (M.54)
1954/55: M2E

ASPINALL, Mary J. C. (M.90)
1990/91: W3E
1991/92: W2E.5

ASPINALL, Simon J. (M.87)
1987/88: M5E
1988/89: M4T, M2E
1989/90: M1T.2, M5E*

ASPINALL, Thomas (M.59)
1960/61: M5E

ATKIN, Geoffrey (M.51)
1952/53: M3E

ATKINS, Richard P. (M.85)
1985/86: M3T, M2E.B

ATKINSON, Jennifer H. (M.89)
1989/90: W2T, W1E.B
1990/91: W1T.7, W1E.7, Women's Captain

ATKINSON Molly (M.14)
2014/15: WNA8

ATTALE, W. M. E. (M.??)
HT1913 M18
HT1914 M18, TT1914 M18

ATTFIELD, Martin P. (M.87)
1988/89: M4E

ATTREE, Stephen J. (M.??)
2003/04: M4E.2

AUSTIN, Joanne W. (M.81)
1981/82: W2T.C, W3E.C

AVERY, Heidi E. (M.88)
1988/89: W1T, W1E.S*
1989/90: W1T.S, W5E*

AVRAMOV, Nicolas L. (M.17)
2017/18: MNB8, M2T.B, M2E.4

AYERS, Benjamin J. (M.04)
2004/05: MNB8, M3T.6, M2E.7
2005/06: Secretary

AYERS, G. C. (M.??)
1954/55: M3E
1955/56: M3E

BADGER, A. W. (M.??)
TT1920 M18
1920 Cttee.

BAGLEY, F. R. J. (M.??)
HT1930 M18, TT1930 M18
1930/31: M1E.4
1932 Secretary

BAGSHAW, Anthony N. (M.63)
1963/64: M1T, M2E
1964/65: M3E
1965/66: M3E

BAHOSHY, Claude (M.91)
1992/93: M3E.C

BAILEY, Emily J. (M.99)
1999/00: WNB8.C, W2E.C
2000/01: M1E.C

BAINTON, Tom (M.89)
1989/90: M2E

BAKER, Christine E. (M.77)
1978/79: W2E.6
1979/80: W1T.6

BAKER, Geoffrey L. (M.97)
1997/98: M3T, M1E.2
1998/99: M1E.7
1999/00: M3T

BAKER, J. B. (M.??)
1885/86: OUBC Trials, Sculls, M4
1886/87: OUBC Trials

BAKER, James (M.08)
2008/09: MNC8, M3T.4, M2E.7
2009/10: M2T.B, M3E.B

BAKER, Miranda
1988/89: W2E

BAKER, Paul E. (M.81)
1981/82: M7E

BAKER, Samantha C. (M.97)
1997/98: WNB8, W3T, W3E.B
1998/99: W2E

BAKUNINA, Jana (M.99)
2000/01: W2T, W2E.6
2001/02: W1T

BALDWIN, John F. (M.69)
1970/71: M2T*, M2E*
1971/72: M3E*

BALDWIN, M. (M.??)
1965/66: M4E

BALL, Simon D. (M.01)
2001/02: MNB8

BALMER, Heather (M.94)
1994/95: W3E.C
1995/96: MS4.C, M1T.C, M1E.C
1997/98: M3E.C

1996/97: W3E

BAMBROUGH, Matthew D. (M.01)
2001/02: MNA8

BANHAM-HALL, Amy S. (M.04)
2004/05: W1T.4, W1E.S
2005/06: W1T.S, W1E.S, Women's Captain

1935/36: M2E

BARBARO, Alexander R. (M.13)
2013/14: MNA8, M2T.7, M1E.3
2014/15: M1T.S, M1E.2, Men's Vice-Captain
2015/16: M3E.6
2016/17: M3E.5, M2E.sub

BARBER, A. V. (M.??)
HT1928 M18, TT1928 M18

BARBER, Bryan C. (M.89)
1989/90: M4E
1990/91: M2E

BARBER, C. H. (M.??)
1898 M18
1899 M18
1900 Vice-Captain

BARBER, R. (M.??)
1979/80: W3E.7

BARGHI Ameen (M.15)
2015/16: MNB8

BARHAM, R. (M.??)
1972/73: M2T.B

BARKER, Caroline (M.07)
2007/08: W3E.5
2008/09: W4E.3

BARKER, Hazel A. (M.78)
1979/80: W2E.4
1981/82: W2T.3, W2E, Women's Captain

BARKER, Ian R. L. (M.??)
1947/48: M1E.6
1948/49: M1E.6
1949/50: M4E*

BARLOW, Jeremy A. (M.79)
1979/80: M4T

BARLOW, P. (M.??)
1963/64: M6E

BARNES, Helen J. (M.96)
1996/97: WN8.C, M1T.C, M1E.C, W2E.B*
1997/98: MJ4.C, MS4.C, M1T.C, M1E.C, W2E.2, Captain of Lower Boats
1999/00: WA4, WS8, MNC8.C, W1T.7, W1E.sub

BARNETT-NEEFS Josephine (M.15)
2015/16: W1T.C, M2E.C
2016/17: MNB8, W1T.C, W1E.C, Women's Captain
2017/18: Women's Captain of Lower Boats

BARON, Benjamin (M.12)
2012/13: M2T.4, M2E.3
2013/14: MNA8.C, M1T.7, M1E.5, Men's Captain of Lower Boats
2014/15: M1T.6, Men's Captain

BARR, James T. M. (M.96)
1996/97: M5E
1997/98: M4E.7

BARRACLOUGH, Richard M. (M.72)
1972/73: M1T.2, M2E

BARRETT, J. (M.??)
1982/83: M5E

BARRY, D. H. (M.??)
1963/64: M3E

BARRY, Paul J. (M.85)
1986/87: M5E

BARTEL, Lucy E. (M.21)
2021/22: WN8.6, W1T.4, W1E.4*

1998/99: MNB8

BARTLETT, Tim R. (M.69)
1970/71: M2T*, M2E*
1971/72: M3E*

BARTON, Donald (M.48)
1948/49: M1T, M1E.5
1949/50: M1T, M1E.6, Secretary
1950/51: M1E.7
1951/52: M1E.3

BARTON, L. (M.??)
1956/57: M1E.S

BASANA, B. Harika
2003/04: MND8 [sic]

BASS, David (M.89)
1989/90: M4E

BASU, S. K. (M.??)
1921/22: M1T

BATES, Russell C. (M.81)
1981/82: M3T.B, M3E.B
1982/83: M1T.B, M1E.B
1983/84: M2T.B*, M6E.B
1984/85: M1T.2*, M1E.2, Men's Vice-Captain

BATEY, Andrew W. (M.66)
1966/67: M1T

BATT, David J. G. (M.89)
1989/90: M3E

BATT, Julian (M.92)
1992/93: M1T.6, M1E.6
1993/94: M1E.4
1994/95: M1T.S

BATTERSBY, Simon (M.12)
2012/13: M3E.3

BAUM, Jake (M.93)
1993/94: M3E.4
1994/95: M3E

BAUMANN, Garrett (M.??) [B]
2010/11: M4E.5

BAWDEN, Belinda (M.76)
1976/77: W2E.5
1977/78: OUWBC, W1E.7
1978/79: W3E.7

BAXTER, Brian H. (M.67)
1967/68: M3E

BAYER , Clarissa (M.15)
2015/16: W2T.sub

BAYLES, Louisa (M.88)
1988/89: W1T, W4E
1989/90: W5E*

BAYLISS, F. V. S. K. (M.??)
1945/46: M1T.6, M1E.6

BEAKE, Edward (M.07)
2007/08: M1T.C

BEAN, B. W. (M.??)
1908/09: M1T
HT1910 M18

BEAN, Benjamin W. (M.05)
2005/06: MNB8

BEANEY, Michael A. (M.78)
1978/79: M2T.2, M5E.6
1979/80: M5E.7

BEAUMONT, Karen J. (M.92)
1992/93: W3E.3

BEAVAN, G. C. (M.??)
HT1930 M18, TT1930 M18

BEAVEN, Richard P. (M.80)
1981/82: M3T.4, M5E
1982/83: M3E

BEBBER, Daniel P. (M.93)
1993/94: MN8, M2T, M2E.6
1994/95: M2T, M1E.2
1995/96: MS4
1996/97: M1E.6
1997/98: MS4
1998/99: MA4, M1T.6*
1999/00: MB4, M3T

BEDFORD, Felicity (M.08)
2008/09: MNB8.C, M3T.C, W3E.C
2009/10: WNA8.C

BEDFORD, Guy D. (M.04)
2004/05: M2E.B

BEDWELL, Jane E. (M.85)
1985/86: W2E.5
1986/87: W2E

BEEBE, Bethany (M.??)
1999/00: WNB8

BEETEM, Elizabeth R. (M.00)
2000/01: W1T.4*, W2E.S, W1E.C

BEGGS, Edwin J. (M.83)
1983/84: M5E.4
1985/86: M7E
1987/88: M6E

BEESLEY, A. (M.??)
TT1940 M28

BEHNKE Felix C. (M.18)
2018/19: M1E.3

BELHAM, Michaela (M.12)
2012/13: W3E.S

BELL, Graham J. E. (M.72)
1972/73: M2T.3, M3E
1973/74: M1T.7, M1E.7, Captain

BELL, Guy A. (M.79)
1979/80: M4T, M4E
1980/81: M4E

BELL, John S. (M.60)
1960/61: M3E

BELL, J. W. (M.??)
1953/54: M1E.C

BELL, Kirsty (M.07)
2007/08: W3E.6
2008/09: W2E.2, W4E.C

BELL, P. S. (M.??)
1963/64: M3E

BELL, R. D. (M.??)
1920/21: M1T.C, M1E.C
1921/22: M1E.C, Treasurer

BELL, Thomas C. (M.??)
2011/12: MNB8

1999/00: MNC8, M2T

BELOW, Paul K. (M.77)
1979/80: M7E

BENNETT, Andrew M. (M.97)
1998/99: M6E

BENNETT, H. F. (M.??)
1882 M18

BENNETT, Nigel G. (M.65)
1965/66: M4E
1966/67: M2E

2003/04: WNA8

2015/16: WNC8

BENSON, David A. (M.87)
1988/89: M3E.C
1989/90: M1T.C, M5E.C*

BENSON, James D. (M.90)
1990/91: M3E
1991/92: M2T, M2E.7

BENSON, Richard (M.??)
1963/64: M1T, M2E, M7E.C
1964/65: M1T.5, M2E
1966/67: M1T, M1E.5

2016/17: W2E.5

BERENGAUT, Ariana A. (M.04)
2004/05: W2T.7, W1E.B

BERESFORD, Sue M. (M.84)
1984/85: W3T, W2E.7

BERGEN, Kristin L. (M.87)
1987/88: W1T.6, W1E.7

BERNSTEIN, Lauren A. (M.??)
2004/05: WNA8

BERRY, Anna (M.95)
1995/96: WN8, W2T.4, W2E.4
1996/97: W4E

BERRY, David G.
2020/21: M2T.C

BERRY, Graeme J. (M.75)
1976/77: M6E.7
1977/78: M4E

BERRY, J. C. A. (M.56)
1958/59: M1T, M1E.3
1959/60: M2T, M4E

BERRY, Oliver (M.16)
2016/17: M1T.2, M1E.2*
2017/18: M1T.7, M1E.6, Men's Captain
2018/19: M1T.6, M3E.3*, President

BERTHET, Claire B. (M.06)
2006/07: WNB8, W2T.B

BERWICK, Isabel M. (M.85)
1985/86: W1T, W1E.4
1986/87: W1E, Women's Vice-Captain
1987/88: W4E

BETHEL, Stephen (M.94)
1994/95: MN8, M2T, M2E.4

BETTS, Dominic R. (M.83)
1983/84: M2T.7*, M2E.7
1984/85: M5T

BEUCKELAERS William J. A. P. (M.14)
2014/15: MNA8, M1T.2, M1E.4
2015/16: M1T.7, M1E.2
2016/17: M2T.5, M2E.7*

BEVERLEY, Peter R. (M.38)
TT1940 M18

BEXTON, Michael D. R. (M.64)
1964/65: M4E
1965/66: M5E.C
1967/68: M3E

BEYNON, Paul (M.03)
2003/04: MNB8, M3E.B

BHAGAT, Rajeesh M. (M.83)
1984/85: M6E.3

BICK Shira-Naomi (M.15)
2015/16: WNC8

BIDDLE Katharine V. (M.14)
2014/15: WNB8, W1T.6, W1E.6
2015/16: W1T.2, W1E.2

BIDE, A. (M.??)
TT1937 M18?

BIEGANSKI, Jan A. (M.51)
1952/53: M2T, M2E

BIGGER, Jim R. K. (M.86)
1986/87: M1T, M1E
1987/88: M1T.6, M1E.6, Men's Captain
1988/89: M1T.S, M1E.S
1989/90: M1T.S, M5E*
1990/91: M1T.S
1991/92: M1T.S, M1E.S
1992/93: M5E.S

BILL, David (M.74)
1974/75: M2T.7, M1E.3, Secretary
1975/76: M1T, Secretary
1976/77: M1T.7

BIRD, Alexander (M.07)
2007/08: MNB8

BIRD, Tanya (M.07)
2008/09: W4E.4

BIRDLING, Malcolm D. (M.06)
2006/07: MNA8

BIRGEL Serkan (M.14)
2014/15: MNA8, M2T.5, M2E.3, Social Secretary

BISHOP, David A. (M.89)
1989/90: MN8, M2E

BISHOP, Danielle E. (M.09)
2009/10: W1T.7, W1E.6

BISORDI, Kate (M.??)
1999/00: W3T, W2E.3

BLACK, Peter (M.80)
1981/82: M3E

BLACKHAM, Ian G. (M.84)
1987/88: M5E

BLAKEY, Daniel (M.00)
2001/02: M1T, M1E.S
2003/04: M1T.7, M1E.3
2004/05: M1T.7

BLANK, M. Victor (M.60)
1961/62: M5E

BLASDEL, Janelle (M.??)
2006/07: WNB8

BLOCK, Jennifer (M.85)
1985/86: M3E.C
1986/87: W1E.C
1987/88: W4E.C
1988/89: W4E

BLOEM, F. A. C. (M.??)
1925/26: M2E.2

BLOFELD, Robert E. (M.59)
1959/60: M1T, M1E.7
1960/61: M1T, M1E.S, Captain
1961/62: M4E
1962/63: M2E*

BLOM, C. L. (M.??)
1925/26: M1T, M1E.B

1994/95: M2E.6

BLOOR, Melanie (M.97)
1998/99: W2E

BLUMENTHAL, Steven E. (M.90)
1990/91: M2E

BLUNCK, Sandra (M.98)
1998/99: WNA8, W1T.4, W2E

BLUNDELL, Mark (M.07)
2008/09: M4E.2

BOADEN, Samuel (M.07)
2007/08: MNA8, M1T.5, M2E.5
2008/09: M1T.5, M1E.5
2009/10: MS4, M1T.4

BOARDALL, James S. (M.57)
1958/59: M3E

BODDICE, Ben (M.96)
1996/97: M3T.B

BODDY, Sarah L. (M.98)
1998/99: WNA8, W1T.2, W1E.3
1999/00: WA4, WS8, W1T.S, W1E.6, Women's Captain
2000/01: W1T.7*
2004/05: W1T.S, W1E.sub
2005/06: W1E.5
2006/07: W1E.6
2007/08: W2E.6
2008/09: MNA8.C

BODGER, William A. H. (M.59)
1959/60: M3E

BOLAS, Nicholas M. (M.78)
1978/79: M6E.C
1979/80: M4T.C, W2E.C
1980/81: M3T.C*, W1T.C, W1E.C
1981/82: W1T.C, W1E.C
1983/84: W2T.C, W2E.C
1984/85: W3E.C

BOLESWORTH, Alan J. (M.71)
1971/72: M2E

BOLTON, James (M.05)
2005/06: MNA8, M1T.B*, M1E.B*
2006/07: M1T.6, M1E.B

BOLTON, Reg M. G. (M.63)
1963/64: M2E.C, M7E

BOND, Andrew (M.??)
1998/99: M3E

BOND, Harry (M.95)
1995/96: M1E.4
1996/97: M1E.S

BOND, Stephen D. (M.78)
1979/80: M3E.B
1981/82: M5E

BONHAM, R. W. (M.??)
1925/26: M1T, M2E.6
HT1927 M18
1927/28: OUBC Trials, M1E

BONSEY, A. W. (M.??)
1908/09: M1T, Captain

BONSEY, E. K. (M.??)
HT1910 M18
TT1911 M18
1912 Captain

BOOTH, Brian R. (M.57)
1958/59: M2T, M3E

BOOTH, H. (M.??)
1933/34: M2E.2
HT1935 M18
1935/36: M2E
TT1940 M28
TT1941 M18

BOOTH, Heather (M.91)
1991/92: W3E.7
1992/93: W1E.3*
1994/95: W1E.5
1995/96: W1E.B*
1996/97: W1E.7

BOOTH, Nadya C. (M.89)
1989/90: W2E

BOOTH Paul R. (M.15)
2015/16: MNA8

BOOTH, Philip J. (M.55)
1956/57: M2T, M2E
1957/58: M2T
1959/60: M1E.3, M3E.C

BOOTH, Rosalind
2013/14: WNA8
2015/16: W2T.B
2016/17: W1T.S, W1E.S

BOREHAM, Michael J. (M.82)
1983/84: M4E.C
1984/85: M4E.C

BORGSTEIN, Nicolaas (M.08)
2008/09: MNB8

BOTHA, Nicholas M.
2016/17: MNA8

BOUDSOCQ, Robin (M.10) [S]
2010/11: MNA8

BOULTON, Alan (M.87)
1987/88: M5E

BOWDEN, David T. (M.75)
1976/77: M6E.S

BOWERMAN, Roderick D. (M.78)
1978/79: M4E.4
1979/80: M4E
1980/81: M4E

BOWES, Liz (M.95)
1996/97: W4E.C

BOWLES, Chris D. (M.85)
1985/85: M3T, M3E.3

BOWLES, Ian M. (M.61)
1961/62: M1T.7, M1E.B
1962/63: M1E.B, Treasurer
1963/64: M4E

BOXALL, James (M.09)
2009/10: MNC8, M3T.4, M3E.3
2010/11: M2T.2*, M2E.5, Men's Captain of Lower Boats
2011/12: M4T.7

BOYCE, Amanda (M.08)
2008/09: WNA8, W3T.5*, W2E.5
2009/10: WS4, W1T.B, W1E.B

BOYLE, Francis J. (M.73)
1974/75: M2E.4

BOYLE, Una C. (M.15)
2014/15: W2E.3

BRACEWELL, Peter J. R. (M.03)
2003/04: MNC8

BRADLEY, Alison J. (M.82)
1983/84: M5E.C
1984/85: M5T.C

BRADSHAW, John (M.??)
1949/59: M3T, M3E.S
1950/51: M2T, M3E

BRAID, Angus J. (M.64)
1964/65: M2E

BRAIN, J. A. (M.??)
1920/21: M1T.B, M1E.3
1921/22: Vice-Captain

BRANET, Marc O. (M.91)
1991/92: M3E.3

BRANIGAN, Simon (M.92)
1993/94: M2E.C, Treasurer

BRANNAN, Hugh (M.12)
2012/13: M3E.2

BRATZLER, Karen M. (M.00)
2000/01: W2T

BRAY, Helen E. (M.00)
2000/01: W1T.6*, W1E.4, M2E.C
2001/02: W2T

BRAYTON, Simon (M.90)
1990/91: M2E
1991/92: M2E.S

BREARLEY, A. E. (M.??)
1949/50: M2T, M2E
1950/51: M2T, M2E

BREEN, Orlaith J. (M.16)
2016/17: WNB8
2017/18: W2T.3, W1E.3
2018/19: W1T.3*, W1E.sub, W2E.sub, Women's Joint-Captain of Lower Boats
2021/22: W2E.7

BREGAZZI, Chloe E. (M.17)
2017/18: W2T.2, W2E.S
2018/19: MNB8.sub, W1T.6*, W1E.4
2019/20: Women's Lower Boats Co-Captain

BREMNER, Andrew P (M.06)
2007/08: M4E.2

BRETHERTON, Gerry (M.92)
1992/93: M4E.6
1993/94: M3E.2
1995/96: MJ8, M1T.B, M2E.7*

BRETT, Emma (M.95)
1995/96: WN8, W3T.6, W4E.5
1996/97: W4E

BRETTEL, Rachel (M.05)
2005/06: W2E.2

BREWER, Keith J. (M.58)
1960/61: M5E

BRICKNELL, Roger H. (M.69)
1969/70: M1T, M1E.3
1970/71: M1T.5, M1E.5
1971/72: M3E*
1972/73: M1T.5, M1E.5, Captain

BRIDSON, Rosemary J. (M.12)
2012/13: W2T.5*, W3T.7, W2E.7
2013/14: W2T.S
2014/15: W3E.7*
2015/16: W2T.7

BRIGGS, Russell (M.80)
1980/81: M5E.2
1981/82: M4E.S
1982/83: M3E

BRIGHT, Stephen J. (M.75)
1976/77: M4E.5

BRINDLE, Stephen H. (M.85)
1985/86: M2T, M2E.4
1986/87: M2T*, M2E, Men's Vice-Captain
1987/88: M1T.3, M1E.5

BRISLEY, Neil K. D. (M.85)
1986/87: M3E

BRITTON, Robin N. (M.68)
1969/70: M2T
1970/71: M3E

BROADBRIDGE, Peter H. (M.58)
1958/59: M2T, M2E
1959/60: M1T, M1E.2, Secretary
1961/62: M4E

BROCKLESBY, William S. (M.80)
1983/84: M5E.S
1984/85: M7E

BRODIE, Nicholas D. (M.04)
2004/05: Isis.C
2005/06: Isis.C, M1E.C*
2006/07: OUBC.C
2007/08: OUBC President, M2E.S

BROOKES, B. C. (M.??)
HT1929 M18, TT1929 M18
TT1930 M18, Secretary
1930/31: M1E.6
TT1932 M18, Captain

BROOKES, Benjamin A. (M.95)
1995/96: MN8, M2T.7, M3E.S*
1996/97: M1T.6, M1E.4
1997/98: Nephthys
1998/99: OULRC, M1E.2

BROOKES, M. (M.??)
1962/63: M3E

BROOKS, Eleanor J. (M.97)
1997/98: WNA8, W2T, W2E.4

BROOKS, Elizabeth L. (M.84)
1984/85: W1T.3, W1E.5
1985/86: W1E.5

BROOKS, Paul (M.85)
1986/87: M6E

BROPHY, Lindy J. (M.86)
1986/87: W2E

BROUGH, Edward (M.10)
2010/11: MNA8.sub

BROWN, Hannah B. (M.98)
1999/00: M3E.C

BROWN, J. A. (M.??)
1921/22: M1E.3

BROWN, Jeremy J. (M.83)
1983/84: M2T.C*, M2E.C
1984/85: W1T.C, W1E.C, Secretary
1985/86: M1T.C, M1E.C, Cttee.

BROWN, Jonathan W. (M.77)
1978/79: M6E.S
1979/80: M3E.S
1980/81: M2E.2

BROWN, Nicola R. (M.96)
1996/97: W3E
1997/98: W2T, W2E.6

BROWN, Peter N. (M.??)
2003/04: M4E.S

BROWN, R. T. (M.??)
1957/58: M2E

BROWN, Stephen G. B. (M.60)
1960/61: M2T, M2E
1961/62: M1T, M2E, Treasurer
1962/63: M2E*
1963/64: M1E.4, Secretary

BROWN, Trevor J. (M.41)
1941/42: M1E.B

BRUCE, Alastair N. (M.83)
1983/84: M5E.7
1984/85: M5E.B

BRUENING, Theodor D. E. (M.03)
2003/04: MNA8, M2E.4
2004/05: M2T.S, M2E.6, Treasurer

BRUNTON, Amelia A. [S/B]
2017/18: WNA8.sub, W2T.4, W2E.4
2018/19: W2T.B, W2E.B
2020/21: W3T.sub

BRUTUS, Elizabeth C. (M.??)
2002/03: W3E.4

BRYAN, Steven D. (M.82)
1983/84: M2T.5*, M2E.5
1984/85: M5T

BRYANT, Geoffrey J. (M.98)
1998/99: MNC8, M3E
1999/00: MJ8, M1T.6, M3E

BRYANT, Maximilian (M.07)
2007/08: MNC8

BRYETT, Annabel Y. (M.87)
1987/88: M4E.C
1988/89: M4T.C, W1E.C*

BRYSON, Stephanie J. (M.12)
2012/13: W1E.4
2013/14: W1E.6, Women's Vice-Captain

BUBBINS, Sarah (M.96)
1996/97: W3T

BUCHANAN, D. W. (M.??)
1938/39: M1T.B

1976/77: M4E.B

BUCKLEY, Hannah (M.07)
2007/08: WNA8, W2T.3, W2E.4
2008/09: W3T.S*
2010/11: W2T.sub
BUERGER, Lennart
2021/22: MNA8.3, M3T.6

BUERKETT, Melissa L. (M.??)
2003/04: MND8 [sic]

BULL, David (M.07)
2007/08: MNB8
2008/09: M4E.5

BULL, Michael (M.99)
1999/00: MNA8, M1T.4, M2E.6
2000/01: M1T.6*, M1E.4, Men's Vice-Captain
2001/02: OULRC
2002/03: M1E.S, Captain of Lower Boats

BULLIVANT, J. Derek (M.??)
1948/49: M1T, M1E.3
1949/50: M4E*

BUNAKOVA, Michaela [B]
2018/19: WNA8, W2T.7, W2E.3

BUNN, Andrew T. (M.01)
2001/02: MNA8

BUNT, Stuart M. (M.71)
1974/75: M2T.3, M2E.3

BUNTING, Julia, (M.92)
1992/93: W2E.4
1993/94: W1T.2, W1E.4

BUNTING, Victor B. (M.??)
1948/49: M2T, M2E
1949/50: M1E.7
1950/51: M1E.3, Captain

BURCH, J. E. (M.??)
1921/22: M1T.C
1922/23: M1T.C

BURDETTE, William C. (M.97)
1997/98: M5T, M5E.4

BURFIELD, Evan (M.02)
2002/03: M1E.5
2003/04: M1T.5, M1E.4, Men's Captain
2004/05: M1T.6

BURFOOT, Emily (M.??)
2004/05: WNA8
2005/06: W1T.B

BURGE, Frances (M.96)
1996/97: WN8, W2T.B*
1997/98: WJ4, WJ8, W2E.B

BURGER, R. (M.??)
1952/53: M3E

BURGESS, Christopher D. (M.01)
2001/02: MNA8
2002/03: M3E.3

BURGESS, Richard A. (M.70)
1970/71: M4E

BURGESS, Samantha I.
2017/18: WNA8.sub, M4E.S, W2E.sub

BURKE, Katherine A. (M.89)
1990/91: W4E

BURLINGHAM, Fraser L. (M.12)
2012/13: M3E.4

BURNS, David J. (M.78)
1980/81: M3T.S*, M1E.6
1981/82: M1T.S, M1E.6

BURNS, Katie L.
2013/14: WNA8

BURNS, Victoria L. (M.01)
2003/04: WNA8

BURRELL, Katrina L. (M.85)
1985/86: W2T, W2E.6
1986/87: W1T, W1E
1987/88: W1T.S, W4E

BURRELL, Stephanie (M.11)
2011/12: MNB8.C, W1T.C

BURROUGH, Sallie L. (M.99)
1999/00: WNA8, W1T.B

BURTON, Joseph C. G. (M.31)
TT1932 M28

BUSHNELL, Gordon W. (M.55)
1955/56: M3E

BUSLOT, Valeriane
2020/21: W1T.5

BUTCHER, Gavin P. (M.89)
1989/90: M1E.5
1990/91: M1T.5, M1E.5
1991/92: M1T.5
1992/93: M5E.5

BUTCHER, J. H. (M.??)
1933/34: M1E

BUTLER, Bonnie B. (M.99)
2000/01: W2E.B
2002/03: W3E.7

BUTLER, John H. (M.32)
1933/34: M1T.4
HT1935 M18
1935/36: M1E

BUTLER, John (M.89)
1990/91: M4E

BUTLER, R. R. C. (M.??)
1963/64: M1T, M1E.S

BUTLER, Timothy (M.07)
2007/08: MNC8
2008/09: M4E.S

BUXTON, Amelie (M.12)
2012/13: W3E.3

BUZIEK Lisa (M.14)
2014/15: WNA8, W1T.7, W1E.7

BYGRAVE, A. H. (M.??)
HT1930 M18, TT1930 M18

BYRAM, Jennifer (M.??)
2014/15: W1E.5

BYRNE, Ruby L. (M.12)
2012/13: W3E.B

CADMAN, Faye Z. (M.04)
2004/05: W2E.B

CAHALL, Bailey A. (M.??)
2005/06: W1T.2, W1E.2

CAIGER, T. S. (M.??)
1899 M18

CAIN, Kate (M.??)
1990/91: W2E

CAIRNS, J. C. (M.??)
1958/59: M3E

CAIRNS, Sally (M.89)
1990/91: W3E

CALMAN, Christopher R. (M.63)
1964/65: M4E

CAMPBELL, Peter H. (M.69)
1969/70: M4E
1970/71: M4E

CANHAM, Melville H. (M.52)
1952/53: M2E
1953/54: M1E.2
1955/56: M1E.5

CANNY, Niall P. (M.??)
2004/05: MNC8

CARDEN, Leah (M.09)
2009/10: MNC8 [sic], W2T.3, W2E.B
2010/11: W2T.7, W2E.3, Women's Captain of Lower Boats
2011/12: W1T.2

CARIELLO, Leandro F. (M.01)
2001/02: MNB8

CARPENTER, Claire (M.07)
2007/08: WNA8, W2T.2, W2E.2
2008/09: W3T.4*

CARPENTER, Thomas E. (M.06)
2006/07: MNB8

CARR, Amy (M.07)
2007/08: WNA8, W2T.B, W2E.B, W3E.C
2008/09: WNA8.C, W3T.B*, W3E.B, M3E.C, Safety Adviser
2009/10: MNA8.C, W2T.C, Captain of Coxes

CARROLL, Will (M.??)
1998/99: M6E

CARTER, Amy (M.95)
1995/96: W4E.4
1996/97: W4E

CARTER, Christopher I. (M.??)
2003/04: M4E.4

CARTER, Michael J. (M.73)
1973/74: M2T.6
1974/75: M1T.2, M3E.S

CARTER, W. N. (M.??)
1908/09: M1T.C

CASAGRANDE, Aaron L. (M.01)
2001/02: M1T, M1E.5

CASE, David E. (M.57)
1957/58: M2E

CASEY, E. C. (M.??)
TT1903 M18
1903 Captain
1904 Captain

CASSINI, Silvia (M.86)
1987/88: W2T, W2E

CASSWELL, Jenny (M.07)
2007/08: WNA8, W2T.7, W2E.5
2008/09: W3T.7*, W2E.7

CATCHPOLE, Ian R. (M.81)
1981/82: M4T.7

CATLEY, Brian J. (M.57)
1957/58: M2E
1958/59: M2T, M2E
1960/61: M4E

CAULFIELD, Jason (M.88)
1988/89: M3E
1989/90: M3E
1990/91: M2E

CAWTHRAY, Sarah J. (M.82)
1982/83: W2E.S
1983/84: W2T.2, W1E.B
1984/85: W1T.S

CHADWICK, Darren E. (M.03)
2003/04: MNA8, M1T.3, M2E.6
2004/05: M1T.2, M1E.4, Men's Captain
2005/06: M1T.4*, M1E.sub, President

CHAMBERLAIN, Michael A. (M.61)
1961/62: M3E
1962/63: M3E

CHAMBERS, John D. (M.63)
1963/64: M5E

CHAN, Christopher W. T. (M.05) [S]
2005/06: MNB8
2006/07: M2T.B, M2E.S

CHAN, Ka Hin (M.14)
2014/15: M3E.4

CHAN, Wei Jin
2017/18: M4E.4

CHANDLER, ? (M.??)
TT1938 M18

CHANDLER, E. E. (M.??)
1883 M18

CHANDLER, Peter J. (M.61)
1961/62: M2T, M2E
1962/63: M1E.6
1963/64: M4E
1964/65: M1E.6, Treasurer

CHANDRA, H. (M.??)
1920/21: M1T.6

CHANG, Tara (M.??)
2006/07: WNA8, W2T.2

CHANT, B. H. G. (M.??)
1957/58: M1E.6

CHARLES, Jennifer J (M.84)
1985/86: W1T, W1E.7
1987/88: W1T.7, W4E

CHARLTON, Chris (M.87)
1988/89: M4E

CHARNLEY, P. M. (M.??)
1949/50: M3T

CHAUHAN, V. (M.??)
1975/76: M4E

CHEDRAWE, Joseph (M.08)
2008/09: MNA8
2009/10: M4E.S

CHENG, Gino (M.??)
2002/03: M2T.5, M3E.5

CHESTERS, D. F. (M.??)
1918/19: M1T.B

CHEUNG, Aron Wangchun (M.11)
2011/12: MNB8, M3T.3, M4T.5, M2E.3
2012/13: M3T.3

1899 M18c

CHIDOUB, Zara L. (M.05)
2005/06: W2E.4

CHILD, Alastair J. (M.98)
1998/99: M5E

2016/17: MNA8

CHOKANI, Ndaona (M.81)
1982/83: M4T.B*, M4E.B

CHONG, Kaylin L.
2020/21: W2T.C, Women's Co-Captain
2021/22: OUWLRC Trials, W1E.C*

CHORLEY, Sally A. (M.82)
1982/83: W2E.6
1983/84: W2T.6, W3E.S

1997/98: M5T, M5E.7

2005/06: MNA8, M2T.3, M2E.B
2006/07: M1T.B, M3E.7, Secretary

CHRISTIANSEN, Toger Y. [M.18] 2018/19: MNB8

CHU, Timothy (M.07)
2008/09: MNB8, M3T.B

CHUA, Weili Germaine (M.10)
2010/11: WNB8

CHUBB, J. Nicholas (M.51)
1954/55: M3E

CHUGANI, Neil (M.87)
1987/88: W1T.C, M1E.C
1988/89: M1T.C, M1E.C, Men's Captain
1989/90: Isis
1990/91: OUBC

CHUGHTAI, Moazzam M. (M.97)
1998/99: M3E

CHURCH, Simon E. (M.83)
1983/84: M2T.6*, M1E.2
1984/85: M1T.3*, M1E.3
1985/86: M1T, M5E.7

CHURCH, Stephen J. (M.66)
1966/67: M2E
1967/68: M1T, M1E.6
1968/69: M1E.2
1969/70: M1T, M2E, Treasurer

