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Last updated 13MAY22

The following members of St Catherine's College Boat Club have rowed for Oxford University crews against Cambridge.
2022 OUBC Angus Groom (7)
Isis Augustin Wambersie (6)
2021 Osiris Oriane Grant (6)
OULRC Zi Hong (C)
OUBC Augustin Wambersie (S)
2020 OUWLRC Clare Leckie (S)
OUWLRC Emily Hoogkamer (7) (Linacre)
Osiris Hannah Morrisey selected but the race was cancelled due to Coronavirus
OUBC Augustin Wambersie selected but the race was cancelled due to Coronavirus
2019 OUBC Augustin Wambersie (S)
2018 OUWBC Morgan McGovern (5)
2016 OUWLRC Anna Corderoy (C)
OUWLRC Lucy Roberts (non-rowing President)
2014 OUWLRC Emma Clifton (7) (Magdalen)
OULRC David Zimmer (2)
2012 Osiris Inge Hertzog (6)
Osiris Charlotte Marshall (5)
OUBC Zoe de Toledo (C)
2011 Isis Zoe de Toledo (C)
2010 OUBC Martin Walsh (2) (Green-Templeton)
2009 OUBC Colin Groshong (C)
OUBC Colin Smith (2) (President)
Isis Martin Walsh (S)
OUBC Ante Kusurin (S) (Kellogg)
2008 OUBC Nicholas Brodie (C) (President)
OULRC Colin Groshong (C)
OUBC Jan Herzog (B)
Isis Anthony Mullin (3)
Isis Martin Walsh (4)
2007 OUBC Nicholas Brodie (C)
OUBC Ante Kusurin (S)
Isis Anthony Mullin (3)
Nephthys Alex Zdravkovic (4)
2006 Isis Nicholas Brodie (C)
Isis Bruce Magee (S)
OUBC Bastien Ripoll (S)
OUBC Colin Smith (2)
2005 Isis Nicholas Brodie (C)
OUBC Christopher Liwski (5)
Isis Colin Smith (S)
OUBC Andrew Triggs Hodge (S)
2004 OUBC Colin Smith (S)
Isis Paul Holland selected but withdrawn due to illness
2003 OULRC Simon Risoe (3)
OUBC Matthew Smith (S) (St Anne's)
2002 OULRC Michael Bull (B)
Osiris Fiona Howarth (7)
OULRC William Mulholland (4)
OUBC Matthew Smith (S)
Isis Angus Warner (S)
2001 OUBC Matthew Smith (S)
Osiris Florence Williams (3)
OUWLRC Helen Barnes (7) (St Antony's)
2000 Isis Edward Foster (3)
OULRC Richard Law (2)
OUBC Matthew Smith (4)
OUWBC Emily Woodeson (5)
1999 OULRC Benjamin Brookes (6)
Isis Edward Foster (6)
1998 Isis Edward Foster (4)
Isis Oliver Jones (5)
Osiris Sarah Jones (C)
1997 OUWBC Emily Lloyd (5) (Vice-President)
1996 OUWBC Emily Lloyd (6)
OUBC Damian West (4)
1995 OUBC Laird Reed (4)
1994 OUBC Christian Mahne (2)
1993 OUBC Matthew Pinsent (6) (President)
OUBC Phillip Schuller (7)
1992 Isis Matthew Wood (3)
1991 OUBC Neil Chugani (C)
OUBC Rupert Obholzer (S) (President)
OUBC Matthew Pinsent (6)
1990 Isis Neil Chugani (C)
OUBC Rupert Obholzer (2)
OUBC Matthew Pinsent (4)
OULRC Julian Batt (B) (St Peter's)
1989 Osiris Catherine Zissell (4)
1986 OUWBC Joanne Gough (6)
Osiris Rosalind Temple (7)
1985 OUWBC Joanne Gough (7)
OULRC Ian Robson (S)
1984 OULRC Anu Dudhia (B)
Osiris Joanne Gough (5)
1982 OUWBC Margaret Jollands (B)
Osiris Olive Spurway (B)
Isis Anthony Mitchell (B)
1979 OUWBC Sally Lincoln (C)
OUWBC Lwt Karen Troy rowed for the 'Blues Lightweight crew'
1978 OUWBC Belinda Bawden (3)
OUWBC Sally Holden (S)
OUBC Tristram Sutton (B)
1977 OUWBC Kimberley Adams
Isis Tristram Sutton
1976 OUWBC Kimberley Adams
Isis Tristram Sutton
OUWBC Pauline Symonds
1967 OUBC Peter Miller (C)
1966 Isis Peter Miller (C)
The Isis-Goldie races started in 1965, but our records mention two Catz oarsmen rowing for 'Isis' before this date
1961 Isis Francis Gignac (Campion Hall) 'competed' against Goldie in the Head of the River Race
1945 Isis Richard Crofton 'gained his Isis colours'

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