CHURCH, Tony J. (M.77)
1978/79: M6E.3

CIOCANU Madalina (M.15)
2015/16: WNB8, W2T.4, W1E.3

CLARK, D. (M.??)
1981/82: W3E

CLARK, David (M.92)
1992/93: M1E.B

CLARK, H. W. (M.??)
HT1927 M18c

CLARK, James R. (M.97)
1998/99: M4E

CLARK, John (M.65)
1965/66: M2E

CLARK, Martin P. (M.78)
1979/80: M4T, M3E.5

CLARK, Parina K. (M.86)
1986/87: M5E.C
1987/88: M3T.C, M2E.C
1988/89: M3T.C, W4E.C

CLARK, Simon F. A. (M.66)
1966/67: M2E.C
1967/68: M2T.C, M1T.C, M1E.C, Treasurer
1968/69: M1T.C, M1E.C

CLARK, Simon G. (M.74)
1974/75: M3E.7
1976/77: M6E.3

CLARK, Sondra (M.10)
2010/11: WNB8

CLARK, Tom (M.14)
2014/15: M3E.2

CLARKE, Heather D. (M.87)
1987/88: W2T, W2E
1988/89: W3E.C

CLARKE, Joanne L. (M.00)
2000/01: W2T

CLARKE, Rachel E. (M.88)
1989/90: M4E.C

CLARKE, Samuel C.
2017/18: MNB8, M4E.sub

CLARKSON, Samantha (M.??)
2006/07: W1T.6, W1E.7

CLASEN, Kristine M. S.
2016/17: WNB8, W1T.3

CLAYTON, Austin (M.97)
1996/97: M1T.7

CLEGG, Stephen (M.63)
1963/64: M7E
1964/65: M4E

CLEMENS, S. (M.??)
1984/85: W3T, W3E.B

CLEMENT, H. E. T. (M.??)
HT1914 M18

CLEMONS, Stephanie E. (M.77)
1977/78: W2E.S

CLIBBON, Alex P. (M.??)
2010/11: M3E.5

CLIFFORD, Aidan (M.09)
2009/10: MNB8, M3T.6

1963/64: M6E

CLIFFORD, Rupert (M.88)
1988/89: M2E

CLIFTON, Emma (M.08)
2008/09: W1T.7*, W1E.7
2009/10: WS4, W1T.S, W1E.S, Women's Vice-Captain

COATES, Margaret L. (M.??)
2002/03: W3E.6

COATS, N. A. (M.??)
1954/55: M2E
1955/56: M2T, M2E
1956/57: M3E

COCHRANE, Richard (M.91)
1991/92: M1T.4
1992/93: M5E.4, Men's Captain
1993/94: M1T.B

COCK, Eleanor J. (M.95)
1996/97: W2T.7*, W2E.2*

COCKBURN, David J. (M.76)
1976/77: M2E.5
1977/78: M2E.3
1978/79: M2E.B

CODY, Christopher (M.07)
2007/08: MNA8

COE, Robert J. (M.82)
1982/83: M2T.5, M1E.3
1983/84: M1T.4, M1E.3
1984/85: M1T.S*, M1E.S

COELLO, Ric (M.95)
1996/97: M3E.3

COEN, J. C. R. C. (M.??)
1908/09: M1T, M1E, Secretary

COFFIN, David J. (M.99)
1999/00: MNA8

COHEN, Howard (M.94)
1994/95: MN8.C, M2T.C, M2E.C
1995/96: M2T.C, M2E.C

COHEN, M. L. (M.??)
1959/60: M1T, M4E.C
1960/61: M1E.3, Treasurer

COHEN, Offir (M.05)
2006/07: MNA8

COHEN-FRAADE, Shoshana (M.01)
2001/02: WNB8

1919/20: OUBC Trials

2022/23: MNA8.4, M2T.2

COLBY, Benjamin (M.01)
2001/02: MNA8, M2T

COLEMAN, Joanna C. (M.86)
1987/88: W1T.B, W1E.4
1988/89: W4E

COLEMAN, William E. (M.81)
1981/82: M4T.4, M2E.4
1982/83: M4T.6*, M1E.2
1983/84: M4T, M6E.S

COLES, Susan J. (M.89)
1989/90: W2E

COLLERY, Liza D. (M.80)
1980/81: W2T.3, W2E.B

COLLIER, Christopher R. (M.??)
2005/06: MNC8

COLLIER, Roger (M.75)
1976/77: M4E.2

COLLIER, R. H. (M.??)
1943/44: M1T.C, M1E.C
1945 Secretary, Treasurer
1945/46: M1T.C, M1E.C, Secretary
1946/47: M1E.C

1997/98: WNC8, W3T, W3E.4
1998/99: W2T, W1E.2

COLLINI, Peter M. (M.84)
1984/85: M1T.6*, M2E.S*, W2E.C
1985/86: W2E.C, Secretary
1986/87: M4E

COLLINS, Rebecca A. (M.??)
2011/12: WNA8

COLLINS, Ronald D. (M.65)
1965/66: M4E

COLLINS, Roy (M.89)
1990/91: M4E

COLLIS, Nicki (M.93)
1993/94: WN8, W2T, W1E.3
1994/95: WS4, W1T.6, W1E.7, Women's Vice-Captain

COLQUHOUN, Georgina (M.??)
2011/12: WNC8, W2T.6, W2E.6

CONOLLY, James (M.96)
1996/97: MN8.C, M2T.C, M2E.C, M4E

CONNOLLY, Maryann P. (M.89)
1989/90: W4E
1990/91: W2E

COOK, Andrew J. (M.95)
1996/97: M3E.2

COOK, Arthur S. K. (M.34)
1934/34: M1E.3
1935/36: M1T.S, M1E, Treasurer
1937 Treasurer

COOK, Eleanor R. M. (M.98)
1998/99: WNB8, W2T
1999/00: WS8, W2T

COOK, Ian A. (M.75)
1976/77: M4E.4
1977/78: M6E
1978/79: M2T.S, M5E.S

COOK, R. (M.??)
1970/71: M4E

COOK, Richard S. (M.67)
1967/68: M3E

COOKE, Richard A. J. (M.83)
1983/84: M3T, M3E.7
1984/85: M2T, M2E.5*
1985/86: M5E.6

COOKSON, A. F. (M.??)
1967/68: M3E

COOKSON, T. H. (M.??)
1933/34: M2E.C

COOMBE, Andrew J. G. (M.84)
1984/85: M2T, M2E.4*
1985/86: M5E.4
1987/88: M3E

COOMBES, Tom (M.92)
1993/94: M3E.S

COOPER, Benjamin J. (M.84)
1984/85: M6E.S

COOPER, Eleanor L. (M.88)
1988/89: W2T, W1E.5*
1989/90: W1E.5

COOPER, Elizabeth M. A. (M.99)
1999/00: WNA8

COOPER, William (M.09)
2009/10: MNA8

COPEMAN, Susan A. (M.85)
1985/86: M3T.C, M2E.C
1986/87: M2T.C, M2E.C, W3E
1987/88: M1T.C, W4E, Women's Vice-Captain
1988/89: W1T.C, W4E

COPLEY, A. E. (M.??)
1956/57: M1T*
1957/58: M1T
1958/59: M4E*

COPLEY, Richard R. (M.89)
1989/90: MN8,
1989/90: M2E
1990/91: M1T.4, M1E.S, Men's Vice-Captain
1991/92: M1T.6
1992/93: MS4, M1T.5, M1E.7
1993/94: M1T.7, M1E.5
1994/95: M1E.6
1995/96: M1E.2

COPPELOV, Michael I. (M.02)
2002/03: WNA8.C, M1T.C, M2E.C, M3E.2, Secretary
2003/04: MNC8.C, W3E.C

COPUS, Rory (hon.member)
2011/12: M3T.B
2012/13: M1T.C, M3T.B

CORBETT, John L. (M.66)
1965/66: M1E.6
1966/67: M1E.7
1967/68: M2T.S

CORBY, J. C. (M.??)
TT1930 M18
1930/31: M1E.5
TT1933 M18

1962/63: M4E
1963/64: M5E

CORCORAN, Catherine E. (M.81)
1981/82: M4E.C
1982/83: M5E.C

CORDEROY, Anna E. (M.13)
2013/14: WNB8, M2E.C
2014/15: MNB8.C, M1E.C, Captain of Coxes
2015/16: OUWLRC, W1E.C

CORMANO, Jennifer M. (M.04)
2004/05: W2T.3, W1E.3

CORRIAS, Renzo (M.11)
2011/12: MNB8, M4T.3

COSGROVE, Thomas J. (M.85)
1985/86: M1T

COSTELLO, Sinead (M.95)
1995/96: WN8, W2T.5, W2E.3
1996/97: W1T.B, W2E.6*

COTES, E. C. (M.??)
1883 M18

COTTER, (M.??)
MT1942 MN24, HT1943 M18

COULBY, Emma (M.03)
2003/04: MNA8.C

COULSON, T. Trevor (M.48)
1948/49: M2T, M2E
1949/50: M1T, M1E.5
1950/51: M1E.5
1951/52: M1E.5

COURQUIN, Charles (M.85)
1985/86: M1T, M1E.5
1986/87: M1T, M1E, Men's Captain
1987/88: M3E
1988/89: M1T.5, M6E.S*

COURT, Annette E. (M.80)
1981/82: M4T.C
1982/83: W1T.C, W1E.C

COUTANCHE, Marc N. (M.02)
2002/03: W1T.C, W1E.C
2003/04: WNA8.C, W2E.C, Captain of Coxes

COUTTS, Flora (M.93)
1993/94: WN8, W2T, W2E.S
1994/95: WS4.C, W1T.C

COWDY, Hannah C. (M.96)
1996/97: W3T, W3E

COX, Anna (M.91)
1991/92: W1T.2, W2E.S
1992/93: W1T.4, W1E.2*, Women's Captain

COX, W. G. (M.??)
1920/21: M1T.2
1921/22: M1T, M1E.2

COYNE, Terry (M.??)
1990/91: M3E

CRACKNELL, John (M.??)
1973/74: M1T.5, M1E.3, Hon. Bargee
1974/75: M1T.7, M1E.7, Treasurer

CRADDOCK Graham N. (M.63)
1963/64: M1T.C

2016/17: WNB8, W2E.6
2017/18: W1T.6, W1E.6
2018/19: WNA8.C, W1T.7*, W1E.7, Women's Joint-Captain of Lower Boats

1990/91: M3E

CRAPP, G. (M.??)
1964/65: M3E

CRAWFORD, R. C. (M.??)
1969/70: M4E

CREIGHTON, Claire M. (M.00)
2000/01: W2T

CREMIEU-ALCAN, Sophie (M.79)
1979/80: W3E.5
1980/81: W1E.2
1981/82: W1T.S, W3E

CRICHTON, H. C. (M.??)
HT1914 M18c, TT1914 M18c

CRIFO, Carla (M.98)
1998/99: WNB8, W2T
1999/00: WS8, W2T, W1E.B
2000/01: W1T.5*, W1E.3
2001/02: W2T

CRIST, W. F. (M.??)
HT1930 M18
1930/31: M1E.B
TT1932 M18
1933/34: M1E

CROCCO, Luca (M.99)
1999/00: MNC8

CROFTON, Richard (M.42)
MT1942 MJ4, TT1943 M18
1943/44: Treasurer
HT1945 Isis, Captain

CROFTS, Lewis C. (M.96)
1997/98: M4E.B

CROMPTON, W. J. (M.??)
1958/59: M1T, M1E.4
1959/60: M1T, M1E.4, Treasurer
1960/61: M4E
1961/62: M1E.S

CRONIN, Caroline J. (M.82)
1983/84: W3E.3

CROOK, Stamati J. (M.80)
1980/81: M5E.C
1981/82: W2E.C

CROSBY, Laurel (M.??)
2017/18: W2T.C

1959/60: M2T.C, M2E.C
1960/61: M1T.C

CROWLEY, Christopher (M.98)
1998/99: MNB8

CROWLEY, K. J. (M.??)
1951/52: M1T, M1E.S
1952/53: M1T, M1E.S, Secretary
1954/55: M1E.6

CULVER-JAMES, Jeremy W. (M.63)
1964/65: M3E

CUMMINGS, Garret E. B. (M.92)
1992/93: M2E.6

CURHAN, Jenifer J. (M.89)
1988/89: W2E

CURRIE, Alexander M. (M.49)
1949/50: M3E.2
1950/51: M2T, M4E

CURSON, Nicholas (M.84)
1984/85: M2T, M2E.B*
1985/86: M2T, M1E.3
1986/87: M4E

CURTIS, H. J. (M.??)
1922/23: M1T.4

CURTIS, Zoe J. (M.16)
2016/17: WNA8, W1T.4, W2E.S
2017/18: W1T.S, W1E.S, Social Secretary

CUSACK, Martin O. (M.13)
2013/14: MNA8, M2E.6
2014/15: M1T.B, M1E.B
2015/16: M1T.2, M2E.B, Men's Vice-Captain
2016/17: M3E.4, Treasurer
2017/18: M3E.B*
2018/19: M3E.B*

CUTHBERT, C. E. D. (M.??)
TT1938 M18
1938/39: Secretary

CUTTER, Andrew (M.07)
2007/08: MNA8

CZAPIGA Ashlyn N. (M.15)
2015/16: WNA8

D'AETH, F. G. (M.??)
1898 M18
1899 M18

D'AGOSTINO GOMEZ, Franco H. (M.21)
2021/22: M1T.5, M1E.7

DALAL, Akshay S.
2016/17: MNA8

DALE, Peter W. (M.00)
2000/01: M2T, M2E.2
2001/02: M2T

DALE, Rachel (M.92)
1992/93: W3E.2

DALTON, M. W. (M.??)
1925/26: M2E.3

DANA, Emily (M.91)
1991/92: WN8, W1T.6, W1E.6
1992/93: W1T.S, W1E.S*
1993/94: W1T.S, W1E.S
1994/95: W1T.7, W1E.S
1995/96: W1T.S, W1E.S*

DANCE, Brieana (M.10)
2010/11: WNB8, W1T.3

DANIEL, Andrew
1991/92: M3E.2

DANIEL, P. (M.??)
1950/51: M1T, M3E

DANIEL, R. A. (M.??)
1952/53: M2T

DANIEL, Roy G. (M.46)
1946/47: M1E.6

DANIELL, David J. (M.49)
1949/50: M3T, M3E.6

2002/03: W2T.2

DANIELS, Phelim B. (M.77)
1978/79: M2T.6, M5E.4
1979/80: M5E.6

DANINO, Rhys (M.08)
2008/09: MNB8, M3T.3, M3E.6
2009/10: M2T.2, M3E.4

DAOUST, Philippe (M.82)
1982/83: M3T.3, M5E

DARBY, P. A. (M.??)
TT1920 M18, Secretary
1920/21: M1E.4, Secretary

DARBYSHIRE, James (M.98)
1998/99: MNC8, M2E.C
1999/00: MB4.C, MNB8.C, M1T.C, M1E.C, Secretary
2000/01: W1T.C*, Captain of Coxes

DARCH, C. M. (M.??)
1963/64: M2E

DARWISH, Sherin (M.??)
1980/81: W2E.3

DAVEY, Paul J. (M.83)
1983/84: M4E.3
1984/85: M3T, M5E.2

DAVIDGE, Paul M. (M.83)
1983/84: M2T.3*, M6E

DAVIDSON, Alison (M.97)
1997/98: WNA8, W3T
1998/99: W1T.3, W1E.5

DAVIDSON, Jonathan
2020/21: OUBC Trials, M1T.6, Social Secretary

DAVIE, Karen R. (M.79)
1979/80: W3E.6
1980/81: W3E.4

DAVIES, Alun W. (M.98)
1999/00: M3E

DAVIES, Christopher (M.95)
1995/96: MN8, M2T.4, M3E.3*
1996/97: M1T.3, M1E.3

DAVIES, F. P. (M.??)
1882 M18

DAVIES, W. Gareth (M.77)
1977/78: M3T.B

DAVIES, Glyn C. C. (M.59)
1960/61: M5E
1962/63: M4E

DAVIES, J. E. (M.??)
MT1942 MN14, TT1943 M18

DAVIES, Laurence (M.92)
1992/93: M2T

DAVIES, Patrick R. (M.57)
1957/58: M2E

DAVIES, Peter J. (M.57)
1958/59: M1T, M2E

DAVIES, Stephen J. (M.80)
1980/81: M5E.6

DAVIS, Anthony L. (M.90)
1990/91: M1E.4
1991/92: M1T.2, M1E.4, Secretary

DAVIS, Branwen (M.92)
1992/93: W3E.C

DAVIS, Georgina (M.08)
2009/10: W2E.7

DAVIS, Guy S. S. (M.77)
1978/79: M2E.2
1980/81: M3E.6

DAVIS, H. F. (M.??)
1922/23: M1T.3, M1E
1923/24: M1E.2, Secretary
1924/25: Captain

DAVIS, Rory (M.93)
1993/94: M3E.6
1994/95: M3E

DAVIS, Stephen C. (M.48)
1948/49: M3E.C*
1949/50: M2T.C

DAVIS, Susan M. (M.80)
1980/81: W1T.3, W1E.3

DAVISON, Leo (M.94)
1994/95: M3E

DAVISON, Mike (M.94)
1994/95: M3E
1996/97: M3T.7

2001/02: MNA8, M1E.C
2002/03: M1E.C, Captain of Coxes,

DAY, L. J. C. (M.??)
1920/21: M1T.5

DAY, Michael J. L. (M.63)
1963/64: M1T, M1E.2
1964/65: M1T.2, M1E.2
1965/66: M2T, M3E
1966/67: M1T, M2E
1967/68: M2E*

DAY, Simon (M.97)
1998/99: M4E

DAYNES, B. (M.??)
1954/55: M2E
1955/56: M1T, M1E.6
1956/57: M3E
1957/58: M1E.S

DEACON, Paul (M.93)
1993/94: M3E.5
1994/95: M3E

DEAN, Charles E. (M.24)
1924/25: M1T.B, M1E.7
1925/26: M1E.7, Secretary
1926/27: OUBC Trials, M1E, Captain
TT1928 M18
TT1929 M18

DEANS, Robert M. (M.59)
1961/62: M5E

DEARDS, David A. (M.78)
1978/79: M6E.5

DEARDS, Paul B. (M.76)
1976/77: M3E.6

DEBEAU, Christie (M.97)
1997/98: MNB8.C

DEDIC, Alex (M.??)
2010/11: M3E.4

DEE, Christopher (M.82)
1983/84: M4E.4

DEFRATES, John F. (M.46)
1948/49: M2T

2016/17: WNA8

DE GEUS, Anne W. (M.12)
2012/13: W1T.S*

DEHAYEN, Alexander G. (M.98)
1998/99: M5E

De KOK, Remco (M.??)
2006/07: MNB8

1999/00: WNB8

De MELLOW, James A. (M.05)
2005/06: M3E.4
2006/07: M3E.4

DE MURGA, Jayo (M.99)
2001/02: W3E.sub

DENBY-JONES, Roger E. (M.83)
1983/84: M3E.6
1984/85: M5T, M5E.S

DENMARK, Matthew R. (M.99)
1999/00: MNA8, M1T.3, M1E.3
2000/01: M1T.3*, M2T.C, M1E.B, W2E.C, Men's Captain
2001/02: M1T, W2T.C, M1E.B

DENNIN, Conor L. (M.14) [C]
2014/15: M3E.C

DERBYSHIRE, Oliver M. (M.98)
1999/00: M3E

DESHPANDE, Chitra (M.??)
1994/95: W3E

DE TOLEDO, Zoe (M.10)
2010/11: Isis
2011/12: OUBC, M3E.C

DEUTSCH, Sarah J. (M.77)
1977/78: W2E.7
1978/79: W1E.3

DEVEY, Frederick L. (M.??)
TT1938 M18, Treasurer
1938/39: Captain

DeWATERS, Meaghan K. (M.10)
2010/11: WNA8

DEXTER, Arthur L. (M.63)
1963/64: M7E

DEXTER, John A. (M.76)
1977/78: M2E.S
1978/79: M3E.S

DHILLON, Gurmaj S. (M.88)
1988/89: M4E

DIBS, Douglas H. (M.34)
1934/35: M1E.2

DIEMONT, Dolf (M.13)
2013/14: W1T.C, W1E.C

DIESES, Angelica (M.??)
1994/95: W3E

DIEZ-SEVILLA, Isabel (M.12)
2012/13: W3T.B, W2E.B

DI LAVORE, Elena [?]
2018/19: MNB8.sub

DIMITRIOU, Katherine (M.97)
1997/98: WNB8

DIMITROV, Kiril V. (M.06)
2007/08: MNC8

DINGLE, J. (M.??)
1933/34: M1T.2, M2E.S

DINKINS, H. H. (M.??)
1924/25: M1T.4, M1E.6

DISOMMA, Rebecca N. (M.17)
2017/18: WNA8

DIXON Daniel O. R. (M.15)
2015/16: MNA8

DIZDAR, Deniz (M.??)
2004/05: MNB8

DOBSON, S. (M.??)
1976/77: M2E.3

DOCKERY, Daniel (M.00)
2003/04: M1T.C

DODD, R. V. (M.??)
HT1910 M18
TT1911 M18

DODWELL, Oenone J. (M.90)
1990/91: W3E

DONNACHIE, Martin T. (M.87)
1988/89: M4E

DONNELLY, Jacob (M.??)
2002/03: MNA8, M2E.4

DONNELLY, Rebecca M. (M.01)
2001/02: W2E.6

DONNO, Ian M. (M.64)
1964/65: M4E

DOREY, Andrew (M.77)
1977/78: M5E.B

DOUGLAS Madeline M. (M.15)
2015/16: WNA8, W2T.5, W1E.B

DOUGLASS, Jeffrey (M.08)
2009/10: MNA8, M1T.5, M1E.3
2010/11: M1T.5

DOWNEY, J. (M.??)
1952/53: M3E.C
1954/55: M1E.C

DOWNING, Austin P. (M.48)
1948/49: M2T, M3E*
1949/50: M2T, M2E
1950/51: M3E
1951/52: M3E

DOWSETT, Charles J. F. (M.42)
MT1942 MN14, HT1943 M18, TT1943 M18

DRAPER, James (M.??)
2005/06: MNA8, M2T.4

DREW, Alfred E. (M.??)
1925/26: M2E.S
HT1927 M18, Secretary
TT1928 M18, Captain
1928/29: OUBC Trials, M1E

DRIVER, Rodney E. N. (M.84)
1984/85: M2T, M3E.6
1985/86: M2T, M1E.2
1986/87: M4E

DRIVER, Richard J. (M.89)
1989/90: M4E

2007/08: MNA8.sub

DRURY, Stephen (M.10)
2010/11: MNB8

DUCHARME, Robert O. (M.62)
1962/63: M3E
1963/64: M5E

HT1911 M18

DUCKITT, James C.A. (M.18)
2018/19: M1T.B, M1E.B
2019/20: Men's Lower Boats Captain
2020/21: M2T.3, Men's Lower Boats Co-Captain
2021/22: MNA8.C, MNB8.sub, M2T.C, M3E.sub

DUDHIA, Anu (M.77)
1977/78: M3T.3, M5E.3
1978/79: M2T.3, M5E.5
1979/80: M2T.7, M2E.7
1980/81: M1T.B, M1E.B, Men's Captain
1981/82: M1T.7, M1E.B
1982/83: OULRC, M1E.7
1983/84: OULRC, M1E.B
1984/85: M1T.4*, M1E.6
1987/88: M3E

DUFFET, M. (M.??)
1956/57: M3E

DUFFY, Janellen M. (M.98)
1998/99: WNB8, W2T

DUFFY, Olivia (M.14)
2014/15: W2E.7

2017/18: MNB8, M2T.3

DUKE, Sarah (M.91)
1991/92: W3E.6

DULLER, Geoffrey A. T. (M.84)
1984/85: M4T, M3E.2
1985/86: M2T, M2E.7
1986/87: M4E

DUNBAR, Ian T. (M.70)
1974/75: M4E

DUNBAR, James (M.06)
2006/07: MNA8, M1T.4, M1E.4
2007/08: M1T.2, M1E.3, Treasurer
2008/09: M1T.6
2009/10: MS4

DUNCAN George W. B. (M.14) [B]
2014/15: MNB8

DUNCAN, Keith J. (M.86)
1986/87: M3T, M3E
1987/88: M2T, M2E
1988/89: M3T, M6E.4*
1989/90: M1E.2

DUNCAN, L. (M.??)
1962/63: M3E
1963/64: M3E

DUNFORD, Ernest C. (M.30)
TT1932 M28

DUNGAN, Jillian R. (M.??)
2002/03: W2T.6

DUNHAM, Richard J. (M.67)
1969/70: M4E

DUNN, Aidan R. (M.67)
1967/68: M1T, M1E.5
1968/69: M1T.5, M1E.3, Captain
1969/70: M1T, M1E.5

DUNN, John (M.??)
2010/11: M2E.2

DUNNE, Nicholas P. (M.96)
1996/97: M4E
1997/98: MJ8, M2T
1998/99: MC4, M2T.5*

DUNSMUIR, Martin (M.76)
1977/78: M6E
1978/79: M3E.B

DUPONT, Nicole (M.??)
1988/89: W1E.3*

DURAND, D. B. (M.??)
1925/26: M1T

DURFEE, Emily A.
2017/18: WNA8

DURKIN, Patrick M. (M.04)
2004/05: M2E.S

DYMOND, Peter C. (M.88)
1988/89: M2T, M2E
1989/90: M1T.3, M1E.B

DYSON, A. P. (M.??)
1955/56: M2T, M2E
1956/57: M1T*, M1E.2
1957/58: M3E

DYSON, J. (M.??)

DYSON, P. (M.??)
1960/61: M2T

EADE, Graham A. (M.54)
1954/55: M3E

EAGER, Leslie
2002/03: WNA8

EAGLE, J. Marshall (M.62)
1962/63: M5E

1952/53: M2T, M2E

EAST, Caroline (M.83)
1983/84: W3E.6
1984/85: W2E.3

1933/34: M2E.3
1934/35: M1T, M1E.S
1935/36: M1E

EASTLAND, Duncan (M.81)
1981/82: M7E
1982/83: M5E

EASTWOOD, E. Stuart (M.60)
1960/61: M2T, M2E
1961/62: M1T

EASTWOOD, William H. (M.64)
1964/65: M5E
1965/66: M5E

EBERSOLE, Chelsea (M.??)
2011/12: WNB8

ECCLES, Timothy S. (M.65)
1965/66: M2E
1966/67: M2E

EDMONDS, George A. (M.87)
1987/88: M6E
1988/89: M4T, M2E

EDMUNDS, Caroline (M.97)
1997/98: WNA8

EDWARDS, ? (M.??)
TT1940 M18

EDWARDS, C. Aileen (M.77)
1977/78: W2E.B
1978/79: W1E.B
1979/80: W1T.B, W1E.B

EDWARDS, C. J. (M.??)
1968/69: M2E

EDWARDS, Clarissa E. J. (M.98)
1998/99: WNA8, W2T, W1E.B
1999/00: WA4, WS8, W1T.4, W1E.3, Women's Vice-Captain
2000/01: W1T.B*

EDWARDS, David J. (M.78)
1979/80: M3E.2

EDWARDS, G. W. J. (M.??)
1948/49: M1T

EDWARDS, Mat (M.95)
1996/97: M2T.7, M2E.5

EDWARDS-BROWN, Rebecca C. (M.96)
1997/98: M6E.3

EDYE, Michelle E. (M.04)
2004/05: W1E.2

EIGHMY, G. W. (M.??)
1924/25: M1T.6, M1E.5

EINBINDER, Matt (M.98)
1998/99: MNC8

EISMAN, Dave (M.??)
1990/91: M3E

EK, K. Linnea (M.06)
2006/07: WNA8, W1T.4

EKANAYAKE Tegan J. (M.15)
2015/16: WNA8, W2T.2

EKINDE Mark (M.14)
2014/15: MNA8, M1T.5, M2E.5

ELBRO Freja (M.14)
2014/15: W1T.4, W1E.4

ELDER, Susan J. (M.85)
1986/87: W3E

ELIASZ, Andrew W. (M.66)
1969/70: M2T, M2E

ELIOT, Will (M.93)
1994/95: M3E

EL KHOURI, Mounir S. (M.63)
1963/64: M7E

2001/02: WNB8

ELLICOTT, Catherine R. (M.97)
1997/98: WNA8.C, W3T.C, W2E.C
1998/99: WS4.C, WNA8.C, WNB8.C, W2T.C, W1E.C
1999/00: MA4.C, OUWBC Trials, W1T.C

ELLIOT, Graham S. (M.80)
1980/81: M1T.7, M1E.4
1981/82: M1T.6, M1E.7, Men's Vice-Captain
1982/83: M3E
1983/84: M1T.S, M4T.C, M1E.S, Men's Captain

ELLIOTT, Elizabeth M. (M.84)
1985/86: W2E.4

ELLIS, Caroline J. (M.76)
1977/78: W2E.3

ELLIS, Eira (M.84)
1984/85: W3T, W2E.5

ELLIS, Stephen D. K. (M.72)
1973/74: M1T.3, M3E

ELLISON, Michael (M.64)
1964/65: M2E
1965/66: M1E.5, Captain

ELMITT, Charlotte (M.90)
1990/91: W1T.5, W1E.6
1991/92: W1E.S, Women's Captain
1993/94: W1T.6

ELPHICKE, Victoria M. P. (M.87)
1987/88: W3E.C

ELSBY, Christopher J. R. (M.13)
2013/14: M1T.3, M2E.4
2014/15: M2T.S

ELWELL-SUTTON, Timothy M. (M.98)
1999/00: M3E

EMBER, Katherine J. I. (M.11)
2011/12: WNA8, W2T.B, W2E.B
2012/13: W2T.2*, W2E.S
2013/14: W1T.S
2014/15: W1E.2, Secretary

EMMETT, Matthew
2018/19: M3T.5, M2E.B

ENDTER, Florian M. (M.99)
2002/03: M2T.6, M3E.S

ENGLISH, Esther (M.03)
2003/04: MNB8.C

ENJOUBAULT, Melody S. (M.??)
2006/07: WNB8

ENTWISTLE, Helen J. (M.00)
2000/01: W2T, W2E.2
2001/02: W1T, W1E.B, Secretary

ESTALL, Richard J. (M.86)
1986/87: M3T
1987/88: M2E
1988/89: M3T, M6E.3*

EVANS, D. Gareth (M.57)
1948/49: M3E*
1949/50: M2T
1950/51: M3E

EVANS Nicole (M.14)
2014/15: WNA8

EVANS, Simon E. (M.98)
1998/99: MNA8, M2T.2*, M2E
1999/00: MA4, M1T.7, M1E.7, Men's Captain

EVANS, Tim (M.92)
1992/93: M3E.3
1993/94: M3E.3

EVE, Alice S. (M.01)
2001/02: WNA8
2002/03: W2E.2

EVERETT* Richard (M.15)
2015/16: MNA8, M2T.S, M2E.7
2016/17: M2T.S, M2E.S*

EVERETT, Thomas G. (M.84)
1984/85: M6E.6

EWART, Ronald J. (M.75)
1977/78: M4E

EYLES, Stephen J. (M.86)
1986/87: M3T, M3E
1987/88: M2T, M2E
1988/89: M1T.B, M1E.7
1989/90: M1T.7, M5E*, Secretary
1990/91: M1E.7
1991/92: M1T.7, M1E.7
1992/93: M5E.7

FABRICANT, Lisa (M.??)
1989/90: W3E

FAGAN, E. R. (M.??)

FAINT, Simon R. (M.82)
1983/84: M3E.2
1984/85: M8E
1985/86: M3E.S

FAIRBAIRN, Andrew C. (M.98)
1999/00: MNA8, M2T, M2E.B
2000/01: M2T

1982/83: M5E

FALCONER, Roderick (M.62)
1962/63: M2E*
1963/64: M5E

FAN, Jinghua (M.03)
2003/04: W2T.B, W2E.3

FARRELL, George (M.??)
2006/07: M2T.2

FARRELL, Richard J. M. (M.62)
1963/64: M7E

FARROW, Emma C. (M.05)
2005/06: W2E.3

FATCHEN, Claire (M.89)
1989/90: W4E
1990/91: W2E

FAWCETT, T. S. (M.??)
1946/47: M1E.B

FEASTER, Liz (M.10) [B]
2010/11: WNB8

FEATHERSTONE, Michael D. (M.69)
1970/71: M4E

FENTEM, Anthony (M.??)
1973/74: M2T.S
1975/76: M3E

FENWICK, Geoffrey T. (M.67)
1970/71: M4E

FERNANDO, Ranjit H. (M.60)
1960/61: M5E
1961/62: M5E

FIELD, J. H. (M.??)
1958/59: M2T
1959/60: M2T, M2E

FIELDING, Alex (M.94)
1994/95: W3E
1995/96: W2T.2

FILIPOW, Larry J. (M.76)
1976/77: M6E.2
1977/78: M3E.B*

FILLER, R. C. (M.??)
1908/09: M1T, M1E

FINBOW, Thomas D. (M.01)
2001/02: MNB8, M2T, M2E.5

FINDLAY, Matthew R. (M.87)
1987/88: M5E

FINKEL, Irina (M.10)
2010/11: WNB8, W2T.4, W2E.S

FINNEY, Roger D. (M.61)
1962/63: M5E

FIORINA Marc-Andrea (M.14)
2014/15: MNB8, M2T.3, M2E.sub

FIRTH, Peter M. (M.80)
1980/81: M1T.C, M1E.C
1981/82: M1T.C, M1E.C, Secretary
1982/83: M4T.C*

FISHER, David. (M.11)
2011/12: MNB8.sub

FISHER, Roberta (M.07)
2008/09: W2T.7, W3E.5
2009/10: W2T.B
2010/11: W2E.7
2011/12: W2E.7

FISHER, Susannah E. (M.02)
2002/03: WNA8, W1T.4, W1E.5
2003/04: W3E.S

FITSCHEN, J. H. Ernie (M.51)
1950/51: M2T, M2E
1951/52: M1T, M1E.6

FITZGERALD, Atalanta (M.11)
2011/12: WNB8

FITZPATRICK, Caitlin (M.??)
2006/07: WNA8, W1T.B, W1E.B

FLANAGAN, Coral J. (M.??)
2013/14: W2E.3

FLACK, Robert (M.??)
1969/70: M2T.C, M2E.C
1970/71: M1T.C, M1E.C, M3E.C, Hon. Bargee
1972/73: M3T.C, M1E.C

FLACKETT, Dan (M.91)
1992/93: M2E.C

FLATMAN, William D. (M.74)
1974/75: M2E.6

FLEMING, Dougal (M.96)
1997/98: M6E.2
1998/99: M3E

FLETCHER, Edmund J. (M.96)
1996/97: M1E.B
1997/98: M1E.B

FLETCHER, John D. (M.61)
1962/63: M5E

1976/77: M5E.5

FLETCHER, J. Roger (M.68)
1969/70: M2E
1970/71: M3E


FLETCHER, Simon R. (M.52)
1952/53: M1T, M1E.2

FLETCHER, T. H. (M.??)
1938/39: M1T.3

FLIESCHER, Carl M. B. (M.04)
2004/05: M1T.S, M1E.S

FLINTOFT, Jon (M.95)
1995/96: MN8, M3E.B*
1998/99: MB4

FLORES, Tara (M.10)
2011/12: WNA8

FLYNN, Gavin (M.90)
1990/91: M3E
1991/92: M2T, M2E.4
1992/93: M2T

FOCKE, Diana (M.92)
1992/93: W3E.4

FOLKERTS Meika (M.13) [B]
2014/15: WNA8

FOORD, Thomas H. [S]
2017/18: M4E.6

FORBES, Andrew I. O. (M.66)
1966/67: M1T, M1E.3
1967/68: M1T, M1E.7, Captain
1968/69: M1T.7, M2E

FORD, Jackie (M.86)
1987/88: W3E
1988/89: W3E

FORDE, James M. (M.89)
1989/90: M4E

FORMAN HARDY, Harry (M.07)
2007/08: MNA8, M2E.3
2008/09: M2T.5, M1E.3

1951/52: M2T, M2E
1953/54: M1E.4

FORRISTAL, John B. (M.17)
2017/18: MNB8

FORSTER, G. K. (M.??)
1948/49: M3E*
1949/50: M2E
1950/51: M1T, M3E.C, M4E

FORSTER, Sarah (M.76)
1976/77: W2E.2
1977/78: W1E.3
1979/80: W1T.4

FORSYTH, Peter (M.13)
2013/14: M1E.7
2014/15: Men's Joint-Captain of Lower Boats
2015/16: M1T.B, M2E.2
2016/17: M2E.5*, M1E.sub

FORSYTH, Richard S. (M.70)
1970/71: M2T*, M2E*
1971/72: M1T.5, M1E.3

FOSS, B. P. (M.??)
1925/26: M1T, M1E.6

FOST, Norman L. (M.50)
1950/51: M2T, M2E
1951/52: M1T, M2E, Treasurer

FOSTER, Edward W. T. (M.97)
1997/98: Isis, M1E.S
1998/99: Isis, M1E.6
1999/00: Isis

FOUNTAIN, H. Arthur (M.28)
1930/31: M2E.4
TT1932 M18?

FOWLER, Keith G. W. (M.97)
1997/98: MNA8, M2T, M2E.2
1998/99: M2E

FOWLES, Anne E. (M.81)
1981/82: W1T.3, W3E
1983/84: W4E.6

FOX, Hannah L. (M.18) 2018/19: MNB8

FOXEN, Sophie C. (M.06)
2006/07: WNA8, W2T.3

FOY, Emily B. (M.??)
2002/03: W1T.6

FRAME, Alex (M.94)
1994/95: MN8, M2T, M2E.3

FRANCINO, M. E. (M.??)
1962/63: M5E

MT1942 MN24

FRANCOME, Carla (M.97)
1997/98: WNC8

FRANK, P. T. (M.??)
1958/59: M1T

FRANK, Torsten (M.97)
1997/98: MNA8, M2T, M2E.3

1927/28: OUBC Trials

FRANKS, John A. (M.25)
1925/26: M2E.B
HT1927 M18, TT1927 M18, Secretary
TT1928 M18
1928/29: OUBC Trial VIIIs

FRASER, Erik W. (M.12)
2012/13: M2T.2

FRASER, Neil J. (M.80)
1981/82: M3T.3, M4E.7

FRASER, Robbie (M.92)
1992/93: M1T.4

FRASER, Stewart E. (M.53)
1953/54: M1E.6
1954/55: Captain

FREDERICK-FROST, Kristen M. (M.??)
2011/12: WNC8, W2T.2

1997/98: MNB8

FREEMAN, E. A. (M.??)
1882 M18

FREEMAN, Neal A. (M.85)
1986/87: W2E.C, M6E
1987/88: W2T.C, W1E.C
1988/89: M2E.C

FREEMAN, Nigel H. (M.80)
1980/81: M2T
1981/82: M2E.3

FRENCH, Roger K. (M.57)
1960/61: M5E
1963/64: M6E

FREUD, Naomi (M.85)
1986/87: W3E

FREWER, Glyn M. L. (M.52)
1952/53: M3E

1989/90: W3E
1990/91: W2E

FRIEDMAN, Susan (M.98)
1998/99: WNA8

FRIEDRICH, Allison A. (M.98)
1998/99: WNA8, W2T, W2E

FRIEDRICHS, Steffi (M.99)
1999/00: WNA8, W2T

FRIEND, Joseph S. (M.??)
2004/05: MNC8

FROST, David (M.??)
1985/86: M3T, M3E.6
1986/87: M2T*, M2E
1987/88: M1T.4, M1E.4

FROST, Dom M. (M.88)
1988/89: M5E

FROST, James (M.90)
1990/91: M4E

FROST, Sarah K. (M.87)
1987/88: W1T.3, W1E.S
1988/89: W1T, W1E.7*, Women's Captain
1989/90: W1T.7, W5E*
1990/91: W1E.5

FROUD, Antony J. (M.48)
1948/49: M2T, M3E*
1949/50: M1T, M2E
1950/51: M2E

FRY, Robert J. (M.82)
1984/85: M5T

FUGE, William G. (M.50)
1950/51: M4E.C

FULLER, Keith (M.65)
1965/66: M2T, M2E
1966/67: M2T, M2E
1967/68: M2T.4, M2E*
1968/69: M2E

FUNKE, Florian (M.10)
2010/11: MNB8s

FUNNELL, E. A. (M.??)
TT1941 M18

FURNIVALL, Frances R. (M.05)
2005/06: WN8

GABRIEL, Mark R. (M.00)
2000/01: M2E.B
2001/02: M2T, M2E.6

GAGNON, Andre A. (M.45)
1945/46: M1T.2, M1E.2

GALANI, Una (M.02)
2002/03: MNA8.C

GALBRAITH, Lacy (M.??)
1996/97: W3T, W3E

GALE, John F. (M.42)
TT1943 M18

GALEA, F. E. (M.??)
1961/62: M3E

1954/55: M2E
1955/65: M2T

GALLAGHER, Daniel J. (M.02)
2002/03: MNA8, M2T.7, M2E.B
2003/04: M2E.7

GALLEA, Richard (M.??)
1973/74: M1T.S, M1E.S

GAMMONS, Sean C. (M.88)
1988/89: M5E

GANDER, Ben M. (M.02)
2002/03: MNB8.C, M2T.C, W3E.C
2003/04: MND8.C, W1T.C, W1E.C

GANGJEE, Dev S. (M.00)
2001/02: MNB8

2008/08: MNA8, M2T.B, M1E.B

GARDINER, Amy J. (M.99)
1999/00: WNB8

GARDNER, ? (M.??)

GARDNER, Becky (M.08)
2008/09: W4E.B

GARDNER, Mark K. (M.80)
1980/81: M3T.B*, M4E

GARNER, J. B. (M.??)
1955/56: M3E

GARRETT, Kenneth (M.08)
2008/09: M2T.4

GARRY, Ian L. (M.65)
1965/66: M4E

GARSIDE, T. (M.??)
1987/88: M5E


GARTON, Geoffrey (M.46)
1947/48: M1E.B
1948/49: M1E.B, Captain
1949/50: M1E.B

GARVEY, Katherine (M.95)
1996/97: W4E

GASKELL, Peter (M.81)
1981/82: M4E.6
1982/83: M3T.S, M5E
1983/84: M4T

GASTON, Kirsty A. (M.89)
1989/90: W1E.2
1990/91: W1T.S, W1E.S

GATES, Sarah
1989/90: W4E

GATH, Dennis H. (M.53)
1953/54: M1E.S
1954/55: M1E.S

GAULDIE, Robert L. (M.??)
2003/04: M4E.7

GAULT, Philip S. (M.97)
1997/98: M4T, M3E.5*

GAZZARD, Ben (M.09)
2009/10: M4E.5

GEAVES, Linda (M.11)
2011/12: WNC8, W2T.S, W1E.3
2012/13: W2T.6*, W1E.B
2013/14: W2E.7
2014/15: W1T.S, W3E.S*

GEBBETT, David J. (M.54)
1954/55: M1E.4
1955/56: M1T, M1E.S, Secretary
1956/57: M3E, Captain

GEDDES, Andrew W. (M.65)
1965/66: M1E.S, Treasurer
1966/67: M1T, M1E.S, Captain
1967/68: M2T.6
1968/69: M1T.6, M1E.S

GEE, Jason R. (M.88)
1988/89: M3E

GEMMELL, Fraser M. (M.??)
2003/04: M4E.5

GEORGE, Anthony C. (M.95)
1997/98: M6E.7

GEORGE, Christopher (M.17)
2017/18: M1T.4, M1E.7
2018/19: M1T.3, Men's Captain of Lower Boats
2019/20: Secretary
2020/21: M1T.2

GEORGE, Michael C.
2016/17: MNA8

GERLACH, Robert (M.06)
2006/07: MNA8, M2T.3, M2E.6
2007/08: M1T.4, M2E.6
2008/09: M1T.2, M1E.6
2009/10: M1T.7, M1E.7

GERRARD, Laura A. (M.13)
2013/14: W1T.7, W1E.7

GERRATT, M. D. (M.??)
1957/58: M2E

GHARDA, D. (M.??)
TT1940 M28

GHOSH, Bunt S. (M.75)
1976/77: M2E.B
1980/81: M2E.3

GIBBON, Mark D. (M.??)
2003/04: MNC8, M2T.B, M3E.3

GIBSON, J. L. (M.??)
1930/31: M2E.5
HT1932 M18, TT1932 M18
TT1933 M18

GIESEN, Jessica (M.08)
2008/09: W4E.S

GIFFORD Jacob (M.15)
2015/16: MNA8

GIGNAC, Francis T. (M.58)
1958/59: M1T, M1E.5
1959/60: M1T, M1E.5
1960/61: Isis, M1E.5
1961/62: M1E.5

GILBERT, Christopher D. (M.79)
1979/80: M5T.C, M5E.C
1980/81: M3E.C

GILBERT-SMITH, Douglas (M.91)
1992/93: M1E.3

GILCHRIST, John (M.76)
1976/77: M2E.2
1977/78: M3T.6, M5E.6
1979/80: M2T.4
1980/81: M2T

GILCHRIST, Robert M. (M.72)
1973/74: M2T.5
1974/75: M5E

GILES, Karen (M.86)
1986/87: W2E

GILES, Robert N. (M.39)
TT1940 M28
TT1941 M18, Treasurer, Secretary
1941/42: M1T, M1E.S, Secretary, Captain

GILL, Daljit (M.95)
1995/96: WN8, W1T.3, W1E.4*, Secretary
1996/97: W1E.3
1997/98: WJ8, M3T

GILLIONS, Jack S. (M.04)
2004/05: M3T.3, M2E.5
2005/06: M2E.4

GILLMAN, Jordan L. (M.??)
2002/03: W2T.3

GIVENS, Rebecca
2002/03: WNA8

GILMER, Barrett (M.??)
1999/00: MNC8

GILMOUR, G. P. (M.??)
1924/25: M1T.3, M1E.3

GLASER, D. (M.??)
1950/51: M2T, M2E
1951/52: M2E

GLASGOW, Louise (M.91)
1991/92: WN8, W1T.5, W1E.3
1992/93: W1T.3, W1E.B*
1993/94: W1T.3, W1E.5, Women's Captain

GLIVA, Grace M. (M.16)
2016/17: WNA8.C, WNB8.C, M2T.C, M2E.C*

GLOVER, P. W. (M.??)
1958/59: M3E

GOBBETT, Richard P. (M.83)
1983/84: M5E.B

GOBERDHAN, Deborah C. I. (M.81)
1981/82: W2T.sub, W3E

GODDARD, Quinton E. (M.??)
2004/05: MNA8

GODFREY, Andrew W. (M.86)
1987/88: M6E

GODLEY, C. David (M.85)
1985/86: M2T, M2E.6

GODLEY, Simon (M.91)
1992/93: M2E.5

GODMAN, David (M.??)
1973/74: M1T.6, M1E.6

GODSON Alice L. (M.15)
2015/16: WNB8, W2T.6
2016/17: W1T.sub, W2E.B, Women's Vice-Captain

GODWIN, Alice (M.09)
2009/10: WNA8, W2T.4, W2E.2
2010/11: Women's Vice-Captain

GOKSEL, Denise (M.??)
1994/95: W3E

GOELET, Philip (M.74)
1974/75: M1T.S, M5E
1975/76: M1T, M1E.S

GOLDFINCH, John A. (M.99)
2000/01: M2T, M2E.7
2001/02: M1T

GOLDHILL, Alice A. (M.01)
2001/02: WNA8, W2T
2002/03: W2E.3

GOLDMAN, Annika M. (M.??)
2005/06: M3T.C

GOLDSBROUGH, Steven R. (M.83)
1986/87: M6E

TT1932 M18
TT1933 M18
1933/34: M2E.5

GOLLEY, Jane E. (M.94)
1994/95: WN8, W2T, W2E.S*
1995/96: W3E.S
1996/97: W1T.S, W1E.S
1997/98: W1T.S
1998/99: W1E.S
2000/01: W1E.2
2001/02: W1T, W1E.7

GOOD, Mike J. (M.79)
1979/80: M4E
1980/81: M4E

GOODMAN, Selina M. A. (M.81)
1981/82: W1T.5, W1E.4
1982/83: W1T.sub, W1E.5
1983/84: M4T, W4E

GOODSIR, Laura (M.99)
1999/00: WS8, WNA8, W1T.3, W1E.4
2000/01: W1T.S*, W1E.S, Women's Captain
2001/02: W2T, W3E.2
2002/03: W1T.S, W2E.S

GOODWIN, Simon M. (M.96)
1996/97: M5E
1997/98: M4E.4

GOPAL, Padmini (M.??)
2013/14: WNA8, W2T.3, W2E.B

2018/19: WNA8, W2T.S, W2E.6

GORANG, Andrew (M.07)
2007/08: M2T.7, M3E.7

GORDON, Alastair (M.63)
1963/64: M2E
1964/65: M3E
1965/66: M3E

GORNEY, Alexander A. (M.11)
2011/12: MNA8, M2T.5, M2E.5

GORTON, P. (M.??)
1987/88: M6E

GOSLAR, Johannes B.
2017/18: M4E.3

GOSLING, Serena A. (M.96)
1996/97: W4E

GOSS, G. L. (M.??)
1925/26: M1T

GOTCH, A. Simon (M.86)
1987/88: M6E

GOUCK, Duncan (M.94)
1995/96: MN8, M2T.6, M3E.5*

GOUGH, E. A. (M.??)
1952/53: M2E

GOUGH, Joanne E. (M.82)
1982/83: W1T.3
1983/84: Osiris, W1E.S, Women's Vice-Captain
1984/85: OUWBC, W3E.6
1985/86: OUWBC

GOULD, David (M.68)
1969/70: M4E
1971/72: M4E

GOULD, Richard H. (M.64)
1965/66: M4E.C

GOULT, Peter A. (M.04)
2004/05: MNA8, M1T.4, M1E.6
2005/06: M1T.6*, M1E.4*, Men's Captain

GOUNAUD, Aurore (M.??)
206/07: WNB8

GOVENDER, Devan (M.10)
2010/11: MNA8

GOWER, Catherine L. (M.91)
1991/92: W1T.B, W1E.5
1992/93: W1T.5, W1E.5*

GOWER, Robert J. W. (M.84)
1984/85: M4T, M3E.5
1985/86: M2T, M2E.S
1986/87: M2T*, M4E

GRADER Zacharias F. M. (M.14)
2014/15: MNB8, M2T.B, M2E.2
2016/17: M2T.B

GRAHAM, Gareth (M.98)
1998/99: M5E

GRAM Elisabeth L. (M.15)
2015/16: WNC8, W1T.5, W1E.sub

GRANATA, Giovanna
2018/19: W2E.2

GRANATT, Florence A. D. (M.??)
2003/04: W3E.4

2008/09: M4E.B

GRANT, Alan K. (M.72)
1973/74: M2E
1974/75: M5E

GRANT, James (M.08)
2009/10: MNB8, M3T.2, M3E.2

GRANT, R. G. (M.??)
HT1913 M18
HT1914 M18

GRAVE, Kimberley (M.??)
2011/12: WNA8, W2T.4

GRAVER, Christopher

GRAVESEN, Jens K. (M.82)
1982/83: M3T.2, M4E.4

GRAY Caitlin S.C. (M.16)
2016/17: W1T.sub, W1E.B
2017/18: W1T.B, W1E.B, Women's Joint-Captain

GRAY, Laura (M.07)
2008/09: W4E.2

GRAY, Thomas P. (M.50)
1950/51: M1T, M1E.B
1951/52: M1T, Secretary

GREALY, Marie-Therese G. (M.79)
1979/80: W3E.4

GREELY, Clifford E. C. (M.55)
1955/56: M1T, M2E
1956/57: M1T*, M1E.B
1957/58: M3E
1958/59: M1E.B

GREEN, Anthony (M.40)
TT1941 M18
1941/42: M1T, M1E.2, Treasurer
MT1942 MJ4, HT1943 M18, TT1943 M18, Captain
1945/46: M1T.7, M1E.7, Captain

GREEN, B. P. (M.??)
1949/50: M3T, M3E.3
1951/52: M2E

GREEN, P. (M.??)
1950/51: M2T, M4E

GREEN, Peter J. (M.62)
1962/63: M5E

GREENHOUSE, Nicholas P. (M.95)
1995/96: MN8, M2T.5, M3E.6*
1996/97: M1T.2, M2E.S
1998/99: MC4

1997/98: WNB8, M4T, W3E.3

GREENWAY, John (M.76)
1976/77: M1E.B*
1977/78: M1T.5, M1E.5, Men's Vice-Captain
1978/79: M1T.5, M1E.5

1943/44: M1T.2
TT1945 M18, Treasurer
1945/46: Treasurer

GREENWOOD, Neil J. (M.81)
1981/82: M7E

GREGORY, D. G. (M.??)
1955/56: M3E

GREGORY, Daniel (M.??)
2008/09: MNC8

GREGORY, Louise J. (M.99)
1999/00: WNB8, W2T, W2E.S
2000/01: Captain of Lower Boats

GREGORY, William (M.??)
2005/06: M3E.2

GREGORY, William R. (M.07)
2007/08: M2E.4

GREHAN, Kieron J. (M.98)
1999/00: M3E

GREY, Joseph A.J. (M.18)
2018/19: MNA8, M2T.3, M1E.2
2019/20: Men's Co-Captain
2020/21: Men's Lower Boats Co-Captain
2021/22: M1T.B

GRIFFIN, David (M.09)
2009/10: MNB8, M3T.5

GRIFFITHS, Benjamin D. (M.98)
1998/99: M5E

GRIFFITHS, S. Jane (M.75)
1976/77: W2E.4
1977/78: W1E.6

GRIFFITHS, Simon D. (M.83)
1983/84: M5E.5
1984/85: M4E

2016/17: WNA8, W1T.B, W1E.3

GRIMSHAW, A. E. (M.??)
1933/34: M1T.3

GROFF, Lauren (M.??)
1999/00: W1T.6, W1E.7

GROSHONG, Colin (M.07)
2007/08: OULRC.C, M2E.7
2008/09: OUBC

GROSS, Gregory W. (M.84)
1984/95: M3T, M3E.3

GROVENOR, Chris R. M. (M.73)
1976/77: M5E.B
1977/78: M2E.5
1978/79: M5E.7

GROVER, Cynthia N. (M.77)
1978/79: W2E.5
1980/81: W1E.4

GROVES, Louise H. (M.89)
1989/90: W3E
1990/91: W3E

GROVES, Peter (M.58)
1958/59: M2T, M2E
1959/60: M1T.C, M1E.C
1960/61: M4E.C
1961/62: M4E.C

GRUNDY, Stephen (M.69)
1970/71: M2E*
1971/72: M3E*

GUARALDI, Lydia R. (M.01)
2001/02: W2E.s

GUERBI, Mark J. (M.06)
2007/08: MNA8

GUMLEY, Stephen J. (M.79)
1979/80: M4T, M3E.4
1980/81: M2E.S
1981/82: M2T.6, M2E.S

GUMM, Adrienne (M.94)
1994/95: WS4, W1E.B
1995/96: MN8.C, W1T.2, W2E.7, Secretary (MT), Women's Captain
1996/97: W1T.3, M3E.C

GUNGOR, Yusuf (M.12)
2013/14: MNB8

GUNNER, G. E. (M.??)
1922/23: M1T.6, M1E
1923/24: OUBC Trials, M1E.5, Treasurer, Vice-Captain
1924/25: M1E.B

GURNEY, Richard W. (M.83)
1984/85: M4E

GUZMAN-GARROW, Manuel V. (M.10)
2010/11: MNA8, M3T.7

HAASE, Christoph J. (M.??)
2009/10: M4E.6
2010/11: M2T.6, M2E.6
2011/12: M2T.6, M3E.7

HABGOOD, J. G. P. (M.??)
1938/39: M1T.S, M1E
TT1940 M18

HACK, Kenneth M. (M.46)
1947/48: M1E.C
1949/50: M1E.C

HACKER, Jocelyn (M.91)
1991/92: W2E.2
1992/93: W1T.2, W1E.4*

HACKETT, P. M. (M.??)
1949/50: M3T, M3E.5
1951/52: M3E

HADEN, John D. (M.61)
1961/62: M2T.C, M2E.C
1962/63: M1E.C
1963/64: M4E
1964/65: M1T.B, M4E.C, Captain
1965/66: M1E.B

HADFIELD, David A. (M.62)
1964/65: M4E

HADLEY, Mark J. (M.74)
1974/75: M2T.5, M2E.7

HAEUSLER, Ilsa (M.08)
2008/09: WNA8, W1T.B*, W1E.3
2009/10: W1E.5, Women's Captain
2010/11: W1T.5

HAFNER, Eleanor (M.08)
2008/09: W2T.5, W3E.7

HAGGERTY, Michael G. (M.81)
1981/82: M6E

HAIGH, Ryan (M.98)
1998/99: MNB8

HAILE, Admas (M.??)
2006/07: M2E.2

HAILSTONE, Julia C. (M.00)
2001/02: W3E.3

2013/14: WNB8

HAKER, Aysu I. (M.21)
2021/22: W2E.2

HAKOURA, Samer (M.94)
1994/95: M1T.3, M1E.7
1995/96: MS4, M1T.5, M1E.5, Joint Men's Captain
1997/98: M1E.5

HALDER Anushka (M.15)
2015/16: W2T.sub

HALE, H. E. (M.??)
1906/07: M1T.5

HALEY, A. L. (M.??)
1923/24: M1T

HALEY, Natalie (M.10)
2010/11: WNB8, W2T.3, W2E.sub

HALFPENNY, Paul R. (M.97)
1997/98: MNA8, M1T.5, M2E.5
1998/99: MS4, M1T.7*, M1E.3, Men's Vice-Captain
1999/00: MB4, M3T, M1E.sub

HALL, C. P. (M.??)
1922/23: M1T.5, M1E

HALL, David O. (M.83)
1984/85: M6E.5

HALL, Jeremy (M.89)
1989/90: M2E

HALL, Jennifer K. (M.01)
2001/02: WNA8

HALL, L. B. (M.??)
1955/56: M2T

HALL, R. (M.??)
1924/25: M1T.5

HALLBERG, Dorothy L. (M.11)
2011/12: WNB8, M1T.C, M1E.C

HALLIDAY, David J. X. (M.74)
1977/78: M3E.2*

HALSALL, John (M.94)
1994/95: M3E
1996/97: M3T.S, M3E.S
1997/98: M3T, M3E.S*

HALSON, Kate F. (M.75)
1975/76: W1E.4
1976/77: W1E.4
1978/79: W3E.6

HALSON, Michael W. (M.78)
1978/79: M1T.2, M1E.3
1979/80: M1T, M1E.B, Men's Vice-Captain

HALTON, Gregory J. P. (M.96)
1996/97: M2T.S, M2E.4
1997/98: MJ4, MJ8, M1T.4, M2E.6
1998/99: MB4
1999/00: MA4, M1T.S, M1E.4, Men's Vice-Captain

HALVORSON, Matthew M. (M.??)
2011/12: MNA8

HAMADA Morio (M.14) [S]
2014/15: MNA8

HAMAN, Gregory R. (M.??)
2004/05: MNA8

HAMLET, Robert (M.11)
2011/12: M1T.3, M1E.4
2012/13: M1T.5, M1E.4, Men's Captain
2013/14: Men's President
2014/15: M3E.S, M1E.sub, Treasurer
2016/17: M3E.3

1957/58: M1T

HAMMOND, J. Anthony (M.54)
1954/55: M3E
1955/56: M2T, M1E.3
1956/57: M3E

HAMNETT, Hilary J. (M.99)
1999/00: WNA8

HAMPSON, Peter J. (M.64)
1964/65: M1T.3, M3E
1965/66: M3E

HANCOCK, Paul M. C. (M.69)
1969/70: M2T

HANCOX, Anthony C. (M.49)
1949/50: M1T, M1E.3
1950/51: M1T, M1E.6
1951/52: M1E.7, Captain

HANDEL, ? (M.??)
TT1943 M18

HANDLEY, Geoffrey J. (M.97)
1997/98: MNB8
1998/99: M4E

HANDS, C. H. (M.??)
1883 M18

2003/04: MND8

HANIF, Saima (M.99)
1999/00: MNC8

HANKINS, J. (M.??)
1984/85: M6E.B

HANLY, Francis N. (M.80)
1980/81: M2T

HANNAH, Kirsty (M.09)
2009/10: WNA8

HANNON, T. Edmund (M.78)
1979/80: M4E.C

HANSON, Vincent (M.30)
1930/31: M2E.3
TT1932 M18
TT1933 M18
1933/34: M1E, Captain

HARDCASTLE, Joanna (M.95)
1996/97: W2T.2*, W2E.3*

HARDING, Andrew R. (M.95)
1996/97: MN8, M2T.3, M2E.3

HARDMAN, Meghan (M.07)
2007/08: WNA8

HARDY, Cheryl F. (M.93)
1993/94: WN8, W1T.4, W1E.6
1994/95: WS4, W1T.5, W1E.6, Women's Captain
1995/96: W1T.6, W1E.6*

HARLEY, Kim (M.06)
2006/07: MNB8.C, M2T.C, W2E.C
2007/08: WNA.C, W1T.C*, W1E.C, Safety Adviser
2008/09: W1T.C*, Captain of Coxes

HARLOW, Douglas [B]
2013/14: MNA8

HARM, Jessica C. (M.07)
2007/08: W2E.S
2009/10: W1E.sub

HARRALL, Joanna (M.10)
2010/11: WNA8, W1T.6, W1E.4
2011/12: WNC8.C, W1T.S, W2T.C, W1E.S, W2E.C, Captain of Lower Boats
2012/13: M2T.C, M3T.C

HARRIS, Alicia (M.97)
1997/98: WNC8

HARRIS, Holly (M.08)
2008/09: WNA8

HARRIS, Julia A. C. (M.01)
2001/02: WNA8, W1T, W2E.7
2002/03: W3E.S
2003/04: W2T.S

HARRIS, Samuel R. (M.10)
2010/11: M3T.B, M3E.7

HARRIS, Susan J. (M.77)
1978/79: W4E.6

HARRIS, Tom (M.97)
1997/98: M6E.5

HARRIS, W. G. (M.??)
HT1913 M18

HARRISON, Claire N. (M.84)
1984/85: W2T, W2E.B

HARRISON, Clive J. A. (M.81)
1981/82: M3T.7, M3E
1982/83: M4T.5*, Men's Vice-Captain

1959/60: M2E

HARRISON, Deborah (M.78)
1978/79: W2E.2
1979/80: W2T, W2E.S, Women's Vice-Captain

HARRISON Matthew (M.14)
2014/15: MNB8

HARRISON, Rob J. (M.80)
1981/82: M3E
1982/83: M2T.B, M3E

1997/98: WNC8

HARTLEY, S. (M.??)
1983/84: M3T, M3E.5
1984/85: M3T, M5E.5

2014/15: MNA8, M2E.4

HARVEY, M. L. (M.??)
HT1929 M18c, TT1929 M18c

HASLAM, R. Henry (M.??)
2005/06: M3E.7

HASLEM, Gillian (M.89)
1989/90: MN8.C, M1E.C
1990/91: M1T.C, M1E.C, Secretary
1992/93: M5E.C

HASSALL, Oliver W. (M.88)
1988/89: M1T.2, M1E.2
1989/90: M1T.6, M1E.S, Men's Captain

HATGOOD, ? (M.??)
TT1938 M18

HATLEY, Mark (M.??)
1989/90: M3E

HATTAN, Elizabeth (M.96)
1997/98: WNB8, W3T, W3E.7
1999/00: W2T, W2E.6

HATTON, T. (M.??)
1979/80: M4T
1980/81: M4E

HAWKES, Graham S. J. (M.97)
1999/00: MJ8.C, M3T.C, M2E.C
2000/01: Secretary

HAWKINS, I. (M.??)
1970/71: M3E

HAWORTH, F. W. (M.??)
HT1928 M18c, TT1928 M18c
1928/29: OUBC Trials

1935/36: M1T.2, M1E

HAYMAN, N. W. (M.??)
1958/59: M3E
1960/61: M5E

HAYNES, Jon (M.91)
1991/92: M2T, M2E.B
1992/93: M2T, M1E.4, Secretary
1993/94: M1T.4

HAYNES, Sarah (M.95)
1995/96: W3E.C

HAYNES, Susan D. (M.81)
1981/82: W2T.sub, W2E

HAYWOOD, Dan K. (M.86)
1987/88: M4E

HAYWOOD, Sarah M. (M.88)
1988/89: W3E
1989/90: W2E

HEALD, Bruce H. (M.83)
1984/85: M6E.2, M8E.C
1985/86: M3T, M2E.3
1986/87: M2T*, M2E

HEALD, S. (M.??)
1984/85: W2T.C

HEARN, J. Paul I. (M.95)
1995/96: MN8, M2T.3, M3E.4*
1996/97: M1T.4, M2E.6
1997/98: MS4, M1T.S
1998/99: MA4, M1T.S*, M2E
1999/00: MB4, M3T, M1E.2
2000/01: M1T.2*

HEATH, Jackie A. (M.88)
1988/89: W3E
1989/90: W2E

HEATON, R. R. (M.??)
HT1914 M18, TT1914 M18

HEDGE, Charles A. (M.67)
1967/68: M3E

HEDGES, Peter A. (M.05)
2006/07: WNA8.C, W2T.C

HEIDE, Nils (M.??)
1992/93: M2E.7

HEIDRICH, Carolyn D. (M.??)
2002/03: WNA8, W1T.3, W1E.4, Women's Vice-Captain

HEIL, Jane E. (M.90)
1990/91: W2E.C
1991/92: M1T.C, M1E.C

HEINEY, Nicholas P. (M.02)
2002/03: MNA8, M1T.2, M2E.5
2003/04: OULRC Trials

HEIPERTZ, Martin K. G. (M.97)
1997/98: MNA8, M2T
1998/99: M2T.4*

HELLINGS, Nathalie (M.91)
1992/93: W2E.3

HELM, Michael J. (M.??)
1963/64: M1E.7
1964/65: M1T.6

HEMINGWAY, Andrew J. (M.84)
1984/85: M4T, M3E.4

HEMINGWAY, Jane (M.96)
1996/97: W3E
1997/98: W2T, W2E.5

1965/66: M2E

HENDERSON, Nigel J. (M.69)
1969/70: M1T, M1E.S, Hon. Bargee
1970/71: M1T.S, M1E.S, Captain
1971/72: M3E*

1961/62: M2T

HENDRICKSON Thomas L. (M.17)
2016/17: M1T.S, M1E.S*

HENWOOD, Rebecca (M.91)
1991/92: W1T.3, W2E.7
1992/93: W1T.7, W1E.7*
1993/94: W1T.7

HERALD, Monica M. (M.04)
2003/04: W2T.4, W2E.4

1997/98: WS4

1963/64: M6E

HERDMAN, H. F. P. (M.??)
1923/24: M1T, M1E.6

HERKERT, Alexander J. (M.17)
2017/18: M1T.2, M1E.B
2018/19: M1T.7, M1E.S, Men's Co-Captain

HERMANN, Beth (M.97)
1997/98: W3T

HERNANDEZ, David A. (M.72)
1972/73: M3E
1973/74: M2T.7, M2E
1974/75: M5E

HERNANDEZ, Kathryn (M.07)
2007/08: W1T.5*, W1E.7
2008/09: W1T.5*, W1E.5, Treasurer

HERRING, G. M. (M.??)
1952/53: M2E

HERRING, Louise S. (M.96)
1997/98: WNA8, W2T, W2E.7
1998/99: WS4, Captain of Lower Boats

HERRING Mark D. (M.15) [B]
2015/16: MNA8

HERRINGSHAW, Gordon H. (M.55)
1955/56: M1T, M1E.B
1956/57: M3E
1958/59: M4E*

HERSEE, Edward H. W. (M.39)
TT1940 M18
1947/48: M1E.7

HERTZOG, Inge (M.10)
2010/11: W1T.S, W1E.B
2011/12: Osiris, W1E.5, Treasurer
2012/13: W1T.7*

HERZOG, Jan (M.07)
2007/08: OUBC, M1E.6

HESFORD, Kate (M.97)
1997/98: WNB8
1998/99: W2E

HESLOP, Ian G. (M.??)
1948/49: M3E*
1949/50: M3E.B
1951/52: M3E

HESPE, Abby (M.18)
2018/19: W2T.5, W2E.4
2019/20: Women's Co-Captain
2020/21: W1T.B, Women's Lower Boats Captain

1951/52: M1T, M1E.B
1952/53: M1E.B

HETRICK, Meghan (M.01)
2001/02: WNB8

HETTRICK, W. E. (M.??)
1923/24: M1T

HEW Mark (M.15)
2015/16: MNB8, M2T.B, M2E.4

HEWITT, J. (M.??)
1960/61: M2T.C

HEYMANN, Laura (M.??)
1989/90: W4E

HEYWARD, R. (M.??)
1961/62: M3E

2017/18: MNA8.C, M1T.C, W1T.sub, W2T.sub, M1E.C

HICKMAN, Roger G. (M.71)
1971/72: M4E

HICKMAN, Sarah (M.91)
1991/92: W1T.4, W1E.4
1992/93: W1T.6, W1E.6*

HICKS, Amanda L. (M.80)
1980/81: W2T.2, W2E.4
1981/82: W2T.7, W2E, Secretary

HIGGINS, Alice (M.08)
2008/09: W2T.B, W2E.B
2009/10: W2E.3

HIGGINS, Leila (M.??)
2005/06: M3T.2

HIGGINS, Richard B. (M.11)
2011/12: MNA8, M1T.4, M1E.2
2012/13: M3T.S, Men's Vice-Captain

HIGHTON, Lyndsey (M.99)
1999/00: W1T.2
2000/01: W1E.B, Women's Vice-Captain
2001/02: W1T, W1E.6
2002/03: OUWLRC Trials, W1T.7, W1E.S
2003/04: OUWLRC Trials

HILDITCH, Samuel J.J. (M.17)
2017/18: MNB8, M2T.6, M2E.6

HILEY, Rachel L. (M.89)
1990/91: W4E

HILL, Nicola J. (M.88)
1988/89: W2T
1989/90: W1E.S

HILL, Rowland (M.72)
1973/74: M1T.2, M1E.5
1974/75: M4E
1975/76: M1T, M1E.4, Men's Captain
1976/77: M1T.6

HILL, Richard G. C. (M.57)
1956/57: M1T*, M1E.5
1957/58: M1T, M3E, Captain
1958/59: M4E*
1959/60: M4E
1960/61: M4E

HILL, Stephen A. (M.76)
1976/77: M6E.B
1977/78: M4E
1978/79: M4E.5
1979/80: M4E

HILTON, Matthew L. (M.00)
2000/01: M2T, M2E.S
2001/02: M1T, Men's Captain

HILTY, Gregory A. (M.78)
1978/79: M2E.7
1979/80: M1T, M1E.5

HINDLE, Julia R. (M.88)
1990/91: W4E

HINEL, Anton (M.10)
2010/11: MNA8, M3T.S, M3E.6

HINES, James N. (M.64)
1964/65: M3E

HINKES, Eric M. (M.00)
2000/01: M1T.7*, M1E.5

HINTON, Rosemary F. A. (M.06)
2006/07: WNB8

HINTON, Susanna M. (M.90)
1990/91: W4E

HINTZ, Chris (M.97)
1997/98: MJ8, M1T.6, M2E.4

HINWOOD, Richard A. (M.03)
2003/04: MNA8, M2E.S

HINZ, Henning (M.09)
2009/10: MNA8, M4E.7

HIRATSUKA, Ryutaro (Mansfield)
2009/10: M2T.C

HISCOCKS, G. A. (M.??)
1948/49: M1T, M1E.2

HISEY, L. W. S. (M.??)
1924/25: M1T.7

HO, Shih C. (M.80)
1981/82: M4E.5

HO, Winnie (M.94)
1994/95: W3E

HODBY, Katharine A. (M.97)
1998/99: W2E
1999/00: WA4, WS8, W1T.5

HODGE, Edward J. (M.96)
1996/97: M3T.3, M3E.6
1997/98: M3T, M3E.6*

HODGSON, Allan J. (M.86)
1986/87: M5E

HODGSON, Ben (M.??)
1997/98: M3E.3*

HODGSON, Sarah (M.08)
2008/09: WNA8, W2T.6, W1E.4
2009/10: WS4, W1T.6, W2E.sub

HOEYER* Mathias F. (M.15)
2015/16: M1T.3, M1E.4

HOFFMAN, Heather
1989/90: W4E

HOFMANN, Sarah [B]
2018/19: WNA8

HOGAN, Jon (M.98)
1998/99: MNA8

HOGG, Quintin (M.92)
1992/93: M1T.C, M1E.C
1993/94: M1T.C, M1E.C

HOIE, Mathias
2021/22: M3T.3

HOLDCROFT, Matt (M.94)
1994/95: MN8, M2T, M2E.S
1995/96: MJ8, M1T.4, M2E.6*, Men's Vice-Captain

HOLDEN, Jacqui (M.91)
1991/92: W3E.2

HOLDEN, Martyn K. (M.72)
1973/74: M2T.4, M1E.2
1974/75: M5E

HOLDEN, Sally G. (M.76)
1976/77: W2E.S
1977/78: OUWBC, W1E.S
1979/80: W1T.S

HOLLAND, Paul A. (M.03)
2003/04: OUBC Trials, M1E.7

HOLLENBERG, Morley D. (M.64)
1967/68: M1T, M1E.B

HOLLIFIELD, Anne E. (M.78)
1978/79: W2E.B, W4E.C
1979/80: W2T, W2E.7, W3E.C, Women's Captain
1980/81: W1T.S, W1E.S

HOLME, Philip H. (M.04)
2004/05: MNB8, M2T.5, M2E.3

HOLMES, Emma (M.08)
2008/09: WNA8, W3T.6*, W3E.6
2009/10: W2T.S, W2E.S, M4E.C

HOLROYD, James D. S. (M.61)
1961/62: M1T.5, M1E.7
1962/63: M2E*
1963/64: M4E
1964/65: M1E.5

HOLT, Anthony (M.95)
1995/96: M1E.3

HOO, Kai-Sheng (M.17)
2017/18: MNA8

HOOD, Julia R. M. (M.76)
1977/78: W2E.5
1978/79: W3E.3
1979/80: W1T.3, W1E.3

HOOGKAMER Emily J. (M.14)
2014/15: WNA8, W1T.5, W1E.B
2015/16: WNB8.C, W1T.B, W1E.6, Women's Captain

HOOKHAM, Christina (M.08)
2008/09: W2T.S, W2E.6
2009/10: WS4, W1T.4, M2E.C, Secretary
2010/11: WNB8.C, W2T.2, Captain of Coxes
2011/12: M2T.C, W2E.S

HOPE, Erica J. (M.01)
2001/02: WNA8, W1T, W1E.2
2002/03: W2E.7

HOPKINS, S. (M.??)
1976/77: W2E.6

HOPKINSON, Eleanor G. (Green-Templeton)
2020/21: W3T.6

HOPKINSON, Michael D. (M.83)
1983/84: M3E.B
1984/85: M2T, M2E.7*
1985/86: M5E

HORNBY, Catharine M. (M.97)
1997/98: WJ4, WJ8, W2T, W2E.S
1998/99: WS4, W1T.6, W1E.4

HORNE, Thomas (M.52)
1951/52: M2E
1952/53: M1T, M1E.7
1953/54: M1E.5, Captain
1954/55: M1E.7

HORSCROFT, Robin C. (M.53)
1953/54: M1E.B
1954/55: M1E.B
1955/56: M1E.7
1956/57: M3E

HORSFALL, Harriet J. F.
2016/17: WNB8

HOSKINS, Stephen T. (M.70)
1971/72: M2E
1973/74: M3E
1974/75: M1T.B, M1E.B
1975/76: M3E
1976/77: M5E.3

HOUGHTON, Simon P. (M.92)
1992/93: M2T, M2E.B
1993/94: M2E.S

HOULSBY Ian T. T. (M.??)
2014/15: M1E.7
2015/16: M3E.S, M1E.C
2016/17: M3E.sub

HOWARTH, Fiona L. (M.00)
2000/01: W1T.2*, W1E.7
2001/02: Osiris, W1E.4, Women's Captain
2002/03: W1T.5, W1E.7

HOWE, David E. (M.99)
1999/00: MNB8

HOWE, Malcolm A. (M.81)
1982/83: M5E

HOWE, Michael J. (M.??)
2002/03: MNB8
2003/04: M4E.B

HOWELLS, Luke (M.88)
1988/89: M2T, M1E.5

HOWIE, Alasdair J. (M.99)
1999/00: MNA8, M2E.7
2000/01: M2T
2001/02: M1T, M2E.S
2002/03: M1T.S, M1E.3

HSIEH, Ann (M.01)
2001/02: W3E.B

HUANG, Justine
2013/14: WNB8

HUBBARD, Rebecca A (M.01)
2001/02: WNA8, W1T, W1E.5

HUBER, Lindsay T. (M.04)
2004/05: W2T.S, M2E.C

HUCK, Niclas F.
2017/18: MNA8

HUDSON, Daniel (M.07)
2007/08: MNC8, M2T.5, M3E.3

HUG, Rebecca M. (M.??)
2003/04: W3E.7

HUGHES, Gareth W. (M.50)
1950/51: M4E
1951/52: M2T

HUGHES, Robert P. (M.75)
1975/76: M1T, M1E.2
1976/77: M1T.S, M1E.S*, Secretary
1977/78: M1T.S, M1E.S
1978/79: M1E.S, Men's Captain

HULL, Anthony B. (M.60)
1960/61: M3E
1961/62: M1T, M1E.3
1962/63: M2E*, Secretary
1964/65: M1E.S, M5E.C

1983/84: M3T

HUMPHRIES, Michael (M.10)
2011/12: MNB8, M4T.B, M2E.4
2012/13: M2T.3, M2E.B
2013/14: M2T.B, M2E.7, Treasurer

HUNT, David L. C. (M.52)
1952/53: M1T, M1E.3
1953/54: M1E.3
1954/55: M1E.5

HUNTER, J. R. (M.??)
1930/31: M2E.7
TT1932 M18?

HUNTER, Lydia (M.09)
2009/10: WNA8, MNC8 [sic]

HUNTER, Simon P. (M.??)
2003/04: M3E.4
2004/05: MNC8

HUO, Rongmin
2016/17: WNB8

HURCOMBE, Roger S. (M.69)
1970/71: M2T.C*, M2E.C*, M4E.C
1971/72: M3E.C*

HUSAIN, Ameen (M.92)
1992/93: M3E.B

HUSTAD, Knut-Fredrik (M.??)
2006/07: MNA8, M2T.4, M2E.5

HUSTED, Catherine A. (M.85)
1986/87: W2E
1987/88: W1T.2, W1E.B

HUTCHINGS, Peter G. (M.51)
1952/53: M3E

HUTCHINSON, Lydia V. (M.03)
2003/04: WNA8, W1T.6, W1E.4
2004/05: W1T.2, W2E.sub, Women's Captain

HUTTON, James J. (M.05)
2005/06: M1T.5*, M1E.3*

HUTTNER, P. (M.??)
1960/61: M3E

HYATT, Neil A. D. (M.82)
1982/83: M4T.3*, M4E.3
1983/84: M4E.B

HYKIN Chloe (M.15)
2015/16: WNA8

IBBETSON Rachel F. (M.16)
2016/17: W1T.7, W1E.7
2017/18: W1T.3, W1E.2, Women's Joint-Captain
2018/19: W1T.B*, W1E.B

IBISON, John (M.73)
1975/76: M4E

ICELY, Clare E. (M.00)
2000/01: W2E.4

ICELY, Dominic M. (M.96)
1996/97: M5E
1997/98: M4E.S

ILETT, Christopher (M.78)
1978/79: M6E.4
1979/80: M5T, M5E.S
1980/81: M2T
1981/82: M1T.2, M1E.2
1982/83: M1T.2, M3E
1983/84: M1T.B, M6E.2

ILIFFE, William R. [S]
2017/18: MNA8

INGHAM, Michael (M.69)
1972/73: M3E

INGRAM, Paul H. (M.97)
1998/99: M4E

INGRAM, Sarah J. (M.98)
1998/99: WNB8

INNES, C. D. (M.??)
1898 M18c

IVIMIV, W. T. (M.??)
1898 M18

IYER, Siddharth (M.97)
1997/98: MS4, M1T.2, M2E.S

2017/18: WNA8, W2T.sub, W2E.B
2018/19: W2T.3, W2E.7, Social Secretary

JACKSON, Michael (M.??)
1974/75: M2T.6, M1E.4
1975/76: M3E

JACKSON, Peter H. (M.72)
1972/73: M2T.S, M2E

JACOBS, Jonathan R. (M.83)
1983/84: M3E.4
1984/85: M6E.C

1992/93: M4E.S

JACOBSON, Britta (M.94)
1994/95: W2E.5*

JAFFE, David J. F. (M.82)
1983/84: M4E.7

JAFFERJI, Arif (M.92)
1992/93: M4E.B

JAIN, Shaneli N.
2016/17: WNB8

JAMBAGI, Neesha (M.??)
2011/12: WNA8

JAMES, Emma (M.10)
2010/11: WNA8, W2E.4
2011/12: W2T.sub

JAMES, Maj. (M.??)
1908/09: M1E.C

JAMES, Marshall O. (M.54)
1954/55: M2E
1955/56: M2T

JAMES, Rhodri (M.07)
2007/08: MNA8, M1T.3
2008/09: M4E.7

JAMIESON, Keith R. (M.78)
1979/80: M6E.2
1980/81: M3T.3*
1981/82: M2T.3, M2E.5

JAN, Jacqueline E.L. [?] 2017/18: MNB8

JANDOO, Rajan S. (M.05)
2005/06: MNB8, M3T.S
2006/07: M2E.3

JANSSEN, Jan K. (M.97)
1997/98: MJ8, M2T, M3E.B*
1998/99: MC4, M2T.S*, M3E.C, Secretary
1999/00: MA4, M3T

JARDINE, Chris (M.92)
1992/93: M4E.4

JEAL, Frank (M.??)
1958/59: M2T, M2E
1960/61: M1T, M2E

JEAL, Roger (M.67)
1967/68: M3E

JEE, Mark (M.78)
1978/79: M2T.5
1979/80: M2T.5, M2E.5
1980/81: M3E.7

JEE, Trevor P. (M.76)
1977/78: M3T.2, M5E.2
1978/79: M3E.7

1988/89: M4E

JEFFERS, Sonia (M.??)
2011/12: WNC8

JEFFERY, Trevor L. (M.82)
1983/84: M3T, M4E.S
1984/85: M3T, M8E

JEN, Wei Y. (M.06)
2007/08: W3E.4

JENKINS, ? (M.??)
1985/86: M4E.C

JENKINSON, D. Angus G. (M.69)
1969/70: M2T

JEPPS, Stephen A. (M.67)
1967/68: M1T, M1E.3
1968/69: M1T.3, M1E.5
1969/70: M2T, M2E

JERIC, Jure (M.13)
2013/14: M1T.6, M1E.6

JEWELL, Catherine M. (M.95)
1998/99: W2E

JIAN PING, Jen (M.09)
2009/10: MNA8, M3E.6

JMIEFF, Danielle G. (M.??)
2004/05: WNA8

JOHNSON, E. J. (M.??)
HT1928 M18, TT1928 M18

JOHNSON, Erika S. (M.??)
2002/03: WNA8, W1T.B, W1E.6, Women's Vice Captain, Women's Captain (TT)

JOHNSON, P. (M.??)
TT1938 M18

JOHNSON, Moira P. (M.79)
1979/80: W3E.B
1980/81: W2E.6

JOHNSON, William (M.04)
2004/05: MNC8, M3T.4, M2E.2

JOHNSTON, Adrian R. F. (M.05)
2005/06: MNB8, M3T.5

JOHNSTON, James D. C. (M.99)
1999/00: MB4, M1T.B, M1E.B
2000/01: M1T.B*, M1E.7

JOLLANDS, Margaret C. (M.80)
1980/81: W1T.5, W1E.6
1981/82: OUWBC, W1E.5
1982/83: W1E.6
1983/84: W1T

JOLLY, Charles J. (M.61)
1961/62: M2T, M2E
1962/63: M1E.3
1963/64: M4E
1964/65: M2E

JOLLY, Michael G. (M.52)
1952/53: M3E

JONES, Anthony G. (M.78)
1978/79: M6E.6
1979/80: M5E.4
1980/81: M3T.6*
1981/82: M2T.4, M2E.6

JONES, A. P. (M.??)
1921/22: M1T

JONES, D. J. (M.??)
TT1901 M18
1901 Captain

JONES, Geoffrey (M.??)
1973/74: M2T.2
1974/75: M2T.S, M2E.S
1975/76: M3E

JONES, G. S. (M.??)
HT1927 M28, TT1927 M28
TT1929 M28
1930/31: M2E.6

JONES, Holly (M.07)
2007/08: WNA8, W2T.S

JONES, Mark H. (M.88)
1988/89: M5E

JONES, Nia M. (M.97)
1998/99: M6E

JONES, O. (M.??)
1906/07: M1T.6

JONES, Oliver J. T. (M.94)
1995/96: MN8, M1T.3, M2E.5*
1996/97: M1T.5, M1E.7
1997/98: Isis, M1E.7

JONES, Peter B. G. (M.53)
1954/55: M3E

JONES, Peter H. (M.06)
2007/08: M4E.3

JONES, Sarah L. (M.93)
1993/94: WS4.C
1994/95: W1E.C, M3E.C
1995/96: OUWBC Trials, W1E.C*
1996/97: W1T.C, W1E.C
1997/98: Osiris

JONES, Sidney C. (M.??)
TT1941 M18, Treasurer

JONES, V. G. P. (M.??)
1951/52: M2T, M3E

JORDAHL, V. T. (M.??)
1960/61: M4E

JORDAN, Douglas M. (M.??)
2002/03: MNB8
2003/04: M4E.6

JORDAN, Julie (M.??)
1997/98: WNC8

JORNS, Ann K. (M.80)
1980/81: W1T.B, W3E.6
1981/82: W2T.6

JOSEPH, Timothy D. B. (M.99)
1999/00: MNA8, M2T, M2E.5
2000/01: M2T

JOSHI, Sabrina (M.98)
1998/99: WNB8

2013/14: MNB8

JUDGE, Roy E. (M.47)
1948/49: M1T, M2E
1949/50: M4E*

JUKES, Debra A. (M.83)
1983/84: W2T.S, W1E.3, W3E.C
1984/85: W2T, W3E.2

JUKES, M. N. (M.??)
1908/09: M1T, M1E, Vice-Captain

JUKES, Tracey A. (M.86)
1986/87: W2E

JUNG, Michael
1997/98: MNB8

KADISH, Arthur (M.??)
2004/05: MNC8, M3T.2

KAEPPLER Jakob R. (M.15)
2015/16: MNB8, M3E.2
2016/17: M3E.sub, Secretary
2017/18: M2E.B, Secretary
2018/19: M1T.C, M3T.7, M2E.7, M3E.sub, Secretary

KAHLE, J. H. (M.??)
TT1941 M18
1941/42: M1T, M1E.3

KAHN, Ryan D. (M.13)
2013/14: M1T.2, M1E.2

KALADEEN, Michael (M.99)
1999/00: MNB8

KALINIECKI, Lucjan (M.??)
2014/15: M3E.B

KALLAS, Michael (M.74)
1974/75: M2T.2, M2E.2

KANAEL, Baruch (M.52)
1952/53: M2T

KANE, Rozelle C. (M.??) (St Hilda's)
2003/04: M3E.C

KANO, Gunkatsu (M.69)
1969/70: M4E.C

KANTIN, Holly (M.96)
1997/98: WNB8

KANWAR, Aman (M.77)
1979/80: M3T

KAO, Teresa W. (M.06)
2006/07: WNA8, W2T.4

KARLIN, Louis W. (M.83)
1983/84: M2T.4*, M2E.4

KASIRI, Sophie (M.05)
2005/06: MNB8.C, M3E.C
2006/07: M3E.C

2018/19: MNB8, M3T.4, M2T.sub

KATRITZKY, Alan R. (M.48)
1948/49: M3E*
1949/50: M2T
1950/51: M4E

KATZ, Shira Lee (M.??)
1999/00: W3T

KAY, Helen M. (M.76)
1976/77: W2E.C

KAYE, C. Graham (M.48)
1948/49: M2T.C, M2E.C
1949/50: M1T.C, M2E.C
1950/51: M1T.C, M1E.C
1951/52: M1E.C

KEABLE, Jo (M.94)
1994/95: W3E
1995/96: W2T.B, W2E.B

KEANE, M. K. P. J. (M.??)
1958/59: M2E
1959/60: M2E

KEAR, Christopher M. (M.77)
1978/79: M6E.7
1979/80: M4T, M3E.7

KEARNS, Brian P. (M.84)
1984/85: M4E

KEATES, David E. J. (M.72)
1973/74: M2E

KEELING, E. W. P. (M.??)
1886 M4

KELEN, Peter (M.70)
1970/71: M1T.2, M2E*
1971/72: M1T.6, M1E.4, Secretary
1972/73: M3T.S, M1E.2

KELLY, Alice (M.05)
2006/07: W1E.4

KELLY, Stephen J. (M.63)
1963/64: M7E

KELSEY, T. G. (M.??)

KEMAL, Adam (M.08)
2008/09: MNC8, M2T.6, M2E.6

KENT, Jill (BNC)
1989/90: W5E.C*

KENYON, L. O. (M.??)
HT1929 M18, TT1929 M18

KENYON, John S. (M.81)
1981/82: M3T.6
1982/83: M2T.4, M2E.5
1983/84: M4T, M6E.5

KERBY, Jeffrey A. (M.01)
2001/02: WNA8.C, W1T.C

KESTERTON, Robert G. H. (M.97)
1997/98: M3T, M1E.6
1998/99: M1E.S
1999/00: M3T

KEVORKIAN, Theresa (M.09)
2009/10: W1E.C
2010/11: M1T.C, W1T.sub, M1E.C
2011/12: M3T.C

KEWNEY, Ashleigh M. (M.85)
1985/86: M3T, M2E.2
1986/87: M2E
1987/88: M3E

KHADDOURI, Rolla (M.93)
1993/94: W2E.7

KHAN, Asmeen M. (M.80)
1980/81: W2T.6, W2E.2

KHANNA, H. C. (M.??)
1921/22: M1T

KHUTTI, Amit (M.96)
1996/97: M4E

2003/04: MND8

KILBRIDE, Laura W. (M.07)
2007/08: W2T.5, W2E.7

KILFORD, Emma (M.07)
2007/08: WNA8
2008/09: M4E.C

KILGOUR, Robert D.
2018/19: MNA8, M2T.2, M2E.S

KILLICK, Rebecca (M.94)
1994/95: WS4, W1T.4, W1E.3
1995/96: W1T.5, W1E.3*
1996/97: W1T.5

2003/04: W2T.3, W2E.5

KILPATRICK, Thomas C. L. (M.63)
1963/64: M5E.C

KITCHING, Geoffrey B. (M.73)
1973/74: M2T.B
1974/75: M1T.5, M1E.5
1975/76: M3E

KIM, David (M.98)
1998/99: MNC8

KIM, Irene (M.97)
1997/98: WNC8.C, M5T.C

KIM, Richard K. (M.11)
2011/12: MNA8, M2T.2

KIMBALL, P. C. (M.??)
HT1928 M18, TT1928 M18
1928/29: OUBC Trials, M1E
TT1930 M18, Captain

KING, John R. (M.83)
1983/84: M3T, M2E.2
1984/85: M2T, M2E.2*
1985/86: M2E.5

KING, Nigel E. (M.62)
1962/63: M5E.C
1963/64: M6E.C

KING, Richella (M.91)
1991/92: W3E.5

KIRBY, Nigel R. P. (M.81)
1982/83: M5E

KIRBY, W. V. (M.??)
1935/36: M1T.C, M1E.C
1937 Treasurer
1938 Secretary

KIRK, Thomas S. R. (M.??)
2005/06: MNC8

KIRKHOPE, Ian (M.64)
1965/66: M5E

KIRKMAN, O. A. (M.??)
HT1927 M18

KIRSCHLING, Gregory (M.98)
1998/99: MNB8

KISSINGER, Alexander R. (M.07)
2007/08: M2T.3, M3E.6
2008/09: Men's Captain of Lower Boats

KLEIBER, Ben (M.??)
1989/90: MN8

2013/14: WNB8

KLINE, Taylor [S]
2013/14: WNA8

KNEFF, James (M.??)
1999/00: MJ8, MNB8

KNIGHT, George (M.39)
TT1940 M18c, Treasurer
TT1941 M18c, Secretary
1941/42: M1E.C, Captain

KNOWLES, Alastair D. J. (M.03)
2003/04: MNB8

KNOWLES, Peter W. (M.80)
1981/82: M7E

KNOWLES, Phoebe C. (M.??)
2002/03: W1E.B, W2E.C

KNOX, Peter (M.67)
1970/71: M3E
1971/72: M1T.2
1972/73: M1T.6

KNOX, T. (M.??)
1881 Sculls

KO, Christoph
2018/19: M3T.6

KOMOTAR, Ricardo (M.97)
1997/98: M5T, M5E.5

KOO, Peter (M.91)
1992/93: M3E.7

KOONCE, Natalie C. (M.14)
2014/15: WNB8

KORAN, Muijorre (M.??)
1993/94: W2E.2

2016/17: WNA8

KOSTADINOV, Kristian (M.??)
2014/15: M3E.6
2015/16: M2T.sub, M2E.5

KOTCHIE, Luke (M.97)
1998/99: M6E

KRABILL, Barbara (M.??)
1999/00: WNB8

KRAHN, Titus A.
2017/18: M2T.5, M2E.3

KRAMER, D. W. (M.??)
1933/34: M1T.S, M1E
HT1935 M18

KRAMM, Anneke (M.13)
2013/14: WNB8, W2T.4, W2E.4

KRANSE, Beth (M.??)
1993/94: W2E.3

KREBS, Mark R. H. (M.98)
1998/99: MNA8
1999/00: M2T, M2E.4

KREDA Samantha J. (M.15)
2015/16: WNA8

KREISER, Adrian H. (M.21) [S]
2021/22: MNA8.4, M2T.6, M2E.4

KRENITSKI, Scott (M.??)
2010/11: M3E.3

KRETSCHMER, Herbert E. (M.??)
1934/35: M1E.5
1935/36: M1T.7, M1E, Secretary
1937 Captain
1938 Captain

2018/19: MNA8, M2T.B
2018/19: MNA8, M2T.B

1925/26: M1T, M1E.2

KRIVICICH, Britt H. (M.??)
1998/99: M6E

KRUCIK, Kevin G. (M.03)
2003/04: MNB8

1974/75: M2E.5
1975/76: M1T, M1E.3
1976/77: M1T.3, M6E.5
1977/78: M4E

KUCHEROV, Alexander (M.04)
2004/05: MNA8, M2T.7

KULHARIA, Viveka (M.17)
2017/18: M4E.2

KUMAR, Nisha (M.00)
2001/02: WNB8, W2E.C

KUMAR, Ramesh (M.90)
1991/92: M3E.B

KUNTZ, Michelle T-H. (M.00)
2000/01: W2E.sub

1999/00: MNC8

TT1914 M18

KUSURIN, Ante (M.06)
2006/07: OUBC

KUZMIN, Mike (M.06)
2006/07: MNB8, M2T.5, M2E.7

2017/18: WNA8

LADE, W. R. (M.??)
1935/36: M1T.5, M1E

LAI, Calvin Y. (M.??)
2013/14: M2T.2, M2E.B

LAKE, Henrietta (M.93)
1993/94: WN8.C, W2T.C, W1E.C
1994/95: M1T.C, M1E.C
1995/96: MS4.C

LALICH, Nicole S. (M.99)
1999/00: WNA8, W2T, W2E.7

LALL, Tracey D. (M.84)
1984/85: W2T, W1E.2
1987/88: W4E

LALONDE, Chris (M.95)
1995/96: MN8, M2T.2

LAM, Betty (M.97)
1997/98: WNC8

LAM, Chi-Ho (M.92)
1992/93: M4E.3

LAMB, Jonathan C. (M.78)
1978/79: M1T.B
1980/81: M2E.7

LAMBERT, Poppy (M.11)
2011/12: WNC8, W2T.7
2012/13: W1T.3*, W1E.5, Women's Joint-Captain of Lower Boats
2013/14: W1T.2, Women's Captain

LAMPE, Katherine B. (M.04)
2004/05: WNA8, W1T.6, W1E.4

LANDRENAU, Joshua (M.08)
2008/09: M2E.5
2010/11: M2T.5*, M1E.4

LANE, Philip M. E. (M.87)
1988/89: M4E

LANG, Rosemary (M.09)
2009/10: MNC8 [sic], W2T.2
2010/11: W1T.4, W1E.2, Secretary
2011/12: W1T.B, W2E.2
2012/13: W1T.2*, W1E.2

LANGE, Jennifer I. (M.13)
2013/14: W2T.7, W1E.2

LANGFORD, R. A. (M.??)
1920/21: M1T.S, M1E.6

LANGFORD, Douglas J. R. (M.89)
1989/90: MN8

LANGHAM, R. C. (M.??)
1946/47: M1E.7

LANGLEY, Dominic (M.92)
1992/93: M2T

LANGLEY, Robert (M.58)
1958/59: M3E

LANZONE, Windsor
1997/98: W3T

LANZONI Francesco (M.14)
2014/15: MNA8, M2T.7, M2E.S

LARCHER, Paul A. (M.87)
1990/91: M3E

LARRINGTON, Carolyne A. (M.78)
1978/79: W4E.2

LARSEN, Hege E. (M.11)
2011/12: WNC8, W1T.3, W1E.B
2012/13: W1T.6*, W1E.S
2014/15: W3E.6*

LARSON, Abbie (M.??)
1999/00: W3T

LATHAM, Allan J. (M.65)
1965/66: M1E.C

LATHAM, D. A. (M.??)
HT1930 M18
1930/31: M2E.S
HT1932 M18, TT1932 M18, Treasurer
1933/34: M2E.7

LATHAM, E. George R. (M.89)
1989/90: M2E.C

LAURENCE, Benjamin G. (M.00)
2001/02: MNA8, M2T, M2E.7
2002/03: Men's Vice-Captain

LAUTNER, Christian (M.??)
2004/05: MNA8, M3T.S

LAW, Richard (M.95)
1995/96: MJ8, M1T.2, M2E.S*
1996/97: M1T.S, M1E.2, Men's Captain
1998/99: M1T.4*
1999/00: OULRC, M1E.6
2000/01: M1T.S*, M1E.6
2001/02: M1E.sub

LAWRENCE, Ian S. (M.72
1973/74: M2E
1975/76: M3E

LAWRENCE, Martin G. (M.54)
1955/56: M2E

LAWSON, Clifford J. (M.39)
TT1940 M28

LAWSON, D. M. (M.??)
1962/63: M2E*

LAWTON, W. (M.??)
1906/07: M1T.4

LAYFIELD, J. Dominick H. (M.90)
1990/91: M3E
1991/92: M2E.2
1992/93: M1T.3, M5E.3
1993/94: M1E.B
1994/95: M1T.B, M1E.S
1995/96: MS4, M1T.S, M2E.2*, Joint Men's Captain

LAZARE, Alexander P. (M.05)
2005/06: M3E.B
2006/07: M3E.2

LAZZOUNI, Mohamed (M.85)
1984/85: M7E

LEACH, Andrew W. (M.75)
1976/77: M6E.6
1977/78: M4E

LEACH, P. (M.??)
1979/80: M4T, M3E.6
1980/81: M3E.4

LEAHY, John S. (M.53)
1952/53: M3E
1954/55: M3E
1955/56: M3E

LEAR, Nicholas W. (M.86)
1986/87: M6E

LECKIE, Clare H.
2017/18: WNA8, W1T.5, W2E.5
2018/19: W1T.S*, W2T.C, W1E.S, W2E.C, Women's Co-Captain
2019/20: OUWLRC.S, President

LEE, Alpha A. (M.13)
2013/14: MNB8, M2T.5
2014/15: Men's Joint-Captain of Lower Boats

LEE, Arthur H. T.
2013/14: MNB8

LEE, Catherine S-N. (M.98)
1998/99: W2T

LEE, Gregory W. (M.??)
1998/99: M1E.5

LEE, Jennifer M. (M.??)
2003/04: WNA8, W1T.2, W1E.6

LEE Megan E.(M.14)
2014/15: W1T.3

LEE, R. M. (M.??)
TT1932 M18
TT1933 M18, Captain
1933/34: M1E

LEE, Rebecca (M.92)
1992/93: W3E.5
1993/94: W2E.B

LEE, Richard J. (M.97)
1997/98: MNB8

LEE, Thomas J.
2003/04: MNB8

LEESE, A. S. M. (M.??)
TT1932 M28

LEGGETT, Sandy K. (M.77)
1978/79: W4E.4
1980/81: W2T.7, W2E.7
1981/82: W1T.7, W1E.7
1982/83: W1T.S, W1E.S

LEIGHTON, Carly L. (M.06)
2007/08: W3E.7

LEIKVOLL, Camilla (M.12)
2012/13: W3E.4

1996/97: MN8, M2T.2, M4E

LEMONS, Jordan (M.12)
2012/13: W2T.4*, W2E.6

LENIHAN, Rebecca A. F. (M.13)
2013/14: W2E.C
2014/15: W1T.C, W1E.C
2015/16: WNC8.C, W2T.C
2016/17: M3E.C

1989/90: MN8

LERNER, Edwin J. (M.72)
1973/74: M2E

LETHBRIDGE, David G. (M.61)
1961/62: M3E

LETHERMAN, Simon D. (M.89)
1990/91: W4E.C

LEUNG, Simon (M.??)
1999/00: MNC8

LEVELL, Bruce K. (M.72)
1972/73: M3E
1973/74: M1T.B

LEVER, M. John (M.62)
1962/63: M3E
1963/64: M2E

LEVI, Shari (M.??)
2006/07: W2T.5

LEVICK, Carol A. (M.81)
1984/85: W2T

LEVICK, Josephine (M.??)
2014/15: W2E.4

LEVINE, Yehuda K. (M.63)
1963/64: M3E
1964/65: M3E
1965/66: M3E

LEVINSON, Christine (M.??)
1993/94: W2E.4

LEVINSON, Nathan (M.??)
1997/98: MNA8.C, M4T, M3E.4*, M5E.C

LEWIN, Rebecca S. (M.05)
2005/06: W2E.5

LEWIS, C. E. (M.??)
1923/24: M1T, M1E.4

LEWIS, Emma A. V. (M.88)
1988/89: W2T

LEWIS, H. D. (M.??)
HT1914 M18

LEWIS, Ian G. (M.64)
1964/65: M2E
1965/66: M1E.7, Secretary
1967/68: M2T.7

LEWIS, Mark A. (M.87)
1987/88: M2E
1989/90: M5E*

LEWIS, Michael H. (M.60)
1961/62: M3E
1962/63: M3E
1963/64: M2E

LEWIS, P. J. (M.??)
1963/64: M7E

LEWIS, Stephanie A. (M.90)
1990/91: W1T.4, W2E

LEYSHON, Owen (M.11)
2011/12: MNA8, M4T.6, M2E.7
2012/13: M2T.7, Men's Joint-Captain of Lower Boats

LI, Aitian [B]
2020/21: W3T.5

LI, Jessie
2013/14: WNB8

LI, Luna (M.12)
2012/13: W3E.5

LI, XiaoYao (M.10)
2010/11: MNB8

LIM, Tse Y. (M.??)
2004/05: WNA8, W2T.B

LIM, Zachary E.W. (M.18)
2018/19: M3T.2

LIMACHER, Kirk (M.94)
1994/95: M2E.2

LIMANOWSKI, Alexander (M.08)
2008/09: MNC8.sub

LIMOND, William Q. (M.66)
1967/68: M3E
1968/69: M2E

LIN, Esther S. Y. (M.98)
1998/99: WNA8

LINCOLN, Sally (M.76)
1977/78: M2E.C
1978/79: OUWBC

1995/96: MN8

LINDSAY, Richard S. (M.88)
1988/89: M2T, M1E.B
1989/90: M1T.5, M1E.7, Men's Vice-Captain

LINKLATER, J. P. T. (M.??)
1959/60: M1T, M1E.6
1960/61: M1E.4

LINTERN, D. Gwyn (M.98)
1998/99: MNB8

LIPSCOMB, John L. (M.56)
1956/57: M2T, M2E
1957/58: M2T, M1E.3
1958/59: M4E*
1959/60: M1E.B

LIPSTEIN, Heather (M.??)
1997/98: W3T

LISTER, N. S. (M.??)
1962/63: M5E

LITSENBURG, Felix van (M.08)
2008/09: MNC8, M2T.sub, M2E.B
2009/10: M1T.2, M2E.B, Treasurer

LITTLE, Beverley A. (M.74)
1974/75: M2T.C, M2E.C
1975/76: M3E.C

LITTLE, Christopher T. (M.67)
1967/68: M1T, M1E.4
1968/69: M1T.4, Secretary
1969/70: M2T, M2E

LITTLE, D. (M.??)
1951/52: M2T

LITTLE, John K. (M.68)
1970/71: M3E

LITTLEWOOD, Alistair D. (M.86)
1987/88: M6E.C

LIU, Jason (M.96)
1996/97: M1E.5

LIU, Nancy C-M. (M.??)
2004/05: W2T.4

LIU, Steven
2013/14: MNB8

LIVERMORE, Andrew (M.71)
1972/73: M2T.2
1974/75: M5E

LIVINGSTONE, Catherine M. (M.85)
1986/87: W1T, W1E

LIWSKI, Christopher (M.04)
2004/05: OUBC, M1E.sub

LLOYD, Emily (M.95)
1995/96: OUWBC, W1E.5*
1996/97: OUWBC, W1E.5
1997/98: M3T

LLOYD, Geoffrey J. (M.70)
1970/71: M1T.3, M1E.3
1971/72: M3E*
1972/73: M1T.3, M2E

LLOYD, Margaret E. (M.82)
1982/83: W2E.7
1983/84: W2T.7, W2E.7

LLOYD, Nigel D. W. (M.67)
1969/70: M2E

LO, Theresa (M.95)
1995/96: W3T.2, W2E.2

LOADER, Mark A. (M.80)
1981/82: M4E.2

1943/44: M1T.B

LOLOV, Radoslav (M.08)
2008/09: MNB8, M3E.5

LONG, Katharine C. (M.04)
2003/04: W1T.3, W1E.B

LONG, Katharine M. (M.95)
1995/96: WN8.C, W3T.C, W4E.C

LONG, Katie E. (M.87)
1987/88: W2T, W3E
1988/89: W2T, W2E
1989/90: W1T.B, W5E*
1990/91: W2E

LONG, Timothy Y. (M.97)
1997/98: MNB8

LONGWORTH, David (M.06)
2006/07: MNA8, M2E.B
2007/08: M2E.B
2009/10: M2E.7

LORD, B. (M.??)
1982/83: W2E.C
1984/85: W3T.C

LORD, C. J. (M.??)
1938/39: M1T.4
TT1940 M18

LORMOR, Christopher D. (M.03)
2003/04: MNB8

LOTA, Amrit S. (M.02)
2002/03: MNB8, M3E.7

LOUIS, Peter A. (M.60)
1960/61: M2T, M2E
1961/62: M2T, M4E

LOUNDS, Kate E. (M.81)
1982/83: W2E.5
1983/84: W4E.B

LOVEGROVE, James M. H. (M.85)
1985/86: M1T, M1E.7
1986/87: M1T, M1E, Secretary
1987/88: M1T.5, M3E

LOVERIDGE, Tracey (M.88)
1988/89: M5E.C
1989/90: M3E.C

LOWNDES, J. (M.??)
1877 Sculls

LUBET, Alyssa E. S. (M.??)
2005/06: MNC8.C, M2T.C, W2E.C

LUCAS, Dorothy (M.80)
1980/81: W2T.4

LUCAS, Jonathan G. (M.62)
1962/63: M4E
1963/64: M5E

LUCAS, Robin (M.11)
2011/12: MNB8, M3T.2, M3E.3

LUDLOW, Claire (M.01)
2001/02: WNA8, W2T, W1E.3
2002/03: W2E.6

LUKIC, Sara (M.10)
2010/11: W1T.2, W1E.6
2011/12: W1T.7, Women's Vice-Captain
2012/13: W3T.S

LUND, Ian D. (M.79)
1980/81: M2T
1981/82: M5E
1982/83: M3T.7, M2E.3
1983/84: M6E

LUNGLEY, J. (M.??)
1882 M18

LUNT, Derek P. (M.78)
1978/79: M4E.B
1979/80: M4E

LUPFER, Thomas H. (M.79)
1979/80: M3E.3
1980/81: M2E.B

LUPPRIAN, Edrys M. (M.79)
1979/80: W2T
1980/81: W3E.B

LUSH, Cosmo (M.89)
1989/90: M2E
1990/91: M2E

LUSTY, David J. (M.76)
1976/77: M3E.7

LYALL, Kirsty (M.94)
1994/95: WN8, W2T, W2E.4*
1995/96: W3E.4

LYKIARDOPULO, Michael F. (M.79)
1979/80: M6E.6
1980/81: M4E

LYKIARDOPULO, Nicholas F. (M.77)
1977/78: M4E
1978/79: M4E.2
1979/80: M3T, M4E

LYONS, Sarah J. (M.??)
2014/15: W3E.5*

LYONS, Simon J. (M.96)
1996/97: M5E
1997/98: M4E.C

MA, Alexander G.R. (M.18) 2017/18: MNB8

MACDONALD, John (M.35)
1935/36: M1E
HT1937 M18, TT1937 M18
TT1938 M18
1938/39: M1E
TT1940 M18
1941 Captain

MACDONALD, Kirk (M.62)
1962/63: M5E
1963/64: M6E

2007/08: WNB8

MACDONALD, Sharon J. (M.79)
1979/80: W2T, W2E.5
1980/81: W1T.2, W3E.7, Women's Captain (MT)

MACFARLANE, Peter D. (M.75)
1976/77: M6E.C
1977/78: M3E.C*

1964/65: M4E

1964/65: M5E

MACK, Kevin (M.??)
2002/03: M1T.3

MACKEL, J. (M.??)
1986/87: M5E

1976/77: W2E.7
1978/79: W3E.5
1979/80: W1E.7

MACKENZIE, Sean M. (M.06)
2007/08: M4E.5

MACKIE, Sarah (M.??)
1994/95: W3E

MACKINNON, Laura C. (M.??)
2003/04: W3E.2

1950/51: M2T, M2E

MACLEHOSE, Laura J. (M.88)
1988/89: W2T, W1E.B*
1989/90: W1T.3, W1E.7

MACLEOD, Alastair (M.76)
1976/77: M3E.5
1977/78: M3T.7, M5E.7

MACMICHAEL, Eric H. (M.98)
1998/99: MNC8

1938/39: M1T.7, M1E, Treasurer

MACQUITTY, James L. (M.31)
HT1932 M18, TT1932 M28

MAGEE, ? (M.??)
TT1932 M18?

MAGEE, Bruce (M.05)
2005/06: Isis, M1E.7*

MAGGS, Christine (M.??)
1975/76: W1E.2, M4E.C
1976/77: W1E.C, Women's Captain

MAGINNIS, Stewart (M.88)
1988/89: M3E

MAGUIRE, Suzanne (M.96)
1996/97: WN8, W2T.5*
1997/98: WJ4, WS4, WJ8, W1T.5, W1E.S

MAHAR, Heather (M.??)
1997/98: W3E.2

MAHMOUD, Miriam (M.12)
2012/13: W3T.5, W2E.3
2013/14: W1T.3, W1E.3, Women's Joint-Captain of Lower Boats
2014/15: Women's Vice-Captain

MAHNE, Christian N. (M.92)
1992/93: M1T.S, M1E.S
1993/94: OUBC, M1E.S, Men's Captain

MAIN, Stephen M. (M.?)
1997/98: M6E.6

MAITLAND, Iain (M.77)
1977/78: M4E
1979/80: M7E

MALISANO, Julian L. (M.14)
2014/15: M2E.6
2015/16: M1T.4, M1E.5
2016/17: M1T.4, M1E.4*
2017/18: M1T.sub, M3E.7*

MALLET, Jason (M.99)
1999/00: MNB8

2016/17: Pemb/Catz MN8

2013/14: MNB8

MAN, Deborah A. B. (M.79)
1980/81: W2T.5, W2E.5
1981/82: W3E

MANGLES, Robin M. L. (M.84)
1984/85: M6E.4
1985/86: M7E

MANI, Nivedita (M.01)
2001/02: W3E.7
2002/03: W2E.B, Secretary
2003/04: W2E.7

MANJI, Zakiy (M.??)
2010/11: M4E.7

MANN, Stewart A. (M.67)
1967/68: M3E.C
1969/70: M2E

MANNERS, J. Ben (M.97)
1997/98: M3T, M1E.4
1998/99: M1E.4

MANNING, Sarah R. (M.??)
2006/07: W2E.2

MANSON, Nigel (M.91)
1991/92: M2T, M1E.2
1992/93: M1T.B, M5E.2

MARCUS, Erica (M.07)
2009/10: W1E.4, M4E.2

MARKANTONIS, Constantine G.
2016/17: MNA8

MARKHAM, S. F. (M.22)
1921/22: M1T, M1E.5

MARKS, Andrew M. H. (M.88)
1988/89: M5E

MARKS, Crispin J. (M.79)
1979/80: M6E.B
1980/81: M1T.3, M1E.3
1981/82: M2T.S, M5E
1982/83: M1T.3, M1E.S, Secretary
1983/84: M1T.7, Secretary
1984/85: M8E
1987/88: M3E

MARPLES, Paul N. C. (M.81)
1981/82: M7E

MARQUIS, Zan (M.82)
1982/83: M2T.3, M2E.B

MARSH, David C. (M.78)
1976/77: M2E.6
1977/78: M2E.6
1978/79: M3E.6

MARSH, John (M.??)
HT1929 M18, TT1929 M18
TT1930 M18, Secretary

MARSH Sarah M. H. (M.15)
2015/16: WNC8, W2T.3

MARSHALL, Charlotte (M.10)
2010/11: WNA8, OUWBC Trials, W1E.S
2011/12: Osiris, W1E.6

MARSHALL, Robin L. (M.64)
1965/66: M5E

MARSON, Alexandra K. (M.86)
1986/87: W3E
1987/88: W2T, W2E
1988/89: W2T, W1E.2*

MARTIN, Bluebell (M.94)
1994/95: WS4, W1T.2, W1E.sub
1995/96: W1T.7, W1E.7*, Women's Vice-Captain
1996/97: W1T.7

MARTIN, Derek A. S. (M.42)
1943/44: M1T.S
1945/46: M1T.B, M1E.B

MARTIN, E. N. (M.??)
1920/21: M1T.4, M1E.S
1921/22: M1E.6
1922/23: M1E, Treasurer

MARTIN, F. R. (M.??)
1954/55: M3E

MARTIN, Ian G. (M.71)
1971/72: M2E
1972/73: M2T.7, M1E.B
1973/74: M3E

MARTIN, Ian M. (M.68)
1969/70: M1T, M1E.6
1970/71: M3E

MARTIN, R. H. (M.??)
1948/49: M3E*
1949/50: M4E*
1950/51: M4E

MARTINEZ, Michelle (M.??)
1988/89: W2E

MARTINOVIC, Katarina (M.??)
2014/15: W2E.B

MARVIN, Timothy G. R. (M.83)
1983/84: M4T, M1E.5
1984/85: M5E.6

MARX, Peter G. (M.66)
1966/67: M2E
1967/68: M2T.3, M1E.2
1968/69: M2E
1970/71: M2T*, M1E.2
1971/72: M1T.S

MASON, Benjamin A. (M.81)
1981/82: M4T.B

MASON, Karen S. (M.81)
1981/82: W1T.4, W2E
1982/83: W1T.5, W1E.7
1983/84: W1T, W1E.6

MASRI, Farid N. (M.62)
1962/63: M4E

MASSIMINO, Brian (M.97)
1997/98: M4T

MASSON, Leo L. (M.05)
2005/06: MNA8, M2T.5, M2E.3
2006/07: M1T.3, M3E.B, Treasurer, Men's Captain

MASSON, Philip (M.97)
1998/99: M6E
1999/00: MJ8

MASTEKA, Abigail (M.??)
1996/97: W3T, W3E

MATHEWS, David N. (M.04)
2004/05: MNA8, M2T.B, M1E.3
2005/06: Men's Vice-Captain

MATHIE, Alister (M.08)
2008/09: MNC8, M1T.4, M1E.4
2011/12: M3T.6

MATHYS, Claire A. (M.03)
2004/05: W2E.6

MATTHAI, Lena (M.03)
2003/04: MND8 [sic], W1T.4
2004/05: W1T.3, W1E.5, Women's Vice-Captain

MATTHEWS, Hubert S. (M.29)
HT1930 M18c, TT1930 M18c
HT1932 M18c, TT1932 M18c
TT1933 M18c

MATTHEWS, W. H. Mervyn (M.55)
1955/56: M2T

MATTHEWS, Reginald J. (M.79)
1980/81: M4E

MATTIS, Katia K. (M.13)
2013/14: WNA8, W2T.6, W2E.5
2014/15: W3E.B*

MAUNDER, D. Charles (M.81)
1981/82: M4T.5, M7E

MAUNDER, David J. (M.86)
1986/87: M3T, M5E

MAUTZ, Theodora T. (M.??)
2017/18: W2E.3

MAXWELL, Clive A. (M.89)
1989/90: M4E
1990/91: M3E
1991/92: M2T

MAYBANK, Liam J. B. (M.89)
1991/92: M2T

MAYER Elisabeth S. (M.15)
2015/16: WNA8

MAYTHER, Delphi L. (M.??)
2016/17: W2E.sub

MAZUR, Tomasz K. (M.03)
2003/04: MND8

MAZZOLA, Ludovico (M.96)
1996/97: MN8, M2T.4, M2E.2

McCAFFERY, Christian A. (M.12)
2012/13: M1T.7, M1E.7

McCARTHY, G. (M.??)
1963/64: M5E

McCARTHY, Madeleine (M.16)
2017/18: W1T.C, W1E.C

McCARTHY, Shane D.
2018/19: MNA8, M1T.5, M1E.6
2019/20: Men's Co-Captain
2020/21: OUBC Trials, M1T.4, Men's Lower Boats Co-Captain
2021/22: M1T.6, M1E.6

McCARTY, Taylor (M.??)
2010/11: M4E.4

McCLOSKEY, Christopher S. (M.04)
2004/05: MNC8, M3T.B

McCORKELL, Fergus (M.09)
2009/10: MNB8

McCULLOUGH, Corey (M.98)
1998/99: MNC8

McCULLOUGH, Phillip S. B. (M.08)
2008/09: MNB8, M2T.2, M2E.S
2009/10: M2T.S, M2E.S, M3E.C, Men's Captain
2010/11: WNA8.C, M2T.C*, M2E.C, Captain of Coxes
2011/12: M2T.S, Captain of Coxes
2012/13: M3T.4
2017/18: W2E.sub

McCURRACH, Peter (M.07)
2007/08: MNB8
2008/09: M3E.2

McDONALD, ? (M.??)
TT1932 M18?

McDONALD, M. J. A. (M.??)
1961/62: M3E.C
1962/63: M3E.C
1964/65: M3E.C

McDONALD, Victoria H. (M.01)
2003/04: WNA8
2004/05: W2T.5

McELREA, Simon (M.90)
1991/92: M2E.5

McEWAN, R. K. (M.??)
TT1940 M28c

McGARRY, Brynne M. (M.??)
2011/12: WNB8

McGILVRAY, Matthew (M.09)
2009/10: M4E.B
2010/11: M3T.5, M3E.S
2011/12: M3T.7, M3E.S
2012/13: M3T.5, M2E.5
2013/14: M2T.6

McGOURAN, Daniel R. B. (M.99)
1999/00: MNB8, M2T, M2E.3

McGOVERN, Morgan B. (M.17)
2017/18: OUWBC, W1E.5, M2E.C

McGRATH, Anthony M. (M.86)
1987/88: M5E

McGUIGAN, Alison P. (M.96)
1999/00: W2E.2

McGUIRK, Anna (M.00)
2001/02: MNB8.C, W3E.S

McGUIRL, Lauren (M.03)
2003/04: WNA8, W2E.6
2004/05: W2T.6, Women's Captain of Lower Boats

McHALE, Lindsay (M.95)
1995/96: WN8, W2T.6

McHALE, Philip J. (M.66)
1970/71: M4E
1971/72: M4E

McINERNEY, James E. (M.02)
2003/04: MNA8, M1T.B, M1E.B

McINTYRE, Kathleen (M.??)
1996/97: W3E

McKAY, Rachel R. (M.83)
1983/84: W2T.B, W3E.7
1984/85: W1E.B
1986/87: W1T, W1E, Women's Captain

McKEEMAN, E. W. (M.??)
HT1927 M18

McKENNA, Peter G. (M.12)
2012/13: M3E.5

McKENZIE, Andrew (M.78)
1978/79: M5E.3
1979/80: M2T.B, M2E.B
1980/81: M3E.B

McKEOWN, Ross A. J. (M.94)
1997/98: M6E.S

McKLEE, R. (M.??)
1930/31: M1E.7

McLAREN, Laura (M.09)
2009/10: W2E.6
2010/11: W2T.6, W2E.6

McMULLEN, Ed (M.95)
1996/97: M3E.5

MEADS, S. (M.??)
1972/73: M2T.6, M2E

MEE, James (M.03)
2003/04: MNC8
2005/06: M2T.6, M2E.6

MEEHAN, Brendan R.
2018/19: MNA8, M2T.6, M2E.4

MEEHAN, John D. (M.98)
1998/99: M6E

MEGSON, Angela (M.77)
1977/78: W1E.2
1978/79: W1E.S, Women's Vice-Captain
1980/81: W1E.B
1981/82: W1E.3
1982/83: W1E.4

MEGYERI, Adam (M.16)
2016/17: MNA8, M2T.7, M2E.B*
2017/18: M2T.S, M2E.S, Social Secretary

MEHR Leo J. (M.14)
2014/15: MNA8, M1T.3

MEHTA, Namita (M.01)
2001/02: WNB8

MEHTA, Shruti (M.01)
2001/02: WNB8

MEISTER, Kristin A. (M.98)
1998/99: WNB8

MEKRUT, Bill (M.??)
1997/98: M5T, M5E.3

MELLER, David B. (M.84)
1984/85: M2T, M2E.3*
1986/87: M4E

MELLOR, John M. (M.56)
1957/58: M1E.C

MELLORS, Elisabeth B. (M.89)
1990/91: W4E

MELNIK Andrey (M.??)
2014/15: M3E.3

MELROSE, H. R. (M.??)
TT1932 M28
1933/34: M1E
HT1935 M18

MELVIN, Robin G. (M.78)
1980/81: M3E.5

MENDOZA, Christian (M.97)
1997/98: M5T, M5E.6

MENZIES, Jamie (M.05)
2005/06: M3E.3
2006/07: M3E.5

MENZIES, R. (M.??)
1950/51: M4E
1951/52: M3E

MERGENTHALER, Matthias (M.15)
2016/17: OUBC Trials, M1T.B, M1E.7*
2017/18: M1T.S, M3E.sub

METCALFE, R. J. A. (M.??)
1959/60: M3E

MEYJES, C. R. L. (M.??)
1961/62: M5E

MICHEL, Kenneth G. (M.39)
TT1940 M28

MIDDLETON, R. W. T. (M.??)
HT1910 M18
HT1911 M18, TT1911 M18

MIDDLETON, Sarah E. (M.82)
1983/84: W2E.4

MIFSUD, Mark C. C. (M.87)
1987/88: M3T, M4E
1988/89: M2T

MILES, Robert W. (M.88)
1988/89: M3E
1989/90: M3E

MILLAR, Jordan (M.09)
2009/10: MNB8, MNC8

MILLER, Esther R.
2002/03: WNA8

MILLER, G. F. (M.??)
1933/34: M1T.B, M2E.B
HT1935 M18

MILLER, J. G. (M.??)
HT1927 M18
TT1929 M18

MILLER, Peter D. (M.65)
1965/66: Isis
1966/67: OUBC

MILLICAN, Helen (M.86)
1986/87: W2E
1987/88: W2T, W2E

MILLMORE, Martin J. (M.89)
1989/90: M3E
1990/91: M2E

MILLS, David J. (M.83)
1984/85: M7E

MILLS, Sandra M. (M.82)
1982/83: M1E.C

MILLWARD, Abigail (M.08)
2008/09: WNA8, W2E.4

MINARD, A. E. (M.??)
1906/07: M1T.7

MINER, Grace E. (M.21)
2021/22: WNA8.5, W2T.S, W2E.3

MIODOWNIK, Mark A. (M.88)
1988/89: M4T, M3E
1989/90: M2E

MIRON, Paul J. (M.84)
1984/85: M4T, M3E.7
1985/86: M1T, M1E.B
1986/87: M1T, M1E
1987/88: M1T.7

MISHOR, Zevic (M.08)
2008/09: MNA8, M2E.2
2009/10: M2T.6, M2E.4, Men's Vice-Captain

MISTRY, Shilan (M.08)
2008/09: MNA8, M3T.5, M2E.3

MITCHELL, Andrew J. (M.85)
1985/86: M3T, M3E.4
1986/87: M2T*, M2E
1988/89: M3T, M6E.sub

MITCHELL, Anthony E. (M.78)
1978/79: M5E.2
1979/80: M2T.2, M2E.2
1980/81: M1T.4, Secretary
1981/82: Isis, M1E.S, Men's Captain

MITCHELL, Bruce E. (M.54)
1956/57: M2T, M2E
1957/58: M2T, M3E, Secretary
1958/59: M1T, M1E.S

1976/77: M5E.2

MITCHELL, John C. (M.89)
1989/90: M1E.4
1992/93: M1E.5
1993/94: M1T.5, M1E.7
1994/95: M1T.5

MITCHELL, Nelson (M.??)
1998/99: M2E

MITRA, M. L. (M.??)
1930/31: M2E.C
TT1932 M18?

MITTAL, Ravi S (M.92)
1992/93: M4E.7
1993/94: M2E.2

MOELVIG, Stephan (M.05)
2005/06: OUBC Trials, M1E.2*

MOFFATT, James M. (M.98)
1998/99: M5E

MOFFATT, Peter J. (M.65)

MOFFITT, Douglas (M.65)
1965/66: M4E

MOK, Kirstie (M.10)
2011/12: WNA8.C, Captain of Coxes

HT1913 M18

MOLYNEUX, Brian (M.96)
1996/97: M5E
1997/98: M4E.5

MOMS, G. S. (M.??)
1935/36: M1E

MONEY, Nic J. (M.60)
1960/61: M3E.C
1963/64: M4E.C

MONGER, Laura A. R. (M.79)
1979/80: W3E.2
1980/81: W2T.B, W3E.S, Secretary

2006/07: M1T.2, M1E.2
2007/08: M1T.B, M1E.2, M3E.C, M4E.C, Men's Captain
2008/09: M1T.B, W3T.C*, Men's President

MONK Angharad (M.14)
2014/15: WNB8, W1T.2, W2E.S

MONK, Olivia
2016/17: WNB8

MONNOYEUR, Daphne M. D. (M.??)
2005/06: WN8

MONRO, Alexander K. (M.86)
1986/87: M3T, M3E

MONTONARO, Patrick P. (M.77)
1978/79: M4E.3

MONTEATH, Thomas (M.07)
2007/08: MNB8

MOODIE, A. W. (M.??)
HT1910 M18
TT1911 M18, Captain

MOON, Kyung-Mi (M.02)
2002/03: W2T.B

MOONEY, Josette H. (M.74)
1974/75: M1T.C, M1E.C, Hon. Bargee
1975/76: M1T.C, M1E.C, Treasurer
1976/77: M1T.C, W1E.6, M5E.C

MOORCRAFT, Gerald W. (M.55)
1956/57: M2T
1957/58: M2T, M3E

MOORE, Andrew Q. S. (M.71)
1972/73: M2T.C, M3E.C

MOORE, Helena (M.07)
2007/08: WNA8, W2T.4, W2E.3
2008/09: W3T.3*, W2E.3

MOORE, Hugh D. (M.55)
1956/57: M2T.C, M2E.C
1957/58: M1T.C, M2T, M3E.C
1958/59: M2T, M1E.C, M2E, Secretary
1959/60: M1T, M4E, Captain
1960/61: M1T

MOORE, Johanna C. (M.01)
2001/02: WNB8

MOORE, Kane P. (M.??)
2004/05: MNA8, M3T.7

MOORE, Kenny (M.??)
1996/97: M5E
1997/98: M4E.3

MOORE, Lucy A. (M.86)
1987/88: W2E
1988/89: W1T, W4E
1989/90: W5E*

MOORE, R. C. (M.??)
HT1911 M18
1912 Secretary
HT1914 M18

MOORE, Robert (M.07)
2007/08: MNB8, M3E.2

MOORHEAD, Elizabeth D. (M.89)
1989/90: W3E
1990/91: W4E

MOORHOUSE, Saul J. (M.05)
2006/07: MNB8

MORABITO, David (M.??)
2007/08: M3E.4

MOREHEAD, Hannah (M.??)
2011/12: WNA8

MORGAN, Gareth (M.09)
2009/10: OULRC Trials, M1E.B
2010/11: M1E.sub

MORGAN, Joshua (M.10)
2010/11: MNB8, M2T.B*, M2E.B, M3E.C
2011/12: MNA.C, M2T.B, M4T.C, W1E.C, M3E.B, Captain of Lower Boats
2012/13: M3T.2, W1T.C*, W1E.C, Captain of Coxes
2013/14: M2T.C

MORGAN, Marc W. (M.78)
1979/80: M5T, M5E.2

MORGAN, Nicola (M.91)
1991/92: W3E.B

MORGAN, Peter (M.??)
2011/12: MNA8, M2T.7, M2E.S
2012/13: M2T.S, M2E.2
2013/14: M2T.S, M2E.S

MORGAN, Simon J. N. (M.75)
1976/77: M1E.4*
1977/78: M3E.6*

MORINIS, Julia (M.??)
2002/03: W2T.4

MORISON, Hugh (M.62)
1962/63: M5E

MORLAND, Peter D. (M.95)
1995/96: MN8.C, W2T.C, M3E.C
1996/97: M3T.C
1997/98: M3T.C
1998/99: M1E.C

MORLEY, Robert J. M. (M.59)
1959/60: M3E
1960/61: M2T, M2E
1961/62: M4E

MORRIS, David J. (M.57)
1957/58: M2T, M2E
1958/59: M1T, M2E
1960/61: M2E
1961/62: M4E

MORRIS, David R. C. (M.40)
TT1941 M18

MORRIS, G. S. (M.??)
1935/36: M1T.3

MORRIS, J. (M.??)
1955/56: M2E
1956/57: M1T*, M1E.4
1957/58: M3E
1958/59: M4E*

MORRIS, N. (M.??)
1979/80: M5T, M6E.C
1980/81: M4E.C

MORRIS, Katherine L. (M.86)
1986/87: W1T, W1E
1987/88: W1T.5, W1E.6, Women's Captain
1988/89: W1T, W4E

MORRISEY, Hannah (M.17)
2017/18: WNA8.sub, W2T.7, W2E.7, W1E.sub
2018/19: W1T.5*, W1E.3, Treasurer
2019/20: Osiris.B
2019/20: Women's Lower Boats Co-Captain

MORRISH, C. James W. (M.89)
1989/90: M3E
1990/91: M1T.2, M1E.2, W3E.C

MORRISON, George A. (M.41)
1941/42: M1E.4
MT1942 MJ4, HT1943 M18, TT1943 M18, Treasurer
1943/44: Secretary
1946/47: M1E.2, Treasurer
1947/48: M1E.4

MORRISON, Heather G. (M.91)
1991/92: W2E.6

MORRISON, M. B. (M.??)
1952/53: M3E

1984/85: M7E

MOSER, Dominik (M.??)
2005/06: M1T.3, M2E.5

MOSHER, Mary-Anne (M.97)
1997/98: WNB8

MOSS, Nicholas (M.08)
2008/09: MNA8, M2T.7

MOSSFELDT, Carl (M.94)
1994/95: MN8, M2T, M2E.7
1995/96: M2E.3*

MOUSSA, Gabriel (M.16)
2016/17: Pemb/Catz MN8, M2T.4, M2E.2*

MOWBRAY, Matthew G. H. (M.90)
1990/91: M1T.3, M1E.3
1991/92: M1T.3, M1E.3, Men's Captain
1992/93: M1T.7

MUCHMORE, Mary-Elizabeth (M.00)
2000/01: W2T, W2E.3

MUDD-SIMMONS, William (M.09)
2009/10: MNC8

MUEHLEBACH, Michael D. (M.98)
1998/99: MNB8, M2T.B*

MUELLER Tanja (M.15)
2015/16: WNC8

MUIR, Andrew (M.??)
1982/83: M3T.B, M4E.2
1983/84: M3T, M2E.B
1984/85: M8E

MUIR, Judd W. J. (M.89)
1989/90: M4E

MUIR*, Robin (M.12)
2012/13: M1T.S, M1E.S, M3E.C
2013/14: M1T.S, M1E.S, Men's Captain
2014/15: Men's President

MULCAHY, R. (M.??)
1964/65: M5E

MULE, Gina (M.09)
2009/10: WNA8

MULHOLLAND, William J. (M.00)
2000/01: M2E.3
2001/02: OULRC, M1E.7, Captain of Lower Boats
2002/03: M1E.7
2003/04: OULRC Trials, M1E.2

1961/62: M2E

1959/60: M3E

MULLIN, Anthony S. J. (M.06)
2006/07: Isis, M1E.7
2007/08: Isis, M1E.4

MUNDAY, G. (M.??)
1974/75: M3E.3

MUNOZ, Michaelanne
2003/04: WNA8

MURAKAMI, Tetsuya (M.??)
2005/06: MNC8

MURPHY, Brendan (M.65)
1965/66: M4E

MURPHY, David (M.??)
1975/76: M3E

MURPHY Francesca L. (M.14)
2014/15: WNA8

MURPHY, John (M.71)
1972/73: M3E

MURPHY, Katie (M.06)
2006/07: W2E.4

MURPHY, Mary-Rose (M.81)
1981/82: W1T.6, W1E.2

MURPHY, Peter D. (M.95)
1995/96: MN8, M2T.B, M3E.2*
1996/97: M1T.B, M2E.7, Secretary
1997/98: MS4, M2E.B
1998/99: MA4, MC4.C, MNA8.C, M1T.B*, M2T.C*, M1E.B, M4E.C, Men's Captain

MURPHY, Robin V. W. (M.63)
1963/64: M5E

MURRAY, C. D. R. (M.??)
1922/23: M1T.B
1923/24: M1T, M1E.B
1924/25: M1T.C, M1E.C
1925/26: M1E.C

MURRAY, David C. (M.72)
1973/74: M2T.3, M1E.B

MURRELL, Ali (M.95)
1996/97: M3E.4

MUSCHAMP, C. B. (M.??)
1925/26: M2E.4

MYCHALECKYJ, Josyf C. (M.81)
1981/82: M3T.5, M3E
1982/83: M2E.7
1983/84: M4T
1984/85: M5T, M8E

MYERSCOUGH, Paul M. (M.86)
1986/87: M2T*, M2E
1987/88: M2E
1988/89: M3T, M6E.2*

MYSLIWIEC, Christian J. (M.??)
2005/06: MNB8

2003/04: M4E.C

NAILOR, Jane A. (M.82)
1983/84: W1T, W1E.4
1984/85: W3E.3

NAIR, Kamala (M.01)
2001/02: WNB8

NALEBUFF, Barry J. (M.79)
1979/80: M5T

NANJUWANY, Nadeem (M.07)
2007/08: MNC8
2008/09: M3E.3

2017/18: MNB8, M2T.7, M2E.2
2018/19: M2T.7, Social Secretary

NASH, Fleur (M.12)
2012/13: M1E.C
2013/14: M1T.C, M1E.C, Captain of Coxes

NATALI, Giuliano (M.16)
2017/18: MNB8, M4E.7
2018/19: M3T.3, M2E.2

NATH, Raghuveer (M.20)
2020/21: M2T.4

NEALE, Mark (M.82)
1982/83: M3T.5
1983/84: M3T, M2E.3, W4E.C
1984/85: M5E

NEAVE, C. A. (G.A.?)
1919/20: OUBC Trials

NEAVE, Mark R. (M.87)
1987/88: M2T, M2E
1988/89: M1T.3, M1E.3, Men's Vice-Captain
1989/90: M5E*
1990/91: M1T.7

NEEDHAM, Michael J. (M.80)
1980/81: M5E.S
1981/82: M2T.2, M2E.2
1982/83: M3E

NEEVE, C. A. (M.??)
1918/19: Secretary
1920 Vice-Captain
1920/21: M1E.5, Captain
1921/22: M1E.7

NELMES, Albert W. (M.42)
MT1942 MN14, HT1943 M18

NELSON, ? (M.??)

NEMETH, Miriam (M.04)
2004/05: WNA8, W2T.2, M3T.C, W2E.5

NEO, Wei Ming (M.86)
1987/88: M4E

NERSESSIAN, David L. (M.??)
1999/00: MJ8, MNB8

NESOM, Andrew M. (M.82)
1983/84: M4E.5

NESS, Molly (M.97)
1997/98: WNA8

NESTOR, Pauline A. (M.79)
1978/79: W4E.5

NEVIASKI, Louis-Marie (M.17)
2017/18: MNB8, M4E.5

NEVILLE, Isobel (M.07)
2008/09: W4E.5

NEVILLE, P. W. (M.??)
1965/66: M2E.C
1968/69: M2E.C

NEWBOULD, Cecilia (M.94)
1994/95: WN8, W2T, W1E.2
1995/96: W3E.2

NEWBURY, Charlotte (M.95)
1995/96: MN8.C

NEWELL, W. H. (M.??)
1946/47: M1E.3

1927/28: OUBC Trials

NEWMAN, Eloise F. (M.21)
2021/22: W2T.C

NEWMAN, James (M.10)
2010/11: M3T.4

NEWMAN, Nicholas K. (M.61)
1961/62: M1T.3
1963/64: M6E

NEWMAN, A. Paul (M.77)
1979/80: M7E

NEWPORT, Hellen M. (M.83)
1983/84: W2T.4, W2E.3
1984/85: W1T.2, W1E.6
1985/86: W1T, W1E.S

NEWTON, Alice H. (M.04)
2004/05: W2E.S
2005/06: W1T.4, W1E.6

NEWTON, George W. (M.18)
2018/19: MNA8, M2T.4, M2E.6

NEWTON, James E. C. (M.99)
2000/01: M2E.4

NEWTON, Laura (M.07)
2007/08: W1T.7*, W1E.5

NEWTON, Stephanie (M.08)
2008/09: WNA8, W2T.4, W3E.S

NG, M. (M.??)
1983/84: W3E.2

NG, P. Chung (M.05)
2006/07: WNB8.C

NICE, Philip R. (M.81)
1981/82: M4E.4
1982/83: M3T.4, M2E.2
1983/84: M4T, M3E.S

NICHOLAS, Ian (M.76)
1977/78: M6E
1978/79: M3E

NICHOLS, Colin B. (M.56)
1956/57: M1T*, M1E.7
1957/58: M1T, M1E.5
1958/59: M4E.C*

NICHOLS, J. J. (M.??)
1967/68: M3E

NICKOLS, Christopher H. (M.??)
1965/66: M1E.2
1966/67: M1T, M1E.2
1967/68: M2T.2

NICOLAE, Daniel S. (M.07)
2007/08: MNC8, M2T.B, M3E.B

NICOLL, Andrew J. (M.88)
1988/89: W2E.C
1989/90: W3E.C

NIEMANN, Stewart H. (M.75)
1977/78: M6E

1925/26: M2E.5

NIERADKA, Tracy L. (M.??)
2011/12: WNB8

NOEL, Marcel P. (M.39)
TT1940 M18
1945/46: M1E.5

NOEL SMITH, Roger (M.71)
1971/72: M2E

NOLL, Sonja G. (M.??)
2011/12: WNC8

NOMURA, C. (M.??)
1957/58: M1T, M1E.2

NORBURY, Christopher J. (M.79)
1979/80: M5T

NORMAN, Kate (M.??)
1992/93: W3E.7

NORRIS, J. Geraint (M.76)
1977/78: M4E

NORTHEY, W. E. (M.??)
1918/19: M1T.3, Treasurer

NORTON, H. (M.??)
1886 M4

NORTZ, Bonnie R. (M.13)
2013/14: W1T.6, W1E.S

NTENTAS, Georgios (M.14)
2014/15: M1T.7, M1E.3
2015/16: M1T.S, M1E.B, Men's Captain
2016/17: M2E.6*, President
2017/18: M2T.sub, M3E.5*

NTIRIWAA, Amma (M.??)
2003/04: W3E.3

NUTT, Edward (M.10)
2010/11: MNB8.sub, M4E.2
2011/12: M4T.2, M2E.6
2012/13: M2T.B

NUTT, Nicholas R. (M.60)
1960/61: M3E
1961/62: M2T, M2E
1962/63: M2E*

NUTTER, R. (M.??)
1977/78: M6E

NYE, Kirsten A-M. (M.76)
1978/79: W1E.4

O'BRIEN, H. (M.??)
1954/55: M2E

O'CONNOR, Daniel (M.??)
2010/11: M3E.B

O'CONNOR, John J. (M.64)
1965/66: M4E

O'CONNOR, Lucas C. A. (M.??)
2006/07: MNA8

OCKWELL, Anna (M.07)
2008/09: W4E.6

O'DONNELL, Martyn P. (M.97)
1997/98: MNB8, M4T
1998/99: M1T.2*, M2E
1999/00: M3T

O'DRISCOLL, Keelin K. M. (M.97)
1997/98: WNC8, W3T, W3E.S
1998/99: W2E.C, M6E
1999/00: WA4.C, WS8.C

OETKEN, Jonas (M.03)
2003/04: MNA8, M2E.B

O'KEEFE, Erin (M.98)
1998/99: WNA8

2008/09: M4E.4

O'MALLEY, Brian (M.95)
1996/97: M2T.6

O'REILLY, J. (M.??)
1964/65: M5E

OBER, Ralph (M.76)
1976/77: M2E.S
1977/78: M5E.S
1978/79: M3E.3

OBERMAYER M. Louise (M.15) [S]
2015/16: WNB8

OBHOLZER, Rupert J. (M.88)
1989/90: OUBC
1990/91: OUBC

OFNER, J. A. S. (M.??)
1959/60: M2T, M2E
1960/61: M4E

OGLE, Andrew J. (M.80)
1980/81: M5E.4
1981/82: M4T.2, M3E

OLIVER, Kate E. (M.88)
1988/89: W3E

OLSEN, Jemma L. (M.00)
2001/02: W2E.4

OLUMIDE, A. (M.??)
1949/50: M2T, M3E.4

ONG, Nina C-F. (M.92)
1992/93: W2E.2

ONSLOW, Frederica (M.12)
2012/13: W3E.2

ORCHARD, William R. H. (M.59)
1959/60: M2T, M2E
1961/62: M4E

ORELLANA, Pablo G. (M.03)
2003/04: MND8

ORTIZ, Liz (M.89)
1989/90: W4E
1990/91: M2E.C

OSBORN, Anthony (M.96)
1996/97: M3E.B

OSBORN, Simon D. (M.87)
1987/88: M3T, M4E
1988/89: M2T, M2E

OSBORNE, Emma L. (M.18)
2018/19: WNA8

OSBORNE, James (M.98)
1999/00: M3E

OSMOND, W. P. (M.??)
1918/19: M1T.2, Captain
1919/20: OUBC Trials

O'SULLIVAN, Fergus H. U. (M.??)
2005/06: M3E.6

OWEN, Matthew J. (M.87)
1987/88: M4E

OWEN, W. L. (M.??)
HT1929 M18

OWENS, Chris (M.90)
1990/91: M1T.B, M1E.B
1991/92: M1T.B, M1E.B, Men's Vice-Captain
1992/93: M1T.2, M5E.B

OWENS, Elizabeth A.
2003/04: MND8 [sic]

OXENBURY, Elizabeth J. (M.80)
1981/82: W2T.S, W2E
1982/83: W1T.4
1983/84: W1T, W1E.5, Women's Captain

OZSANLAV, Richard (M.87)
1987/88: M3T, M2E
1988/89: M2T, M1E.4
1989/90: M5E*

PAGE, T. G. (M.??)
1963/64: M3E

PAILTHORPE, Edward P. W. (M.97)
1997/98: MNB8, M4T
1998/99: M3E

PAINTON, G. S. (M.??)
1943/44: M1T.3, M1E
1945 Secretary

PALACIOS, Maria (M.07)
2007/08: WNB8, W1T.2*, W1E.2

PALAZZOLO, Chris (M.97)
1997/98: M1T.3, M2E.7

2021/22: MNB8.sub, M3T.7

PALMER, Claire A. C.
2005/06: W1E.B

PALMER, Tanya V. (M.02)
2002/03: M3E.C

PANOV, Andrey (M.08)
2008/09: MNA8, M3E.B

PANTER-BRICK, Catherine (M.??)
1978/79: W4E.7
1979/80: W1T.5, W1E.5
1980/81: W1T.7, W1E.7, Women's Captain
1984/85: W1T.6

PAOLI, Pierre J. (M.91)
1991/92: M2T, M1E.5

1997/98: MNA8, M2T

van PARIDON, Andrew (M.??)
2013/14: MNA8, M2T.4, M2E.5

PARISH, A. F. (M.??)
1963/64: M3E
1964/65: M2E

PARK, Jennie (M.??)
1999/00: W3T

PARK, Laurie E.
2003/04: WNA8

PARKER, Adam C. W. (M.83)
1984/85: M5T, M5E.7

PARKER, E. H. (M.??)
1933/34: M1T.6, M2E.6
1934/35: M1E.6

PARKER, Scott (M.90)
1990/91: M2E
1991/92: M2T, M2E.6

PARKER, Travis (M.08)
2008/09: MNC8, M3T.6

PARKER, W. (M.??)
1955/56: M1T, M2E
1956/57: M2E, Treasurer

PARKER-JERVIS, Edward C. (M.78)
1978/79: M1T.6, M1E.2
1979/80: M1T, M1E.S, Men's Captain
1980/81: M1T.S

TT1940 M28

PARKIN, Fiona E. (M.77)
1977/78: W2E.2

PARKIN, Ian S. (M.51)
1951/52: M1T, Secretary
1952/53: Captain

PARRY, ?. (M.??)
1918/19: Captain

PARRY, Benjamin C. (M.95)
1996/97: MN8, M2T.5, M4E
1998/99: MC4, M2T.6*, M2E

PARTINGTON, Hannah C. (M.??)
2014/15: W3E.3*

PASSMAN, Matthew (M.07)
2007/08: MNB8
2008/09: M4E.6

PASVOL, Geoffrey (M.74)
1974/75: M3E.6

PATCHING, Rowan G. (M.21)
2021/22: MNA8.6

PATIL, Pawan
1989/90: W2E.C

TT1914 M18

PATTON, Rev. J. V. (M.??)
1908/09: M1T
HT1911 M18

PAUL, R. S. (M.??)

PAUL DIAZ, Alvaro (M.08)
2008/09: MNA8.sub

PAVRY, William L. (M.61)
1961/62: M1E.2
1962/63: M1E.S, Captain
1963/64: M4E
1964/65: M1E.7

PAYLOR, W. G. (M.??)
TT1932 M28

PAYNE, Andrew (M.85)
1988/89: M4T, M3E

PAYNE, E. J. (M.??)
1908/09: M1E, Captain
1910 Captain

PAYNE, Catherine A. (M.90)
1990/91: M4E.C
1991/92: W1T.C, W1E.C

PAYNE, Janice (M.96)
1996/97: W3T

PEACOCK, Edmund L. (M.00)
2001/02: MNB8,
2003/04: M2T.2, M3E.S

PEAL, Charles P. (M.74)
1976/77: M5E.6

PEARCE, Katherine A. (M.82)
1983/84: W3E.5
1984/85: W3T

PEARS, Katherine (M.11)
2011/12: W1T.6, W1E.4
2012/13: W1T.5*, W1E.7, Women's Joint-Captain of Lower Boats

PEARSON, ? (M.??)
TT1932 M18?

PECKHAM, Grant A. (M.84)
1984/85: M6E.7
1985/86: M4E

PEGG, Tammy J. (M.06)
2006/07: WNB8

PEGLER, Emma S. (M.87)
1987/88: W3E

PEILOW, Gordon A. (M.76)
1976/77: M3E.2
1977/78: M3T.C, M5E.C
1978/79: M3E.C

PEKRIS, Michael J. (M.05)
2005/06: MNC8

PELHAM, Jessica L. (M.89)
1989/90: W1T.C, W1E.C

PENBERTHY Jessica (M.15)
2015/16: WNA8

PENDER, Jon (M.70)
1971/72: M2E

PENKETH, Philip G. (M.76)
1976/77: M3E.B
1977/78: M3T.5, M5E.5

PENNA, Joe (M.97)
1997/98: M6E.4

PENNELLS, Andrew M. (M.86)
1986/87: M5E
1987/88: M2E
1988/89: M3T, M6E.B*

2022/23: MNA8.B

PERONTO, Phoebe (M.10)
2010/11: WNB8

PERRINS, Charles J. (M.02)
2002/03: MNB8, M2T.4, M2E.2
2003/04: M2T.5

PERRINS, Matthew W. D. (M.06)
2007/08: M4E.6

PERRY, Nick C. (M.76)
1977/78: M3T.S, M5E.4
1978/79: M3E.2

PESCH, Josef W. (M.84)
1984/85: M7E

PETER, J. (M.??)
1959/60: M2T, M3E
1960/61: M3E

PETERS, Richard B. (M.82)
1982/83: M2T.6, M2E.6
1983/84: M2T.S, Men's Vice-Captain
1984/85: M1T.7*, M1E.7, Men's Captain

PETERSON, Bradley S. (M.81)
1981/82: M7E

PETIT, Raphaelle M. J. (M.16)
2016/17: WNB8, W2E.sub

PETRIDES, John (M.97)
1997/98: M5T, M5E.S

PETRIE, Donald C. (M.77)
1977/78: M6E
1978/79: M6E.2

PETRILLI, Danielle P. (M.??)
2004/05: MNB8.C

PETTMAN, Ian M. B. (M.70)
1970/71: M2T*, M2E*
1971/72: M1T.C, M1E.C
1972/73: M3T.3, M2E

PHELAN, Michael J. (M.59)
1959/60: M3E

PHELPS, Paul (M.07)
2009/10: MNA8, M3T.B, M3E.5

PHILIPP, Margherita (M.09)
2009/10: W2T.5, W2E.5
2010/11: W2T.sub, W1E.5

PHILLIPS, A. J. (M.??)
HT1927 M18
HT1928 M18, TT1928 M18

PHILLIPS, Christopher (M.67)
1969/70: M4E

PHILLIPS, John C. (M.70)
1969/70: M2T
1971/72: M4E

PHILLIPS, John L. (M.65)
1965/66: M2E

PHILLIPS, Leslie S. (M.??)
1949/50: M2T, M3E.7
1950/51: M1T, M2E
1951/52: M1T, M3E

PHILLIPS, Oliver N. (M.04)
2004/05: M2T.3, M1E.B
2005/06: M3E.S

PHILLIPS, Sian (M.77)
1978/79: W1E.2

PHILLIS, Ben (M.92)
1993/94: M3E.B
1994/95: M3E

PHILPOTT, A. J. (M.??)
1948/49: M2T, M2E

PHILPOTT, Victoria (M.04)
2004/05: W2E.4

PIAZZA, Michael (M.??)
1998/99: M3E

PICCINI, Enrico (M.98)
1998/99: MNB8

PICKTHALL, Alice (M.13)
2013/14: WNA8, W1T.4, W1E.4
2014/15: W3E.4*, Women's Joint-Captain of Lower Boats
2015/16: W2T.S

PICKUP, Peter G. (M.75)
1979/80: M5T, M5E.3
1980/81: M5E.B

PIENAAR, W. J. B. (M.??)
1925/26: M1T, M2E.7

PIERCE, Katharine C. (M.02)
2002/03: W2T.7, W1E.2
2003/04: W1T.S, W2T.C, W1E.S, M2E.C, Women's Captain
2004/05: MNA8.C, W1T.7, M2T.C, W1E.7
2006/07: W1T.5, M2E.C, W1E.5

PIERCE, Nicola J. (M.04)
2004/05: W2E.3

PIERCY, Catherine E. (M.01)
2002/03: W3E.2

PILCHER, Aline M. (M.83)
1983/84: W2E.2
1984/85: W2T
1985/86: W1T, W1E.6

PILCHER, Robin (M.64)
1964/65: M2E

PILKINGTON, Shirley J. (M.79)
1979/80: W2T, W2E.2
1980/81: W3E.2

PINCUS, H. G. (M.??)
1965/66: M2E

PINDER, Charles C. (M.58)
1962/63: M1E.2

PINFOLD, V. J. (M.??)
1972/73: M1T.C, M2E.C

PING, L. S. (M.??)
1899 M18

PING, A. W. (M.??)
HT1911 M18, TT1911 M18

PINNEY, Eleanor (M.09)
2009/10: WNA8, MNC8 [sic]

PINSENT, Matthew (M.89)
1989/90: OUBC
1900/91: OUBC
1992/93: OUBC

PISHKO, Jessica (M.97)
1997/98: WNB8

PITCHER, Elizabeth A. (M.??)
2005/06: WN8

PITT, Fiona (M.08)
2008/09: W3T.2*, W3E.4
2009/10: W2T.6

PITT, Sue (M.??)
1982/83: W1T.B

PITT-FRANCIS, Stephen (M.96)
1996/97: M4E

PITTS, Joe W. (M.80)
1980/81: M5E.3

PLATTS, Helen J. (M.76)
1977/78: W1E.4

PLEASE, Colin P. (M.74)
1974/75: M1E.2
1975/76: M1T, M1E.6
1976/77: M1T.4, M1E.6*
1977/78: M3E.S*

PLEVIN, Michael J. (M.??)
1998/99: M4E

PLOWMAN, Rosalind M. (M.89)
1990/91: W1E.2

PLUMMER, Jack (M.08)
2008/09: M1T.C, M1E.C
2009/10: MS4.C, M1T.C, W1T.C, M1E.C

PLUNKETT, Keith M. S. (M.73)
1973/74: M2E
1974/75: M3E.B

POCKLINGTON, Michael D. (M.70)
1970/71: M1T.7, M1E.7

1957/58: M1T
1960/61: M4E

POINTON, Andrew D. (M.86)
1987/88: M6E

POLACK, Timothy M. (M.91)
1991/92: M3E.7

POLEYKETT, Branwyn (M.??) [B]
2003/04: W3E.5

POLKEY, J. R. (M.??)
1952/53: M3E

POLLON, Derek F. (M.51)
1951/52: M1T, M1E.4
1952/53: M1T, M1E.4

POLONSKY, Leah A. (M.87)
1987/88: W3E
1988/89: W2E


POOLE Jenna M. (M.15)
2015/16: WNB8, W1T.3, W1E.sub
2016/17: W1T.5, W1E.5, Women's Joint-Captain of Lower Boats
2017/18: Women's Vice-Captain

POOLEY, Alice (M.08)
2008/09: W2T.2, W2E.S
2009/10: W1T.2, W1E.2, Captain of Lower Boats

POOLEY, R. A. E. (M.??)
1906/07: M1T.3

POOLMAN, Sarah (M.94)
1994/95: WN8, W2T, W2E.6*
1995/96: W3E.6

POPLETT, Kevin J. (M.81)
1981/82: M3T.2
1982/83: M4T.4*

PORTER, D. (M.??)
1984/85: M3T

POSSENER, Adrian M. (M.83)
1983/84: M5E.3
1984/85: M4E

POTTER, Alison L. (M.82)
1982/83: W2E.2

POTTER, Ruth (M.??)
1981/82: W2T.5

POTTER, Timothy C. S. (M.77)
1977/78: M2E.B
1978/79: M2E.3

POUNTAIN, Andrew (M.??)
2010/11: M4E.3

POWELL, J. C. (M.??)
1933/34: M1E

POWELL, K. A. (M.??)
1935/36: M1E

POWELL, Matthew J. (M.03) [S]
2003/04: MNB8

POWELL, Nicholas J. (M.05)
2005/06: MNA8
2006/07: M1T.5, M1E.3, Men's Vice-Captain

POWER, A. (M.??)
1957/58: M2E
1958/59: M3E

POWER, Katie C. (M.12)
2012/13: W2T.B*, W2E.5, W3E.C
2013/14: WNA8.C, WNB8.C, W1T.B, Women's Joint-Captain of Lower Boats

PRASAD, G. (M.??)
1923/24: M1T

PRESCOTT, Gemma L. (M.96)
1997/98: W3E.5

PRESCOTT, Nicholas J. (M.83)
1983/84: M3T, M4E.2
1984/85: M5E.4

PREST, Simon (M.92)
1992/93: M3E.5

PRICE, B. F. (M.??)
1938/39: M1T.2

PRICE, Peter A. (M.83)
1984/85: M4E

PRICE, Jonathan H. (M.95)
1996/97: M3E.7
1998/99: M3E

PRICE, Willie R. (M.42)
HT1943 M18

PRINCE, David J. (M.78)
1979/80: M6E.7

PRITCHARD, Keith L. (M.82)
1982/83: M2T.2
1983/84: M1T.3, M1E.4
1984/85: M1T.5*, M8E
1985/86: M1T, M1E.6, Men's Captain
1986/87: M1T, M1E
1987/88: M1T.S, M1E.S
1988/89: M1T.6, M1E.6

PRITCHETT, Theodore (M.51)
1951/52: M2T, M2E
1952/53: M1T, M1E.6

PROCTER, Jeremy C. (M.77)
1978/79: M2T.4, M2E.S
1979/80: M4E

PROCTOR, Patrick J. (M.89)
1989/90: M4E

PROSSER, Stephen J. (M.75)
1976/77: M4E.S
1978/79: M2E.4
1979/80: M2T.S, M2E.S
1980/81: M1T.2, M1E.2

1985/86: M3E.2
1986/87: M3E

PRUZINA, Steven P. J. (M.78)
1979/80: M5T, M5E.5
1980/81: M3T.5*
1981/82: M1T.3, M1E.3

1935/36: M2E

PUGH, H. C. (M.??)
1920/21: M1T.3, M1E.B
1921/22: M1E.B
1922/23: M1E, Vice-Captain

PUGH, H. S. (M.??)
1906/07: M1T.S

PULEO, Justin M. (M.03)
2003/04: M1T.S, M1E.5
2005/06: M1E.5*

PULFORD, Richard C. (M.63)
1963/64: M1T.C, M1E.C

PULICE, Aurelien (M.10)
2010/11: MNA8

PULLINGER, Richard M. (M.80)
1981/82: M2T.5, M2E.7
1982/83: M1T.5
1983/84: M1T.6, M1E.7

PURCOCKS, Graham D. (M.72)
1973/74: M2E.C
1974/75: M5E.C

PURDEY, F. (M.??)
1984/85: M7E

QI, X. Sally (M.06)
2006/07: WNB8

QUINSEY, Joe (M.??)
1977/78: M1T.6, M1E.3
1978/79: M1T.S, M1E.6

RAE, John P. (M.81)
1981/82: M4T.3, M4E.3

RAFFAELLI, Joshua E. (M.00)
2000/01: M1T.5*, M1E.3

RAGINS, Jonathan D. (M.??)
2006/07: M2T.6

RAINBOW, J. D. (M.??)
1933/34: M1T.5, M1E
HT1935 M18

RAINE, Juliet I. (M.05)
2005/06: WN8, W2E.S
2006/07: W2T.S, W2E.7, Women's Vice-Captain

RAJENDRAN, Akshai (M.??)
2011/12: MNB8

RAKOWITZ, Leanne M. (M.01)
2001/02: W3E.6

2003/04: MNC8, M2T.4, M3E.2

RAMPELT, Carina L. (M.18) 2018/19: MNB8

1996/97: M5E
1997/98: M4E.6

RAMSDALE, Martin (M.09)
2009/10: MNA8, M2T.4, M2E.6
2010/11: M1T.B, M3T.C, W2T.C, M1E.B, Men's Captain
2011/12: M1T.B

RAMSDEN, Sara E. (M.78)
1978/79: W2E.7

RANDLES, Glyn (M.92)
1993/94: M1T.2, M2E.B

RAUSCHECKER, Andreas M. (M.??)
2002/03: MNB8

RAUTENBACH, Bianca J. (M.05)
2005/06: WN8, W1T.6, W1E.4
2006/07: W1T.S, W1E.S, Women's Captain
2007/08: Women's President

RAVEN, Emma C.
2017/18: WNA8

RAYNER, James R. J. (M.88)
1988/89: M4T

RAYNER, Suzannah (M.88)
1988/89: W2T, W2E
1989/90: W1T.4, W1E.6, Women's Captain

READ, Martyn N. (M.54)
1954/55: M2E, Treasurer
1955/56: M1T, M2E, Treasurer
1956/57: M3E
1958/59: M1E.2

REASBECK, Michael P. (M.76)
1979/80: M4E
1980/81: M4E

REBNORD, Daniel (M.10)
2010/11: M3T.6, M1E.3
2011/12: M3E.6

REDDING, Laurel (M.04)
2004/05: W2E.2

REDFERN, R. I. (M.??)
1925/26: M1T, M1E.5

REDFERN, Catherine M. (M.81)
1981/82: W2T.B, W3E
1983/84: W4E

2016/17: WNA8, W2E.2
2017/18: W1T.4

REDMOND Charlotte E. (M.14)
2014/15: WNA8, W1T.B, W1E.3
2015/16: WNA8c, Women's Vice-Captain

REED, Laird (M.94)
1994/95: OUBC, M1E.5

REEK, Duncan (M.08)
2008/09: M3T.2, M3E.S
2009/10: M3T.S
2010/11: MNA8.C

REES, Christopher (M.09)
2009/10: MNC8, M1T.3, M1E.4
2010/11: M1T.4

REES, Jennifer D. (M.98)
1998/99: WNA8, W1T.B
1999/00: WNA8.C, W2T.C, W1E.C, M3E, Captain of Lower Boats
2000/01: W2T.C
2001/02: W2T

1980/81: W3E.3

REID, David A. (M.80)
1981/82: M2T.B, M2E.B
1982/83: M4T.7*, M3E
1983/84: M1T.2, M6E.7

REID, Tyson H. (M.12)
2012/13: M1E.3

REISS, Antony J. (M.71)
1972/73: M3E
1973/74: M3E
1974/75: M5E

REMY Benjamin D. (M.14)
2014/15: MNB8

RENNER, M. (M.??)
1987/88: M5E

RENNINSON, Henry (M.10)
2010/11: M3T.2, M3E.2, M4E.C, W2E.C
2011/12: M3T.4, M4T.S, M2E.C, M3E.4, Secretary
2012/13: W3T.C

RENTON, Isobel L. J. (M.??)
2011/12: WNC8, W1T.5, W1E.7
2012/13: W1T.4*, W1E.6, Women's Captain
2013/14: Women's President

REOCH, Douglas A. (M.64)
1964/65: M5E

REVERS, Shona (M.95)
1995/96: W3E.B

1989/90: MN8, M3E
1990/91: M4E
1991/92: M3E.5
1992/93: M2T, M2E.4

REYNOLDS, Anthony J. (M.??)
MT1942 MJ4c, HT1943 M18c, TT1943 M18c

REYNOLDS, Julian D. (M.84)
1984/85: M4T

RHODES, Gillian (M.82)
1983/84: W2T.3, W2E.S
1984/85: W1T.B, W3E.5
1985/86: W1T, W1E.B, Women's Captain

RHODES, Katherine L. (M.??)
2013/14: W2E.6

RICH, N. (M.??)
1954/55: M2E

RICHARDS, Cennydd (M.94)
1994/95: MN8, M2T, M2E.B

RICHARDS, D. M. (M.??)
HT1914 M18, TT1914 M18

RICHARDS, Jeremy V. (M.76)
1977/78: M6E
1979/80: M7E

RICHARDS, R. W. B. (M.??)
TT1920 M18, Cttee

RICHARDSON, Brian M. (M.??)
2002/03: M2T.2, M3E.4

RICHARDSON, Edward (M.09)
2009/10: MNA8, M2E.2

RICHARDSON, Fiona C. (M.84)
1984/85: M2T.C, M2E.C*
1985/86: W1T.C, W1E.C
1986/87: M4E.C
1987/88: M3E.C*

2003/04: M4E.3

RIDDELL, David W. (M.90)
1991/92: M3E.5

RIDDELL, P. (M.??)
1984/85: M7E

RIDDOCH, Paul A. (M.79)
1979/80: M4T, M5E.B

RIDOUT, Melanie M. (M.76)
1976/77: W2E.3

RIESER, David W. E. (M.99)
1999/00: MNC8, M2T

RIMER, Catherine S. E. (M.89)
1989/90: W3E
1990/91: W2E

RINGHAM, Catherine M. (M.84)
1984/85: W3T, W1E.3
1985/86: W2E.2
1987/88: W2E

RINGROSE, Louise (M.95)
1995/96: WN8, W3T.5, W3E.3

RIPOLL, Bastien (M.05)
2005/06: OUBC, M1E.S*

RISNESS, Emily (M.10)
2010/11: WNA8, W1T.B, W1E.7
2011/12: WNB8.C, W1T.4, W1E.2, Women's Captain
2012/13: W1T.B*, Women's President

RISNESS, John (M.08)
2008/09: MNC8, M3T.7, M3E.7
2009/10: M3T.7, M2E.5
2011/12: M1T.5, M3E.2

RISOE, Simon F. P. (M.00)
2000/01: M2T, M2E.6
2001/02: M1T, M1E.2, Men's Vice-Captain, Men's Captain (TT)
2002/03: OULRC, M1E.4

RIVERS, E. (M.??)
1881 M18

ROBBINS, John (M.??)
2005/06: M3T.B

ROBERTS, A. (M.??)
1987/88: M5E.C

ROBERTS, Catherine H. (M.96)
1997/98: W3E.6

ROBERTS, Hilary F. L. (M.83)
1983/84: W1T, W1E.7
1984/85: W1T.4, W1E.S, Women's Vice-Captain

ROBERTS, J. G. (M.??)
HT1913 M18
TT1914 M18, Treasurer

ROBERTS, Lisa (M.88)
1988/89: W3E

ROBERTS, Lucy (M.13)
2013/14: WNA8, W1T.5, W1E.B
2014/15: WNA8.C, OUWLRC Trials, W1E.S, W3E.C*, Women's Joint-Captain of Lower Boats
2015/16: OUWLRC Trials, W1E.5

ROBERTS, Peter J. (M.??)
2004/05: MNB8

ROBERTS, Tyler S. (M.10)
2010/11: MNB8, M2T.3*, M2E.3

ROBERTSON, Cole B. J. (M.13)
2013/14: MNA8, M1T.5

ROBERTSON, Tracey M. (M.89)
1989/90: W4E

ROBESON, Michael B. (M.86)
1987/88: W2E.C
1988/89: M2T.C, M6E.C

ROBIN, Antoine (M.09)
2009/10: M3E.7
2010/11: M1T.6, M1E.6

ROBINEAU, Delphine
2013/14: WNB8

ROBINS, Tracey N. (M.78)
1978/79: W2E.3
1979/80: W2T

ROBINSON, A. R. B. (M.??)
1956/57: M2E

ROBINSON, Christopher P. (M.73)
1973/74: M2T.C, M3E.C
1974/75: M3E.C

ROBINSON, D. F. (M.??)
1961/62: M3E
1962/63: M1E.4
1963/64: M4E

ROBINSON, Eleanor E. A. (M.04)

ROBINSON, Emma K. (M.87)
1987/88: W3E

ROBINSON, James W. (M.98)
1998/99: MNB8

ROBINSON, Jack H. (M.06)
2007/08: M4E.B

ROBINSON, Mark (M.91)
1991/92: M2E.3
1992/93: M2T, M1E.2, Treasurer

ROBINSON, Michelle T. (M.88)
1989/90: W4E.C

ROBINSON, R. H. (M.??)
TT1902 M18, Captain

ROBINSON, Sarah (New College)
2016/17: M3E.sub

ROBINSON, W. E. (M.??)
1887/88: OUBC Trial8
1888/89: OUBC Trial8
1889/90: Sculls

ROBSON, Daniel J. (M.01)
2001/02: MNA8, M1T.C, M2T, M2E.C
2002/03: M1T.B, W2T.C, M2E.7, Men's Captain

ROBSON, Ian A. (M.82)
1982/83: M3T.6, M4E.S
1983/84: M2T.2*, M2E.6
1984/85: OULRC, M1E.B

ROCHETEAU, Colette M. (M.16)
2016/17: W2E.sub

RODRIGUES, Terence H. N. (M.71)
1971/72: M2E
1972/73: M2T.5
1974/75: M1T.3

RODRIGUEZ, Joseph (M.??)
2007/08: MNB8

RODRIGUEZ, Kate (M.??)
1988/89: W3E

2007/08: MNB8.sub

ROGERS, Alisdair P. (M.79)
1979/80: M5T

ROGERS, David W. (M.70)
1971/72: M1E.6
1972/73: M3T.6, M1E.6

ROGERS, Harrison F. (M.??)
2011/12: MNA8

ROGERS, Janet F. (M.81)
1981/82: W1T.B, W1E.B
1982/83: W1T.2, W1E.2
1983/84: W1T, W4E.S

ROGERS, Stephen (M.71)
1974/75: M4E

ROLL, Tertius (M.??)
1985/86: M2T

ROLLASON, John (M.69)
1969/70: M1T, M1E.2
1970/71: M1T.4, M1E.4, Secretary
1971/72: M3E*
1972/73: M1E.S

ROLLASON, Tom C. (M.66)
1966/67: M2E
1967/68: M1T
1968/69: M2E

ROMERO, Adam M. (M.??)
2006/07: MNB8

RONCA, Joseph (M.??)
2005/06: M3T.7

ROONEY, Timothy P. C. (M.05)
2005/06: WN8.C, W1T.C, W1E.C
2006/07: MNB8, W1T.C, W1E.C, Captain of Coxes
2009/10: WS4.C, MNC8.C

ROSCOE, James I. (M.79)
1979/80: M6E.4

ROSE, Laura C. V. (M.96)
1996/97: M3T.4, W2E.S*
1997/98: WS4, W1T.B, W1E.6, Women's Vice-Captain, Women's Captain (TT)

ROSEN Emily (M.15)
2015/16: WNB8, W1T.4, W1E.4

ROSENBERG, Alexandra (M.10)
2010/11: WNA8

ROSENZWEIG, Anne L. (M.04)
2003/04: W2T.2

ROSS, Alastair J. M. (M.04)
2003/04: M2T.C, M1E.C
2004/05: Captain of Coxes
2006/07: M1T.C

ROSS, B. K. (M.??)
1955/56: M3E

ROSS, F. O. (M.??)
1935/36: M1T.4

ROSS, R. (M.??)
1906/07: M1T.C

ROTHBLATT, Elias (M.10)
2010/11: MNB8

ROTHENBERG, Leora (M.05)
2005/06: W2E.B

ROTHWELL-JACKSON, Christopher P. (M.55)
1955/56: M2T.C, M2E.C
1956/57: M1T.C*, M1E.C, Secretary
1958/59: M1T.C

ROUGHLEY, Gabriella (M.84)
1984/85: W2E.4
1985/86: W2T, W1E.3

ROUGHLEY, Justin E. F. (M.81)
1982/83: M5E

ROUGHLEY, Robert J. F. (M.??)
1956/57: M1T*, M1E.3
1957/58: M1T, M1E.7
1958/59: M1E.6, Captain
1959/60: M4E

ROUSSEAU, John S. (M.60)
1960/61: M1E.C, M4E
1961/62: M1T.C, M1E.C, M3E
1962/63: M2E.C*
1963/64: M4E
1964/65: M1E.C
1965/66: M3E.C
1966/67: M1E.C, M2E

ROUSSEAUX, Georges E. (M.44)
1945/46: M1E.4

ROWE, Edwin C. (M.86)
1986/87: M6E

ROWLAND, Lucy M. (M.06)
2006/07: WNA8, W1T.2, W1E.2
2007/08: W1T.S*, W1E.S, Women's Captain
2008/09: Women's President

ROWLEY Lauren (M.15)
2015/16: WNC8
2016/17: W2E.4

ROYSE, David (M.03)
2003/04: M1T.6
2004/05: M1T.5, M1E.5

RUBY, Sarah (M.??)
1999/00: W2E.4

RUDINSKY Lauren (M.15)
2015/16: WNA8

RUDNAI, Alfred (M.42)
MT1942 MN14, TT1943 M18

RUFINO, Mathias J. (M.04)
2004/05: M3T.5, M2E.4

RUGER, Jan (M.07)
2007/08: MNA8

RUIYING, Shu (Emma) (M.22)
2022/23: WNA8.sub

2008/09: MNA8

RUMBOLD, A. (M.??)
1963/64: M2E
1964/65: M1T.4, M1E.4
1965/66: M3E
1966/67: M1T, M1E.6

RUSHBROOK, Philip S. (M.70)
1971/72: M1T.4, M1E.2
1972/73: M3T.4, M2E

RUSHTON, Andrew (M.92)
1992/93: M3E.2
1993/94: M2E.5
1995/96: MJ8, M2E.B*

RUSSELL, J. Alex J. (M.01)
2001/02: M2E.3
2002/03: M1T.7, M1E.2
2003/04: M2T.S

RUSSOLO Virginia (M.14)
2014/15: WNB8

RUTH, Shane (M.??)
1999/00: W3T, W2E.5

RUTHERFORD, Paul A. (M.84)
1984/85: M4T, M3E.S

RUTLAND, Chloe (M.13)
2013/14: WNB8, W2T.B, W2E.2
2014/15: WNB8.C, W3E.2*, Women's Joint-Captain of Lower Boats

RYAN, Jade (M.07)
2007/08: WNB8

RYAN, Jennifer M. (M.03)
2003/04: W2T.7, W2E.B

RYDE, Katie L. (M.90)
1990/91: W3E
1991/92: W1T.S, W1E.B, Women's Vice-Captain

SAA, K. (M.??)
1976/77: M6E.4

2003/04: MNC8

SADDLER, R. T. (M.??)
TT1903 M18, Secretary

SADIK, A. H. (M.??)
1922/23: M1R.7, M1E
1923/24: M1E.3
1924/25: Secretary

SAGAR, R. Helen (M.82)
1982/83: M2T.C, M2E.C
1983/84: M1T.C, M1E.C, W4E
1984/85: M1T.C*, M1E.C

SAIF, Tarik (M.07)
2008/09: MNB8, M2T.3

SALAMON, Robert H. (M.65)
1965/66: M4E

SALISBURY, Ian M. (M.70)
1970/71: M2T*, M2E*
1971/72: M1T.3

SALT, H. Ivan (M.34)
1935/36: M2E

SALTER, H. S. (M.??)
1883 M18, 1883 Wyfold4

SALTER, N. (M.??)
1980/81: W2T.C, W3E.C

SAMARIN, Melissa D. (M.12)
2012/13: W3T.6

SANDERS, Alexander (M.09)
2009/10: M1T.6, M1E.S
2010/11: M1T.S, M1E.S
2011/12: M1T.7, M1E.S
2012/13: M1T.6, M1E.6

2016/17: MNA8

SARA, M. (M.??)
1960/61: M5E
1961/62: M5E

SARALIS, Christopher H. (M.54)
1956/57: M2T

SATTERTHWAITE, Theodore (M.98)
1998/99: MNC8

SAUNDERS, Chris (M.91)
1992/93: M2E.3

SAVAGE, B. Matthew (M.89)
1989/90: M2E
1990/91: M2E

SAVAGE, Nicholas D. S. J. (M.00)
2001/02: MNB8, M2E.2
2003/04: M2T.7

SAVIELLO, Hillary S. (M.??)
2011/12: WNB8, W2E.3

SCARLIN, G. E. (M.??)
1906/07: M1T.B

1993/94: WN8
1994/95: W2E.2*

SCHAPIRO, Raphael A. (M.99)
1999/00: MJ8, MNB8, M1T.5, M1E.5
2000/01: M1T.4*, M1E.2
2001/02: M1E.3

SCHERER, Tim (M.17)
2017/18: MNA8, M2E.7

SCHINDLER, David W. (M.62)
1962/63: M4E

SCHLEPPEGRELL, Christine (M.??)
2006/07: W2T.6

SCHMIDT, Elise (M.??)
2007/08: WNB8

SCHMITZ, Frederik M.
2017/18: MNA8, M2T.4, M1E.3

SCHNEIDER, Ralf (M.05)
2005/06: MNC8, M2T.7, M2E.7

SCHNITZER, Anne Z. (M.18)
2018/19: W1T.2*, W2E.sub

SCHOFIELD, Donald (M.49)
1949/59: M3T, M2E
1950/51: M2T, M2E

SCHOFIELD, J. Robin B. (M.87)
1988/89: M4E

HT1910 M18
HT1911 M18

1999/00: W3T

SCHROEDER*, Christian (M.16)
2016/17: M2T.6, M2E.3*
2017/18: M2E.5

SCHUCH, Pam (M.94)
1994/95: W3E
1995/96: W2T.3, W3E.5

SCHULLER, Philipp A. A. (M.93)
1992/93: OUBC

SCHWARZ, Carina G. (M.15)
2015/16: W1T.S, W1E.S
2017/18: W2T.S

1977/78: M6E

SCOTT, J. Carolyn M. (M.12)
2012/13: W3T.4, W3E.6

SCOTT, Hannah
2014/15: WNA8, W2E.6

SCOTT, Malcolm J. (M.62)
1962/63: M4E

SCOTT, Philip M. (M.??)
2004/05: MNB8, M2T.6

SCOTT-MEARNS, Naomi (M.10)
2010/11: WNA8, W2T.5, W2E.B

SCRUBY, Richard C. (M.99)
1999/00: MJ8, MNB8

SEAGROVES, R. W. A. (M.??)
1959/60: M2T, M3E
1960/61: M2E

SEALY, George (M.75)
1976/77: M4E.3

SEARL, Peter E. (M.60)
1960/61: M2T, M3E
1961/62: M2T, M2E
1962/63: M3E
1964/65: M2E

SEARS, Katie
1997/98: WS4

SEBERICH, Michael (M.97)
1997/98: MNA8, M4T, M5E.B

SECHER, Benjamin R. (M.98)
1998/99: MNA8

SEEL, D. C. (M.??)
1961/62: M1T

SELLAR, F. C. (M.??)
HT1913 M18c

SELSBY, Christopher E. R. (M.72)
1972/73: M3E
1973/74: M3E

SENA, Viki (M.06)
2006/07: MNA8.C
2007/08: W2T.C, M2E.C, W3E.B, Captain of Coxes

1921/22: M1T

SEN GUPTA, M. L. (M.??)
1921/22: M1T

SEPHE, J. (M.??)
1984/85: M7E

SERAPHIM, Clio S. O. (M.10)
2010/11: MNB8.C, W1T.C, W1E.C

SERBAN, Carol-Mihai (M.21)
2021/22: MNB8.S, M3T.4

SERGEANT, James J. H. (M.84)
1984/85: M1T.B*, M1E.4
1985/86: M1T, M1E.S, Men's Vice-Captain
1986/87: M1T, M4E
1987/88: M1T.B, M1E.7

SERZANS Maris (M.14)
2014/15: MNB8, M2T.2, M2E.B
2015/16: M2T.6, M3E.B, Secretary
2016/17: M3E.2
2017/18: M4E.sub

SEYMOUR, Octavia (M.09)
2009/10: WNA8, W1T.3, W1E.7
2010/11: W2E.sub

SHACKLETON, Martin A. (M.73)
1973/74: M2E

SHAFTO, Thomas A. C. (M.47)
1948/49: M1T.C, M1E.C
1949/50: M4E.C*

SHAH, Rahul (M.10)
2010/11: MNA8

SHAH, Rohit (M.96)
1997/98: MNA8

SHAHOR Maya (M.17)
2017/18: M4E.sub
2018/19: MN8B.sub

SHAKESPEARE, Clare E. (M.04)
2004/05: W1T.5, W1E.6
2005/06, W1E.7, Women's Vice-Captain
2006/07: W1T.7

SHAPIRO, Leonard
1989/90: MN8

1938/39: M1T.6
TT1940 M18, Captain

SHANKAR, George (M.11)
2011/12: MNA8, M2T.4, M1E.3
2012/13: M1T.3, M1E.5, Men's Joint-Captain of Lower Boats

SHANKS, H. (M.??)
1976/77: M3E.C

SHAPIRO, H. (M.??)
1976/77: M2E.C

SHARKEY OCHOA, Imogen (M.12)
2012/13: W3T.3, W2E.4
2013/14: Social Secretary

SHARPE, F. (M.??)
HT1913 M18
TT1914 M18

SHARTAR, Jonathan S. (M.01)
2001/02: MNA8

SHATTOCK, Frances (M.93)
1993/94: WN8
1994/95: W2T, W2E.7*
1995/96: W2E.5

SHAVE, E. C. (M.??)
1920/21: M1E.2
1921/22: M1E.4
1922/23: M1E, Captain

SHAW, David C. (M.76)
1976/77: M3E.S

SHAW, Fleur-Estelle (M.04)
2004/05: MNC8.C, M1T.C, M1E.C
2005/06: M1T.C, M2E.C, Captain of Coxes

SHAWKI, Sharif (M.??)
2007/08: M2T.4, M3E.5

SHEARER, John R. (M.61)
1961/62: M5E

SHEARS, F. C. (M.??)
1898 M18

SHELDON, Alice E. M. (M.91)
1991/92: W3E.3

SHELTON, Craig S. M. (M.63)
1963/64: M1T, M1E.B
1964/65: M1T.7, M1E.B, Secretary
1965/66: M3E

SHELTON, Jessica (M.??)
2006/07: WNB8

SHEPHERD, E. F. (M.??)
1886 M4

SHEPHERD, John C. (M.73)
1974/75: M3E.4

2016/17: M1T.5, M1E.5*
2017/18: M1T.5, M1E.S, Men's Captain of Lower Boats

SHERBURN, Leonard S. (M.47)
1949/50: M4E*

SHERIFF, Yaseer (M.??)
2005/06: MNB8

SHERRATT, Emma R. (M.87)
1987/88: W3E

1875 Sculls

SHIAO Jay (M.15)
2015/16: MNB8, M2T.sub, M3E.3

SHINE, Audrey C.
2021/22: W2E.4

SHIRT, Peter G. (M.77)
1978/79: M4E.C

SHORE, J. W. (M.??)
1945/46: M1T.3

SHORTLAND, Grace (M.??)
2005/06: M3T.3, W2E.7

SHOUKRY, David (M.93)
1993/94: MN8, M2T, M2E.4
1994/95: M2T, M1E.3

TT1914 M18

1983/84: M5E.2

SHRINIVAS, Gorur (M.92)
1992/93: M3E.S

SHUCKEROW, Carolyn C. (M.03)
2003/04: W1T.B, W1E.3

SIDDAWAY, Elizabeth A. (M.86)
1986/87: W3E

SIEGLER, F. A. (M.??)
1952/53: M3E

SILMAN, Francesca O. (M.01)
2001/02: W3E.4

SILVERBECK, Andrew D. (M.86)
1986/87: M3T, M3E
1987/88: M2T, M1E.B, Secretary
1988/89: M1T.4, M6E.7*

SIMKINS, Kathryn M. (M.89)
1989/90: W3E
1990/91: W1T.B, W1E.B
1991/92: W1T.7, W1E.7
1993/94: W1T.5, W1E.7
1994/95: W1T.S

SIMMONDS, Poppy H. (M.12)
2012/13: W2T.S*

SIMMONDS, Richard (M.??)
2004/05: W2T.C

SIMMS, Erica L. (M.00) [B]
2000/01: W2T

SIMPSON, Arthur W. (M.48)
1948/49: M1T, M2E
1949/50: M4E*
1950/51: M1T, M3E
1951/52: M3E

SIMPSON, Helen (M.82)
1982/83: M3T.C, M4E.C

SIMPSON, Nicholas J. (M.08)
2008/09: M3E.4

SIMPSON, Patrick (M.09)
2009/10: MNA8, M2T.5
2010/11: Treasurer

SINCLAIR, Elizabeth B. (M.95)
1995/96: WN8, W3T.S, W4E.S
1996/97: W2T.6*, W2E.7*

SINCLAIR, Keith V. (M.52)
1952/53: M2T, M2E

SINGER Yosef (M.14)
2014/15: MNB8, M2T.sub

SINGH, Sumer (M.03)
2003/04: MNC8

SINGLETON, Leslie M. (McBride) (M.65)
1965/66: M2E
1966/67: M1T, M1E.B
1967/68: M2T.5
1968/69: M1E.7

SINNIGER, Karin B. (M.83)
1983/84: W3E.B

SIT, Jennifer (M.??)
2006/07: WNB8.C

SIT, Stephanie (M.04)
2004/05: WNA8.C, W1T.C, W1E.C

SKILTON, James C. (M.86)
1986/87: M5E

SKINNER, Emmy (M.93)
1993/94: W2E.5

SKINNER, James R. (M.77)
1977/78: M6E.C, W2E.C
1978/79: M2T.C, M2E.C, M6E.B
1979/80: W1T.C, W1E.C

SKINNER, Kevin J. (M.77)
1977/78: M1T.4, M1E.4
1978/79: M1T.4, M2E.6
1979/80: M1T, M1E.6

SKINNER, Thomas R. (M.76)
1976/77: M2E.7
1977/78: M2E.7
1978/79: M2T.7, M2E.5

SKLAR, H. Alfred (M.70)
1971/72: M4E

SKLAR, Zenon (M.85)
1986/87: M6E

SKOR, Emily (M.95)
1995/96: WN8, W1T.4, W1E.2*

SKURIAT, Robert (M.02)
2002/03: MNB8

SKY, Jack (M.00)
2001/02: MNA8
2003/04: M3E.5

SLADE, Rachel A. (M.80)
1981/82: W2T.2, W2E

SLATER, Evan N. (M.01)
2001/02: M1T

SLATER, O. R. (M.??)
TT1920 M18, Cttee
1920/21: M1E.7, Vice-Captain
1921/22: OUBC Trials, M1E.S, Captain

SLONE, Jack (M.13)
2013/14: MNB8, M2T.3, M2E.2

SMART, G. M. (M.??)
1957/58: M1T, M1E.B
1958/59: M1T, M1E.7
1959/60: M1E.S

SMEETON, Robert P. (M.83)
1985/86: M3T, M3E.5
1986/87: M2T*, M1E

SMITH, A. (M.??)
1976/77: M5E.S

SMITH, A. C. E. (M.??)
1972/73: M1T.S

SMITH, A. J. (M.??)
1933/34: M1T.C, M1E.C
1934/35: M1T.C, M1E.C, Secretary

SMITH, Andrew J. (M.97)
1998/99: M4E

SMITH, Caroline R. (Somerville) (M.99)
2000/01: M1T.C*

SMITH, Charles D. (M.33)
1935/36: M1T.B, M2E

SMITH, Colin M. (M.03)
2003/04: OUBC, M1E.S
2004/05: Isis, M1E.sub
2005/06: OUBC, M1E.6*

SMITH David A. (M.15)
2015/16: MNA8, M2T.3, M2E.6
2016/17: M1T.3, M1E.3*, Men's Captain of Lower Boats
2017/18: M1T.6, M1E.5, Men's Vice-Captain
2018/19: M3E.4*

SMITH, Ed (M.94)
1994/95: M2E.5
1995/96: MJ8
1996/97: M3T.5

SMITH, E. S. (M.??)
1938/39: M1T.5

SMITH, Elizabeth J. (M.96)
1996/97: WN8, W2T.4*, W2E.5*
1997/98: WJ4, WS4, WJ8, W1T.4, W1E.7

SMITH, F. H. C. (M.??)
1920/21: M1T.7
1921/22: Secretary

SMITH, Gill (M.75)
1975/76: W1E.3
1976/77: W1E.B

SMITH, Graham R. H. (M.88)
1988/89: M5E

SMITH Holly E. (M.15)
2015/16: WNB8, W1T.6
2016/17: W1T.6, W1E.2, Women's Joint-Captain of Lower Boats
2017/18: WNA8.C, W1T.2, W1E.4, W2E.C, Treasurer
2018/19: W1T.4*, W1E.2, W2E.sub

SMITH, I. O. H. (M.??)
1945/46: M1T.4, Treasurer
1946/47: Secretary

SMITH, Isla M. (M.08)
2009/10: W2E.4

SMITH, James R. (M.??)
2004/05: MNA8, M2T.2

SMITH, John (M.75)
1976/77: M4E.6
1977/78: M2E.4
1978/79: M4E.S
1979/80: M1T, M1E.4

SMITH, J. A. (M.??)
1935/36: M2E

SMITH, John S. (M.39)

SMITH, L. (M.??)
1938/39: M1E

SMITH, Matthew J. (M.99)
1999/00: OUBC, M1E.S
2000/01: OUBC, M1E.S
2001/02: OUBC, M1E.4

SMITH Matthew J. (M.15)
2015/16: MNA8, M2T.7, M2E.S
2016/17: M1T.7, M1E.B*
2017/18: M3E.6*, President
2018/19: M3E.6*

SMITH, P. B. (M.??)
1930/31: M2E.2
HT1932 M18, TT1932 M18
TT1933 M18, Treasurer
1933/34: M1E, Treasurer
1935/36: M1T.6, M1E

SMITH, Paul W. (M.80)
1980/81: M3T.4*

SMITH, Richard O. (M.64)
1964/65: M5E

SMITH, Stephen R. (M.69)
1969/70: M1T, M1E.B
1970/71: M1T.B, M1E.B, Treasurer
1971/72: M3E*

SMITH, W. J. (M.??)
1882 M18, Sculls

SMITHIN, T. (M.??)
1971/72: M2E

SMUCKER, Sarah (M.??)
1996/97: W3T, W3E

SMYTH, Toby (M.07)
2007/08: MNB8, M2T.6, M2E.2
2008/09: M2T.S, M1E.2, Men's Captain
2009/10: M2T.7, M3E.S
2010/11: M2T.7*, M2E.7

SNEDDON, L. M. (M.??)
1951/52: M2T

SNEDDON, Leigh (M.75)
1975/76: M4E
1977/78: M3E.7*

SNOOK, Catherine (M.95)
1995/96: WN8, W3T.7, W4E.6
1996/97: W1T.2, W1E.2, (TT) Captain of Lower Boats
1997/98: W1T.2

SO, Hiu M. H. (M.14)
2014/15: W2E.5

SOCHER, Nicole A. (M.75)
1975/76: W1E.7
1976/77: W1E.5

SOFFEN, Jennifer L. (M.??)
2006/07: W2E.B

SOH, Ying Yi (M.04)
2004/05: W2E.C

SOHN Esther (M.13)
2014/15: WNB8

SOKOLOV, Dmitry (M.10)
2010/11: MNA8, M2T.4*, M2E.4

SOLE, J. (M.??)
1984/85: M7E

SOLIS SALAS Citlali (M.15)
2015/16: WNB8

SOLOMON, S. (M.??)
1941/42: M1E.6

SOMMER, Connie
1988/89: M4E.C

SORE, Melanie J. (M.82)
1982/83: W2E.B
1983/84: W2T.5, W2E.6
1984/85: W3E.7

SOWERBY, Mary-Clare (M.83)
1983/84: W1T, W1E.2
1984/85: W1T.7, W1E.7, Women's Captain
1985/86: W1T

SOWKY, Aisha N. (M.97)
1998/99: WNB8, M5E.C
1999/00: MNA8.C

SPALDING, J. S. (M.??)
1933/34: M2E.4
HT1935 M18

SPARROW, Christophe A.
2003/04: MNC8

SPAULL, B. R. H. (M.??)
1918/19: M1T.S, Vice-Captain
1920 Captain

SPEAR, J. H. (M.??)
1906/07: M1T.2
1908/09: M1E

SPEDDING, S. Paul (M.76)
1976/77: M1E.C*
1977/78: M1T.C, M1E.C
1978/79: M1T.C, M1E.C
1979/80: M1T.C, M1E.C

SPEED, Stephen C. (M.97)
1997/98: MNB8

SPELLER, Rex C. (M.57)
1958/59: M2T

SPENCE, Michael (M.88)
1991/92: M3E.4
1992/93: M2T, M2E.S
1993/94: M2E.3
1996/97: M3T.2
1998/99: M3E

SPENCER, Malcolm L. G. (M.05)
2005/06: MNA8, M2T.2, M2E.2
2006/07: OULRC Trials, M1T.S, M1E.6, Men's Captain
2007/08: M1T.S, M1E.7, Men's President
2008/09: M1T.S, M1E.S
2009/10: MS4, M1T.B, M1E.2, W2E.C
2010/11: M1T.7, M1E.7
2011/12: M1T.S, M1E.B
2012/13: M1T.B, W2T.C*, M1E.B, W2E.C
2013/14: M1T.B, W2T.C, M1E.B
2014/15: M1E.5, W2E.C
2015/16: M3E.4
2016/17: M3E.7
2017/18: M3E.S*
2018/19: M3E.S*
2023/24: M1T.C

SPENCER-HARPER, Michael (M.??)
1979/80: M2T.6, M2E.6
1980/81: M2T, M3E.S

SPENSLEY, Katrina (M.09)
2009/10: WNA8, W2T.7
2010/11: W2T.B, W2E.5, Women's Captain

SPILL, R. B. (M.??)
1951/52: M2T, M2E
1952/53: M1T, M1E.5
1953/54: M1E.7

SPROAT, Iain (M.02)
2003/04: MNB8

SPURWAY, Olive E. (M.79)
1980/81: W1T.4, W1E.6
1981/82: Osiris, W1E.S

SQUIRE, Edward P. (M.98)
1998/99: M5E

SQUIRE, Nicola (M.05)
2005/06: W2E.6
2006/07: W1T.3, W1E.3

2020/21: W2T.7
2021/22: W1T.2, W2E.sub

STANLEY, Georgina (M.??)
2021/22: WN8.4

STANSBY, Anthony W. (M.80)
1980/81: M2T.C
1983/84: W1T.C, M6E.C

STANT, Mark J. (M.82)
1982/83: M4T.2*, M4E.5
1983/84: M4E.6
1984/85: M4E

HT1932 M18, TT1932 M28

STARLING, Natasha K. (M.05)
2005/06: MNA8.C

STARR, Bryce (M.18)
2018/19: MNA8.sub, M2T.5, M2E.5

STAUNTON, M. B. Siobhan (M.77)
1978/79: W3E.2

STEAD, Andrew M. (M.72)
1974/75: M4E

STEELE, Gordon M. (M.79)
1979/80: M2E.4
1980/81: M2E.4
1981/82: M3E
1982/83: M4E.6

STEER, D. J. (M.??)
1969/70: M4E

STEINBERG, Joachim (M.10)
2010/11: MNA8, M3T.3, M4E.B

STEINER, Matthias (M.12)
2012/13: M2T.6, M2E.6
2013/14: M1T.4, M1E.4, Captain of Lower Boats, Men's Vice-Captain

MT1942 MN24c

STEPHENSON, Paul S. (M.81)
1981/82: M3T.S, M5E
1982/83: M4T.S*, M2E.4

STEUER, Megan K. (M.??)
2005/06: M3T.4

STEVENS, Lewis (M.55)
1955/56: M2T, M2E
1956/57: M2T, M2E
1957/58: M3E
1958/59: M4E*
1959/60: M4E
1960/61: M4E
1961/62: M4E

STEVENS, Mark G. H. (M.66)
1966/67: M1E.4
1967/68: M1T, M1E.S, Secretary
1968/69: M1T.S, M1E.6

STEVENSON, Gene C. (M.71)

STEWART, Bradford (M.??)
2002/03: M1T.5, M2E.S

STEWART, Fiona J. (M.77)
1977/78: W1E.B
1978/79: W3E.B

STEWART, Miranda J. M. (M.88)
1989/90: W1T.2, W5E*

STICKLAND, Andrew D. (M.87)
1988/89: M3E
1990/91: W1T.C, W1E.C

STILL, Edward J. [B]
2013/14: MNA8

STINSON, Kate D. (M.05)
2005/06: WN8, W1T.5

STOCKDALE, William (M.08)
2008/09: M1T.3, M1E.7
2009/10: MS4, M1T.S

STODDARD, Matthew (M.??)
2006/07: MNB8

STOKELEY, Daniel (M.??)
2004/05: MNC8

1984/85: M4T.C, M3E.C
1985/86: M7E.C

STOLKIN, Colin (M.60)
1963/64: M3E.C, M7E

STOLL, David (M.86)
1986/87: M3T, M5E

STONE, Charlotte (M.91)
1991/92: W1E.2
1992/93: W1T.B

STONE, Horace (M.44)
TT1945 M18
1945/46: M1T.5, M1E.3

STONEHAM, Geoffrey C. J. (M.35)
1935/36: M2E
TT1937 M28
TT1938 M28

STONEHAM, Sarah J. (M.84)
1984/85: W3T, W2E.6

STOPS, Brian J. (M.51)
1952/53: M2T, M2E

STORER, David J. (M.72)
1973/74: M3E

STOTE, John W. (M.05)
2005/06: MNB8
2006/07: M3E.3

STOUT, Lesley K. (M.02)
2001/02: W1T, W1E.C, W2E.2

STRATTA, Laura E. (M.01)
2002/03: W3E.5
2003/04: W2T.5

STRAWSON, John B. (M.73)
1974/75: M3E.5

1898 M18
1899 M18, Captain

STREETS, R. G. (M.??)
1930/31: M1E.C
TT1932 M28c

STRINGER, James A. (M.96)
1996/97: MN8, M2T.B, M2E.B, M4E.C
1997/98: MJ4, MJ8, M4T.C, M2E.C, Men's Vice-Captain
1998/99: MB4.C, MNB8.C, M1T.C*

STRUGO, Miguel S. (M.74)
1974/75: M2T.4

STRUTT, Ben (M.87)
1987/88: M4E
1988/89: M3T

STUART, Liz (M.95)
1995/96: WN8, W3T.B, W4E.B

STUART, Kate (M.07)
2007/08: W1T.4*
2008/09: W1T.2*, W1E.2, Women's Vice-Captain

STUBBS, J. (M.??)
1950/51: M4E

STUBBS, John O. (M.69)
1969/70: M4E
1971/72: M4E

STUDHOLME, Penny S. (M.81)
1981/82: W1T.2, W1E.6
1982/83: W1T.7, W1E.3
1983/84: W4E.7

2016/17: MNA8

SUMNER, Luke N. (M.??)
2000/01: M2T, M2E.5

SUMNER, Victor (M.??)
1973/74: M2E

SUN, Richard (M.18)
2018/19: M3T.B

SUPERVILLE, Bianca (M.92)
1992/93: W2E.7
1993/94: W1T.B, W1E.B, Women's Captain (TT)

SUPPLE, Alan L. (M.86)
1986/87: M3T, M3E
1987/88: M2T, M1E.3, Men's Vice-Captain
1988/89: M1T.7, M6E.6*

SUTER, Nina (M.08)
2008/09: W4E.7

SUTHERLAND, Chad H. (M.08)
2008/09: MNB8

SUTHERLAND, James W. (M.03)
2003/04: MNB8

SUTHERLAND, Jessica (M.12)
2012/13: W2T.7*, W1E.3
2013/14: W1E.5, Secretary
2014/15: Women's Captain

SUTTON, ? (M.??)
1938/39: M1E

SUTTON, Tristram J. (M.75)
1975/76: Isis, M1E.7
1976/77: Isis, M1E.5*, Men's Captain
1977/78: OUBC, M3E.5*

SUZMAN, Michael (M.89)
1989/90: M4E

1970/71: M1T.6, M1E.6

SWANN, C. G. (M.??)
1899 M18, Secretary
1900 Secretary

SWEATMAN, Angela K. (M.86)
1986/87: W2T, W2E
1987/88: W2T, W1E.2
1988/89: W1T, W4E
1989/90: W1T.5, W5E*, Women's Vice-Captain

SWEENEY, Patricia A. (M.78)
1979/80: W3E.S

SWEET, Emily K. (M.96)
1996/97: WN8, W2T.S*, W1E.4
1997/98: M3T, W1E.5

1952/53: M3E
1955/56: M3E

SWORDER, Geoffrey N. (M.48)
1947/48: M1E.S
1948/49: M1T, M1E.S, Secretary
1949/50: M1E.S, Captain

SYKULSKA, Hanna M. (M.00)
2000/01: W2T, W2E.5
2003/04: W1E.5, M3E.7

SYLVESTER, Benjamin F. (M.48)
1948/49: M1T, M1E.4
1949/50: M1T, M1E.4
1950/51: M3E

SYMONDS, Pauline J. (M.75)
1975/76: OUWBC, W1E.B

SYMONS, Joanna E. (M.76)
1977/78: W2E.6
1978/79: W3E.4

SYMONS, Keith N. (M.42)
MT1942 MN14, HT1943 M18, TT1943 M18
1946/47: M1E.S
1947/48: M1E.3

SZCZESNY, Mateusz J. (M.17)
2017/18: M1T.3, M1E.4

SZMIGIN, Nick E. (M.06)
2006/07: M1T.7, M1E.5
2007/08: M1T.7, M1E.S, Men's Vice-Captain
2008/09: M1T.7

TAGGART, H. S. (M.??)
1898 M18
1899 Vice-Captain

TAIT, T. W. (M.??)
HT1927 M18
HT1928 M18
HT1929 M18

TAJIMA, Maiko L. (M.??)
2003/04: W2E.2

TAKACS, Ester C. (M.85)
1985/86: W2T, W2E.7
1987/88: W4E

TALBOT, Christopher R. S. (M.62)
1962/63: M1E.5
1963/64: M1T, M1E.5, Treasurer
1964/65: M1E.3

TALBOT, Pia (M.02)
2002/03: WNA8, W1T.2
2003/04: W3E.6

TANG, Kai B. (M.01)
2001/02: MNB8

TAPLIN, David M. R. (M.61)
1961/62: M3E
1962/63: M3E
1963/64: M2E

2003/04: MNC8

TARRANT, Neil J. (M.??)
2004/05: MNB8

TATE, F. E. G. M. (M.??)
1948/49: M2T, M2E
1949/50: M1T, M2E
1950/51: M3E
1951/52: M1T

TAYLOR, Andrea (M.91)
1992/93: W2E.C

TAYLOR, Catherine R. (M.84)
1984/85: W2T, W1E.4
1985/86: W1T, W1E.2, Women's Vice-Captain

TAYLOR, Christopher D. (M.71)
1971/72: M1T.7, M1E.S, Captain
1972/73: M1T.7, M1E.7, Secretary
1973/74: M3E

TAYLOR, Hugh M. (M.09)
2009/10: M1E.6
2010/11: M1T.sub, M1E.5
2011/12: M3T.S, M1E.5
2012/13: M2E.7
2016/17: M3E.6
2017/18: M3E.4*
2020/21: M2T.7

TAYLOR, James A. (M.12)
2012/13: M3E.S

TAYLOR James C. J.(M.15)
2015/16: MNB8

TAYLOR, John D. (M.89)
1989/90: MN8, M3E

TAYLOR, John P. (M.56)
1956/57: M2T, M2E
1957/58: M2T, M1E.4, Treasurer
1958/59: M4E*
1959/60: M4E

TAYLOR, Margaret J. (M.85)
1986/87: W2E

TAYLOR, Nicholas J. (M.77)
1977/78: M1T.3, M1E.B
1978/79: M1T.3, M1E.B, Men's Vice-Captain
1979/80: M1T

TAYLOR, Paul N. (M.68)
1968/69: M1T.2
1969/70: M2E
1970/71: M3E
1971/72: M1E.7
1972/73: M1T.B

TAYLOR, R. F. (M.??)
1954/55: M1E.2, Secretary
1955/56: M1E.2

TAYLOR, Raymond P. (M.49)
1949/50: M3T, M3E.C
1950/51: M2T.C, M2E.C

TAYLOR, Richard (M.77)
1979/80: M7E
1980/81: M2E.6

TAYLOR, Ryan P. (M.06)
2007/08: M4E.7

TCHEKOURDA, Katja (M.??)
2009/10: M3T.C

TEARLE, Lee R. (M.84)
1984/85: M4T, M4E
1985/86: M7E

TEASEL, Sheridan A. L. (M.88)
1988/89: M5E

TEBBY, Kathryn S. (M.85)
1985/86: W2E.B

TEDD, Alice M. E. (M.00)
2000/01: W1T.3*, W1E.5
2001/02: W2T, W1E.S

TEDBURY, J. L. (M.??)
TT1933 M18
1933/34: M1E, Secretary
1934/35: M1E.7

TELISINGHE, Janendra C. (M.96)
1996/97: M4E
1997/98: M4T, M3E.2*
1999/00: MJ8, M2T, M2E.S

TEMPLE, Rosalind A. M. (M.81)
1981/82: W2E
1982/83: W1T.6, W1E.B, Women's Captain
1984/85: W1T.5, W3E.S
1985/86: Osiris, M7E
1987/88: W4E

TEMPLEMAN, Kathryn (M.91)
1991/92: W3E.C

TENER, John S. (M.52)
1952/53: M1T

TENNEKOON, Ravi C. (M.71)
1971/72: M4E.C

TENZIN, Palmo (M.??)
2017/18: W2T.B

TER KUILE, Maya R. (M.78)
1979/80: W2E.3
1980/81: W1T.6, W3E.5

TESH, Patrick (M.11)
2011/12: M4T.4, M2E.2
2012/13: M2T.5, M3E.7
2014/15: M3E.7

TESTER, Lucy (M.07)
2007/08: W3E.S
2008/09: MNC8.C, M2E.C
2009/10: MNB8.C, Captain of Coxes

THALLON, Kenneth P. (M.46)
1946/47: M1T, M1E.5
1947/48: M1T, M1E.5, Captain
1948/49: M1E.7

THEOBALD, J. R. (M.??)
1921/22: M1T
1922/23: M1T.S, M1E, Secretary
1923/24: OUBC Trials, M1E.S, Captain
1925/26: M1E.4

THOMA, Carl-Freidrich
2017/18: MNA8

THOMAS, (M.??)
MT1942 MN24

THOMAS, Benjamin (M.12) [B]
2012/13: M3E.B

THOMAS, Christopher I. (M.02)
2002/03: MNA8, M2T.3, M3E.B
2003/04: M2T.3

THOMAS, Claire L. (M.86)
1986/87: M3T.C, M3E.C, M6E.C
1987/88: M2T.C

THOMAS, Claire L. (M.87)
1987/88: W2T, W1E.3
1988/89: W1T, W1E.4*

THOMAS, D. R. A. (M.??)
1934/35: M1E.B

THOMAS, Emily J. (M.92)
1992/93: WN8, W2T, W2E.S
1993/94: W2T, W1E.2
1994/95: WS4, W1T.B
1995/96: W2T.7, W2E.S
1996/97: W1T.6, W1E.B, Women's Captain
1997/98: W1T.7

THOMAS, H. C. A. (M.??)
1930/31: M1E.2
TT1932 M28
TT1933 M18, Secretary

THOMAS, M. D. (M.??)
1938/39: M1T.C

THOMAS, Janine (M.96)
1996/97: W3T

THOMAS, P. C. T. (M.??)
1883 M18

THOMAS, P. M. (M.??)
1963/64: M5E
1965/66: M5E

THOMAS, T. G. (M.??)
TT1904 M18, Vice-Captain

THOMAS, Zoe (M.07)
2007/08: WNB8.C, M2T.C, W2E.C
2008/09: W2T.C, W1E.C

THOMASSON, Rosemary L. (M.01)
2002/03: W3E.3

THOMPSON, Charlie (M.07)
2008/09: M4E.3

THOMPSON, Richard I. (M.??)
1971/72: M1E.5, M2E.C
1972/73: M3T.2

THOMPSON, Stephen P. (M.72)
1974/75: M4E
1975/76: M1T, M1E.5
1977/78: M2E.2
1978/79: M3E.4, M4E.7
1979/80: M1E.7
1980/81: M1E.7

THOMPSON, Tamara (M.??)
1999/00: W3T

THORNTON, Caroline (M.??)
1986/87: W1E

THOROGOOD, Sally L. (M.79)
1979/80: W2T, W2E.B
1980/81: W2T.S, W2E.S

THORPE, P. Nick (M.89)
1989/90: M2E

THRAMANN, Michael L. (M.18)
2018/19: M1T.2, M1E.7

THROSSELL, Robin J. (M.74)
1975/76: W1E.5
1976/77: W1E.7

THROWER, S. (M.??)
1971/72: M4E
1972/73: M2T.4

TICKLE, Christopher (M.??)
1970/71: M2T*, M2E*

TICKLE, K. (M.??)
1960/61: M2E.C

TIDMARSH, F. A. C. (M.??)
HT1910 M18c
HT1911 M18, TT1911 M18
1912 Vice-Captain
1913 Captain

TIETZE, Lena (M.12)
2012/13: W2T.3*, W3E.7

TILLEY, Andrea F. (M.00)
2000/01: W2E.7

2018/19: WNA8, MNB8.sub, W2T.sub
2021/22: W1T.B, W2E.B

TIMMONS, Louise (M.95)
1996/97: W4E

TIMMS, Sidney G. (M.23)
1923/24: M1T.C
1925/26: M1T.C, M2E.C

TIMMS, W. G. (M.??)
1941/42: M1E.5

TIMPSON, Nicholas J. (M.98)
1998/99: M5E

TINKER, Blythe V. (M.96)
1996/97: M5E.C

TINTO, Colin S. (M.??)
2002/03: M3E.6

TO, Michael
2013/14: MNB8

TODD, Ian (M.73)
1973/74: M1T.4, M1E.4, Treasurer
1974/75: M1T.6, M1E.6, Captain
1975/76: M3E

TODDY, ? (M.??)
TT1932 M18?

TOENNESEN, H. Christian (M.04)
2005/06: MNC8, M2T.B
2006/07: M2T.S
2007/08: M1T.6, M1E.B

TOLLIN, Dan (M.95)
1995/96: OUBC Trials, M1E.S

TOMPKINS, Fiona E. (M.77)
1978/79: W1E.5

TOMS, Christian P. (M.97)
1998/99: MNA8, M2T.7*, M2E, M6E.C
1999/00: M1T.2

TOOTH, R. (M.??)
TT1920 M18

TOTTENHAM, Peter N. L. (M.59)
1959/60: M2T

TOTTLE, Alison (M.81)
1982/83: W2E.3
1983/84: W4E

TOWELL, Joanne M. (M.87)
1987/88: W2E

TRACY, Michelle (M.??)
2002/03: W1E.3

TRAINER, Sarah (M.??)
1999/00: W2T, W2E.B

TRAINOR, Alison (M.??)
1982/83: W2E.4
1983/84: W2E.B

TRAN, Michael C. V. (M.04)
2004/05: MNB8, M2T.4, M1E.2
2005/06: M2T.S, M2E.S, Treasurer
2006/07: M3E.S

TRAVERS, Paul J. (M.75)
1976/77: M1E.2*
1977/78: M1T.2, M1E.2

TRENGROVE, Graham R. (M.57)
1958/59: M3E.C

TREVES, Will (M.94)
1996/97: M3T.6

TRIGG, Benjamin J. (M.10)
2010/12: MNB8, M1T.3
2011/12: M1T.6, M1E.7, Men's Captain
2012/13: M3T.7, Men's President

TRIGGS HODGE, Andrew (M.04)
2004/05: OUBC, M1E.sub

TRITTON, A. S. (M.??)
TT1903 M18
1903 Vice-Captain

TRITTON, Emma-Jane (M.06)
2007/08: W3E.2

TROJAN, Matthew (M.??)
2005/06: MNC8

TROTTER, Caroline L. (M.95)
1995/96: WN8, W2T.S, W2E.6
1996/97: W1T.4, W1E.6, Captain of Lower Boats, (TT) Women's Vice-Captain
1997/98: WS4, WJ8, W1T.6, Women's Captain

TROY, Karen (M.77)
1977/78: W1T, W1E.5, M4E.C
1978/79: W1T, OUWBC Lwt, W1E.7, W3E.C, Women's Captain
1979/80: W1T.7, W1E.4

TRUONG, Phuong (M.98)
1998/99: MNC8

TRYTHALL, Robert J. B. (M.80)
1980/81: M2T, M5E.5
1981/82: M1T.5, M1E.5
1982/83: M1T.S, M3E
1983/84: M4T

TUCKER, Mark J. (M.81)
1981/82: M1T.4, M1E.4
1982/83: M1T.6, M1E.6, Men's Captain
1983/84: M1T.5, M1E.6

TUDOR, Mark (M.91)
1992/93: M2E.2

TURNBULL, John D. (M.59)
1959/60: M2T, M2E
1960/61: M1T

TURNER, E. D. (M.??)
1924/25: M1T.2, M1E.2

TURNER, Georgina (M.01)
2001/02: WNA8, W2T
2002/03: W2E.4

TURNER, J. (M.??)
1984/85: M4T, M5E.3

TURNER, Jonathan W. V. (M.89)
1989/90: M1E.3

TURNER, Nick D. (M.88)
1988/89: M5E

TURNER, W. A. (M.??)
TT1941 M18

1920/21: Treasurer

TYER, Abigail A. R. (M.16)
2016/17: WNA8

TYMCZYSZYN, Julian (M.78)
1979/80: M1T, M1E.3

TZAIG, Mavi (M.94)
1994/95: WN8, W2T, W2E.3*
1995/96: W4E.7

ULLMANN, Anna-Marie (M.94)
1994/95: WN8, W2T, W2E.B*
1995/96: W1T.B, W3E.7
1997/98: W1E.2

UNDERHILL, Kristen A. (M.??)
2002/03: W2T.S

1883 M18, 1883 Wyfold4

UNGER, Harriet C. (M.89)
1989/90: W2E
1990/91: W1T.2, W2E

UNWIN, W. S. (M.??)
1882 M18
1883 OUBC Trials, M18, 1883 Wyfold4

1992/93: M3E.6
1993/94: M3E.7

VACHON, Adenais (M.??)
2011/12: WNA8, W2T.5, W2E.4

VAN DE VUSSE, S. B. Anthony (M.77)
1977/78: M1E.6
1978/79: M1E.4

VEI, Ino C. (M.98)
1998/99: WNB8
1999/00: M2T.C

VEITCH, J. L. (M.??)
1922/23: M1E.C
1923/24: M1E.C

VELICHKOV, Martin I (M.16)
2016/17: M2T.3

VENN, A. D. (M.??)
1908/09: M1T, M1E
TT1911 M18

VERMEHREN, Matias (M.18)
2018/19: MNB8, MNA8.sub, M3T.S, M2E.3

VETCH, Robert (M.90)
1990/91: M4E
1991/92: W2E.C
1992/93: W1T.C
1993/94: W1T.C

VICKERS, J. (M.??)
1978/79: W4E.3

VICKERY, Sara J. (M.87)
1987/88: W2T, W2E
1988/89: W2T, W4E

VIHRIALA* Erkki J. (M.14)
2014/15: MNA8, M2T.6, M2E.7
2015/16: M1T.5, M1E.6, Treasurer
2016/17: M2E.4*
2017/18: M2E.sub, M3E.2*

VILLAZON, Luis P. (M.86)
1986/87: M6E

VINCENT, Erik R. (M.03)
2003/04: MNA8, M1T.2, M2E.3
2004/05: M1T.B, Men's Captain of Lower Boats

VIVIAN, Daniel G. (M.83)
1983/84: M5E.6
1984/85: M4E

VOELKEL, Matthias H. (M.98)
1998/99: MNA8, M2T.3*

VOLPE Cara A. (M.15)
2015/16: WNB8

von BROEMBSEN, S. E. von (M.??)
HT1928 M18

2013/14: MNA8

von NIDDA, K. von (M.??)
HT1914 M18

von PEZOLD, Johanna E.
2016/17: WNB8

von PRITZBUER, D. von (M.??)
HT1913 M18

VOWLES, Stephen E. (M.85)
1985/86: M3T, M3E.7
1986/87: M2E

WAGNER, Alexander W. (M.??)
2002/03: MNB8, M2T.B

WAGNER, Frank O. (M.93)
1993/94: MS8, M2T, M2E.7
1994/95: M1T.4
1995/96: M1T.7, M1E.B

WAHL, David N. (M.01)
2001/02: M2E.B
2002/03: M3E.sub

WAKEMAN, Peter J. (M.49)
1949/50: M2T

WAKERLEY, Howard (M.92)
1993/94: M1T.6, M1E.2, Secretary
1994/95: M1T.2

WALD, Stephen (M.77)
1978/79: W2E.C
1979/80: W2T.C
1980/81: W2E.C

WALDECK, Kate M. (M.03)
2003/04: W2T.6, W2E.S

WALDMAN, Heather (M.??)
2005/06: WN8

WALKER, John C. F. (M.62)
1962/63: M1E.7
1963/64: M1E.3, Captain

WALKER, John E. (M.60)
1961/62: M5E

WALKER, James H. (M.41)
1941/42: M1E.7
MT1942 MJ4, HT1943 M18, TT1943 M18, Secretary
1943/44: Captain

WALKER, Mark A. (M.82)
1982/83: M1T.4, M1E.4
1983/84: M2E.S
1984/85: M1E.5

WALKLETT, P. J. (M.??)
1952/53: M2T.C, M2E.C

WALL, B. C. (M.60)
1960/61: M1T, M1E.7
1961/62: M1E.4, Secretary

WALL, Lucy R. (M.84)
1984/85: W2T, W2E.2

WALLACE, J. D. (M.??)
1961/62: M5E

WALLER, Alan G. (M.64)
1965/66: M1E.4

WALLER, Anthony P. (M.58)
1958/59: M2T.C, M2E
1959/60: M1T, M2E
1960/61: M1T, M1E.B, Secretary
1961/62: Captain

WALLER, Peter C. (M.72)
1973/74: M1T.C, M1E.C, Secretary

WALLIS, Theresa A. (M.76)
1976/77: W1E.2

WALLS, Gerard V. (M.90)
1990/91: M4E
1991/92: M3E.S

WALSH, Christopher (M.95)
1995/96: MJ8, M1T.6, M2E.4*

WALSH, Martin (M.07)
2007/08: Isis, M1E.5
2008/09: Isis
2009/10: OUBC, M1E.5

WALTER, Andrew J. (M.78)
1980/81: M3T.7*
1981/82: M2T.7, M5E

WALTERS, Katherine J. (M.00)
2001/02: W2E.5

WALTON, Roger A. (M.76)
1977/78: M1T.B
1978/79: M3E.5

WANG, Evan (M.06)
2007/08: MNC8, M2T.2

WANG, Frances (M.13)
2013/14: W2T.2

WANG, Hao (M.??)
2005/06: MNC8

WANG Jingjing (Alice) (M.??)
2014/15: W2E.2
2015/16: W2T.sub

WANG, Selina B-J. (M.??)
2004/05: WNA8

WARAICH, Saleem (M.98)
1998/99: MB4

WARD, D. (M.??)
1972/73: M3E

WARD, F. Bruce (M.65)
1965/66: M1E.3
1967/68: M2T.B
1968/69: M2E

WARD, Nigel T. (M.79)
1979/80: M6E.3

WARD, Thomas F. (M.05)
2005/06: M3E.5
2006/07: M3E.6

WARLAND, Cyril J. (M.40)

WARMINK, Stuart (M.80)
1981/82: M3T.C, M3E.C, M4E.B
1982/83: M1T.C, M4E.7

WARNER, Angus J. (M.01)
2001/02: Isis, M1E.6

WASHBOURNE, Paul A. (M.61)
1961/62: M2T, M2E

WASSERMAN, Anya (M.18)
2018/19: MNB8.sub

WATERFIELD, Emma K. (M.88)
1989/90: W2E

WATERFIELD, Natalie C. (M.93)
1993/94: WN8, W2T, W2E.6
1994/95: WS4, W1T.3, W1E.4, Secretary
1995/96: Women's Captain (MT)

WATERS, Arnold R. (M.87)
1987/88: M3T, M4E
1988/89: M2T, M2E, Secretary
1989/90: M1T.B, M5E*

WATERS, Timothy G. (M.98)
1998/99: MNA8

WATKINS, Karen E. (M.92)
1992/93: W3E.6

WATSON, Elena O. (M.13)
2013/14: W2T.5, W2E.S

WATSON, George D. (M.46)
1947/48: M1E.2

WATSON, Richard J. (M.68)
1968/69: M1E.4
1969/70: M1T, M1E.4, Secretary
1970/71: M3E

WATSON, S. C. (M.??)
1935/36: M2E.C

WATTS, G. J. (M.??)
1952/53: M2T, M2E

WATTS, William (M.75)
1975/76: M1E.B
1976/77: M5E.7
1977/78: M3E.4*

WEARE, Lindsay (M.07)
2007/08: W3E.3
2008/09: W3E.2

WEARN, Richard J. (M.62)
1963/64: M3E

WEBB, Cam O. (M.86)
1986/87: M2T*, M2E
1987/88: M1T.2, M1E.2
1988/89: M3T, M6E.5*

WEBB, Dahn C.R. (M.21)
2021/22: MNB8.3

WEBB, David J. (M.79)
1980/81: M2T, M5E.7
1981/82: M5E
1982/83: M2T.7
1988/89: M4E

WEBBER, Frances Y. (M.10)
2010/11: WNB8, W2T.S, W1E.3

WEBBER, Jude C. (M.85)
1985/86: W2T, W2E.S
1986/87: W1E
1988/89: W1T, Women's Vice-Captain

WEBER, Natalie (M.??)
1999/00: WNB8, W2T, W1E.2

WEDDERBURN, Robert J. (M.48)
1948/49: M2E
1949/50: M4E*
1950/51: M1T, M1E.4
1951/52: M3E

WEEKS, Samuel P. (M.17)
2017/18: MNA8, M2T.2

WEIGALL, S. (M.??)
1882 M18
1883 M18, 1883 Wyfold4

WEILL Soraya (M.14) [B]
2014/15: WNB8

WEINGOLD, J. T. (M.??)
1924/25: M1E.4
1925/26: M1E.3

WEISBAUM, Simcheon D. (M.51)
1951/52: M2T, M2E

WELBURN, Walter G. (M.48)
1948/49: M3E*
1949/50: M1T, M2E
1950/51: M3E

WELCH, Andrew C. (M.88)
1988/89: M4T

WELDRICK, Louise (M.95)
1995/96: WN8, W3T.3, W4E.3
1996/97: W4E

WELLINGS, Anna L (M.98)
1999/00: M3E

WELLS, Emma-Jo R. (M.91)
1991/92: W2E.B
1992/93: W2E.B

WELLS, John R. (M.64)
1965/66: M2E

WELTZ, Mike (M.??)
1997/98: M5T

WENDLANDT, Hanssen (M.97)
1997/98: MJ4, MJ8, M1T.B

2006/07: WNB8

WESSON, Abigail(M.10)
2010/11: W1T.7, W2E.sub

WEST, Damian (M.95)
1995/96: OUBC, M1E.6

WEST, Laura C. (M.01) [B]
2001/02: W2E.B
2002/03: W2T.sub, W2E.5, Women's Captain

WESTGATE, Geoffrey E. (M.87)
1987/88: M6E
1988/89: M4T, M2E

WESTLEY, Niall L. C. (M.06)
2007/08: M4E.4

WESTON, Adam (M.13)
2013/14: M2E.3
2014/15: M1T.4, Men's Joint-Captain of Lower Boats

WESTON, H. E. (M.??)
1898 M18
1899 M18
1900 Captain

WESTWOOD, Andrew D. (M.88)
1988/89: M5E

WHARTON, Ashley R. (M.??)
2005/06: MNA8

WHARTON, Katherine N. (M.97)
1997/98: WNA8, W2T, W1E.3
1998/99: W1T.5, W2E

WHATMORE, Elizabeth A. (M.82)
1983/84: W2E.5
1984/85: W2T, W3E.4

WHEELER, Andrew P. D. S. (M.99)
1999/00: MNA8

WHELAN, Katy-Louise (M.13)
2013/14: MNB8c
2014/15: MNA8.C, M2T.C, M2E.C
2015/16: MNA8.C, M2T.C, Captain of Coxes
2017/18: M2T.C, W1E.sub

WHERITY, Catherine (M.07)
2007/08: WNB8, W1T.6*, W1E.6
2008/09: W1T.S*, W1E.S, Women's Captain

2016/17: W1E.4

WHITE, Andrew B. (M.86)
1986/87: M5E
1987/88: M6E

WHITE, A. D. (M.??)
1926/27: OUBC Trials
HT1928 M18
1929 Secretary

WHITE, Catherine L. (M.88)
1988/89: W2E

WHITE, D. M. (M.??)
1949/50: M2T

WHITE, Edward D. (M.63)
1964/65: M4E

WHITE, H. Kent (M.23)
1923/24: M1T
1924/25: M1T.S, M1E.S
1925/26: M1E.S, Captain
HT1928 M18

WHITE, Paul C. (M.97)
1998/99: M4E

WHITEHEAD, Paul K. (M.01)
2001/02: MNB8, M2T, M2E.4
2002/03: M1T.6, M1E.B, Men's Vice-Captain

WHITMORE, J. F. (M.??)
1964/65: M5E
1965/66: M5E

WHITNALL, Charles H. (M.48)
1948/49: M2T, M2E
1949/50: M4E*

WHITTEN, Ruth E. (M.01)
2002/03: W3E.B

WHITTLE, Frances L. (M.96)
1996/97: WN8, W2T.3*, W2E.4*
1997/98: MJ8.C, WJ8, M2T.C, W3E.C, Secretary
1998/99: MA4.C, MNC8.C

WHORWOOD, John (M.??)
1971/72: M2E
1972/73: M1T.4, M1E.4, Treasurer
1973/74: M3E
1974/75: M1T.4, M1E.S, Captain

WHYTE, Isobel (M.16)
2016/17: WNB8, W2E.3

WHYTE, Kathryn A. (M.99) [B]
1999/00: W1E.5

WIARD, H. D. (M.??)
1945/46: M1T.S, M1E.S
1946/47: M1E.4, Captain

WICHELHAUS, Daniel P. (M.88)
1988/89: M3E

WICKE, Niels S.
2017/18: MNA8, M1T.B, M1E.2, M4E.C
2018/19: M1T.S, M2T.C, M1E.4, M2E.sub, M3E.C*, Men's Co-Captain
2019/20: Captain of Coxes

WICKS, Steven J. (M.03)
2003/04: MNA8, M1T.4, M2E.5
2004/05: M1T.3, M1E.7, Captain of Training
2005/06: M1T.7*, Social Sec

WIDDICOMBE, Peter J. (M.74)
1974/75: M3E.2

WIGGIN, Audrey (M.92)
1992/93: W2E.5

WIGGINS, C. Gail (M.78)
1978/79: W2E.4
1979/80: W2E.6
1981/82: W3E

WILCOCKSON, Clare (M.07)
2007/08: WNB8, W1T.B*, W1E.B
2008/09: W1T.3*, W1E.B, Women's Captain of Lower Boats

WILES, A. D. (M.??)
1923/24: M1T, M1E.7
1924/25: Secretary

WILDE, Jim (M.92)
1992/93: M4E.2

WILFORD, Christopher L. (M.51)
1951/52: M1T.C, M2E.C
1952/53: M1T.C, M1E.C, Treasurer

WILFORD, Susan E. (M.79)
1979/80: W3E.3

1976/77: M2E.4

WILLARD, J. S. (M.??)
HT1929 M18
HT1930 M18, TT1930 M18
1930/31: M1E.3

1962/63: M4E

WILLENS, Nicholas J. B. (M.61)
1962/63: M4E
1963/64: M6E

1954/55: M3E.C
1955/56: M1T.C, M1E.C
1956/57: M3E.C

WILLIAMS, Bethan E. (M.89)
1989/90: W3E
1990/91: W3E

1974/75: M2T.B, M2E.B

WILLIAMS, Dominic (M.06)
2006/07: MNA8

WILLIAMS, E. O. (M.??)
1918/19: M1T.C

WILLIAMS, Elaine (M.84)
1984/85: W3T, W2E.S

WILLIAMS, Florence M. (M.97)
1997/98: WNA8, W2T, W1E.B
1998/99: WS4, W1T.S, W1E.6, Women's Vice-Captain
1999/00: WS8, W1E.S
2000/01: Osiris, W1E.6

WILLIAMS, G. B. C. (M.??)
1933/34: M1T.7

WILLIAMS, G. O. (M.??)
HT1910 M18

WILLIAMS, Jameson (M.??)
2007/08: M2T.S, M3E.S

WILLIAMS, Paul (M.95)
1997/98: M6E.B

WILLIAMS, P. Gareth (M.79)
1979/80: M6E.5
1980/81: M1T.5, M1E.5
1981/82: M1T.B, M5E
1982/83: M1T.7, M1E.5

WILLIAMS, S. B. (M.??)
1930/31: M2E.B

WILLIAMS, Steffan (M.??)
2017/18: MNB8.sub

WILLIAMS, U. O. (M.??)
HT1929 M18

WILLIAMSON, Matthew (M.97)
1997/98: MJ8, M2T, M3E.7*
1998/99: MB4, M1T.3*, M2E
1999/00: M3T

WILLIAMSON, Rachel (M.??)
2003/04: W3E.B

WILLIAMSON, Ross C. (M.12)
2012/13: M3E.6

WILLIAMSON, Sinead A. (M.01)
2001/02: M2T.C, W3E.C

WILLIS, Emma L. J. (M.02)
2002/03: WNA8, W2T.5
2003/04: W1T.5, W1E.2
2004/05: W1T.B, W1E.sub

WILLIS, Karen (M.92)
1992/93: W3E.S

WILLIS, R. L. (M.??)
1949/50: M3T

WILLIS, Sarah L. (M.88)
1988/89: W2E
1989/90: W2E

WILLNER Anne L. (M.14)
2014/15: WNB8

WILMOT, Duncan R. H. (M.81)
1981/82: M4T.6

WILMOT, J. E. (M.??)
1930/31: M1E.S

WILMOTT, Paul (M.78)
1978/79: W2T.C, M5E.C
1979/80: M2T.C, M2E.C
1981/82: M5E.C
1982/83: M3E.C
1983/84: W1E.C

WILMSHURST, Jonathan J. (M.76)
1976/77: M1E.7*
1977/78: M1T.7, M1E.7, W1E.C, Men's Captain
1978/79: M1T.7, M1E.7

WILSDON, H. A. (M.??)
HT1913 M18
TT1914 M18, Captain

WILSON, Alan C. H. (M.77)
1979/80: M3T, M6E.S
1980/81: M2E.5

WILSON, Alayne (M.91)
1991/92: M3E.C
1992/93: M2T.C, W1E.C*

WILSON, Cleo C. (M.97)
1997/98: WNB8, W2T, W2E.3
1998/99: W2T

WILSON, John (M.37)
TT1938 M18
TT1940 M28

WILSON, Joseph P. (M.02)
2002/03: MNA8, M2T.S, M2E.6
2003/04: M2T.6, M2E.2

WILSON, Katherine E. (M.99)
1999/00: MNC8 [sic], W3T
2001/02: W3E.5

WILSON, Kirsten E. (M.89)
1989/90: W4E
1990/91: W3E

WILSON, Louise J. (M.89)
1989/90: W3E
1990/91: W3E

WILSON, Marcus (M.05)
2005/06: MNB8,
2006/07: M2T.7, M2E.4

WILSON, Michael J. (M.57)
1965/66: M5E

WILSON, Nigel G. C. (M.64)
1964/65: M5E
1965/66: M5E

WILSON, Robert D. (M.88)
1988/89: M2T, M2E
1989/90: M5E*

WILSON, Rohan M. (M.01)
2001/02: M2T

WILTON, D. T. (M.??)
1969/70: M4E
1970/71: M4E
1971/72: M4E

WILTSHIRE, Christopher Q. S. (M.85)
1985/86: M1T, M1E.4
1986/87: M1T, M1E
1987/88: M3E

WIMBUSH, N. N. (M.??)
TT1904 M18, Secretary

WINCH, C. B. (M.??)
1957/58: M3E

WINCH, David L. (M.??)
1955/56: M1T, M1E.4
1956/57: M1T*, M1E.6
1959/60: M4E
1960/61: M1E.2

WINCHESTER, Simon (M.63)
1963/64: M1T, M1E.6
1964/65: M1T.S
1965/66: M3E

WINDEBANK, Peter J. (M.78)
1978/79: M2T.B
1979/80: M2T.3, M2E.3
1980/81: M3E.3

WINDER, James T. R. (M.15)
2015/16: M1T.6, M1E.S
2016/17: M1T.6, M1E.6*, Men's Captain

WINSTANLEY, Alexandria (M.07)
2007/08: WNB8, W1T.3, W1E.3
2008/09: W1T.6*, W1E.6, Secretary

WINTER, Stephen G. (M.??)
2002/03: MNA8

WINTERSON, Jeannette (M.78)
1978/79: W4E.B

WISE, Alan (M.10)
2010/11: MNB8

WISE, Hillier B. A. (M.56)
1958/59: M3E
1959/60: M3E

WISE, Samantha J. (M.87)
1987/88: W3E

WISEMAN, Elliott (M.93)
1993/94: MS8, M1T.3, M1E.3
1994/95: M1T.7, M1E.4, Men's Vice-Captain

WISEMAN, Frances K. (M.99)
1999/00: WNB8, W3T.C

WISEMAN, R. G. (M.??)
1960/61: M1T, M1E.6
1961/62: M1E.6

WISSMANN, Rasmus (M.11)
2011/12: M2T.3, M2E.B
2012/13: M3T.6, M2E.4

WITHERINGTON, Laurence J. (M.??)
2003/04: M3E.6

WITT, Eric W. (M.??)
2002/03: MNA8, M1T.4, M2E.3

WITTER, William J. P. (M.72)
1972/73: M3T.5, M1E.3
1974/75: M4E

WITTMAN, A. R. (M.??)
1908/09: M1T, M1E

WOFFINDALE, Caroline A. (M.06)
2006/07: WNA8, W2T.7, W2E.S
2007/08: W1E.4, Women's Vice-Captain
2008/09: W1T.4*

WOLBERS, H. Larry (M.70)
1971/72: M2E, Treasurer
1972/73: M3T.B, M2E

WOLFF, Kara E. (M.01)
2001/02: WNB8

WONG, Cheuk (M.07)
2008/09: MNB8

WONG, Jacqueline M. S. (M.89)
1989/90: W1E.4
1990/91: W1T.6, W1E.4

WONG, Luet-Lok (M.80)
1980/81: M3T.2*, M3E.2

WOOD, Andrew H. (M.75)
1976/77: M4E.7

WOOD, C. W. G. (M.??)
HT1911 M18

WOOD, Matthew V. (M.89)
1989/90: M1T.4, M1E.6
1990/91: M1T.6, M1E.6, Men's Captain
1991/92: Isis, M1E.6
1992/93: M5E.6

WOOD, T. H. H. (M.??)
HT1911 M18c, TT1911 M18c
1913 Secretary
1914 Secretary

WOODCOCK, Emma K. (M.16)
2016/17: WNA8

WOODESON, Emily A. V. (M.97)
1997/98: WNA8, W1T.3, W1E.4
1998/99: WS4, W1T.7, W1E.7, Women's Captain
1999/00: OUWBC

WOODFIELD, Emily (M.95)
1995/96: WN8, W3T.4, W4E.2
1996/97: W4E

2018/19: MNA8, M1T.4, M1E.5
2019/20: Social Secretary
2020/21: OUBC Trials, M1T.5, Secretary
2021/22: M3E.sub

WOODHOUSE, Fern (M.14) [B]
2014/15: WNB8

WOODROW, James M. (M.02)
2002/03: M1E.6
2003/04: OUBC Trials, M1E.6

WOODS, Anne (M.??)
1978/79: W4E.S
1979/80: W2T, W1E.6

WOODS, Alex [B]
2003/04: MNA8

WOODWORTH, Curt (M.97)
1997/98: M5T, M5E.2

WOOLLEY, Christopher B. (M.70)
1971/72: M1T.B, M1E.B
1972/73: M3T.7, M2E

WOOLLEY, F. A. (M.??)
1882 M18c
1883 M18c

WOOLLEY, Elizabeth (M.85)
1985/86: W2T, W2E.3
1986/87: W1E
1987/88: W4E

WOOLLFORD, Stuart P. (M.96)
1996/97: M5E
1997/98: M4E.2

WORTHINGTON, Helen L. (M.99)
1999/00: WNA8, W2T

WRIGHT, Edward M. (M.58)
1958/59: M2E
1959/60: M2E

WRIGHT, Elizabeth J. (M.96)
1996/97: WN8.C, W2T.C*, W2E.C*
1997/98: WJ4.C, WS4.C, WJ8.C, W2T.C, W1E.C
1998/99: W1T.C

WRIGHT, J. (M.??)
1955/56: M3E

WRIGHT, M. (M.??)
1960/61: M5E

WRIGHT, Nicholas A.
2002/03: MNA8

WRIGHT, Paul R. (M.78)
1978/79: M5E.B
1979/80: M3E.C

WRIGHT, Thomas G. (M.95)
1995/96: MN8, M2T.S, M3E.7*
1997/98: MS4, M1T.7, M1E.3, Men's Captain
1998/99: M1T.5*

WRIGHT, William C. (M.49)
1949/50: M1T, M1E.2
1950/51: M1T, M1E.S, Secretary
1951/52: M3E

WRIGHTON, B. F. (M.??)
1921/22: M1T
1922/23: M1T.2

WU, Ruoxi R. (M.08)
2008/09: M2T.C, W2E.C

WU, Yue Ming (M.??)
2007/08: MNC8

WU, Ziqi (M.??)
2005/06: M3T.6

WYATT, Derek M. (M.81)
1981/82: M6E

WYATT, Rebecca (M.10)
2010/11: WNB8.sub

XU, Christopher (M.14)
2014/15: M1T.C

YAMAMOTO, Grace (M.??)
1999/00: WNB8

YANG, Victor (M.??)
2010/11: M4E.6

YARHAM, Kenneth (M.08)
2009/10: MNB8, M3T.3, M4E.3

YARMIS, Samantha J. (M.12)
2012/13: W3T.2, W2E.2

YATES, Anthony D. (M.64)
1965/66: M5E

YATES, D. (M.??)
1964/65: M4E

YATES, Helen (M.90)
1990/91: W4E
1991/92: W2E.3

YEO, D. C. (M.??)
1949/50: M3T, M2E
1950/51: M1E.2
1951/52: M1E.2

YEOWELL, S. (M.??)
1983/84: W3E.4

YEUNG, Winnie Y. (M.??) [B]
2006/07: W2E.3

YIK, Karen (M.92)
1992/93: W3E.B

YOUD, David W. (M.78)
1978/79: M4E.6
1979/80: M1T, M1E.2
1980/81: M1T.6, M1E.S

YOUNG Kieran (M.15)
2015/16: MNA8, M2T.5, M1E.3

YOUNG, Nicholas G. (M.68)
1968/69: M1T.B, M1E.B, Treasurer
1969/70: M1T.C, M1E.7, Captain

ZAKARIA, Amer H. (M.??)
2006/07: MNB8

ZDRAVKOVIC, Alexander B. (M.05)
2005/06: M1T.S*
2006/07: Nephthys, M1E.S

ZHOU, Dongmei (M.01)
2001/02: W2E.3

ZHOU CHEN, Ting (M.21)
2021/22: WN8.2, W2T.B

ZIMMER David (M.10)
2010/11: MNB8, M1T.2, M1E.2
2011/12: Nephthys, M1E.6, Men's Vice-Captain
2012/13: M1T.4, M2E.S
2014/15: M1E.S
2015/16: M3E.7, President
2016/17: M3E.S
2017/18: M3E.sub
2018/19: M3E.7*

ZIMMERMAN, Hans-Jurgen (M.60)
1960/61: M2T, M3E

ZISNER, Aimee (M.10)
2010/11: WNA8

ZISSELL, Catherine J. (M.87)
1987/88: W1T.4, W1E.5
1988/89: Osiris, W1E.6*
1989/90: W1T.6, W5E*

ZOBEL Florian (M.15)
2015/16: M2T.2, M3E.5