SCCBC - Top Rowers

Last Updated: 01SEP22 - ongoing

This is a list of the current Boat Club members who've made the most Torpids or Eights starts for the College (min qualification: 17 starts).

Starts Name Notes
47 James Wills 2017 Eights: includes M1 rowing Sandwich Boat on 1st day
2021 Torpids: includes M2 rowing Sandwich Boat on 2nd day
2022 Torpids: includes subbing in as M1T cox on Friday
26 Kan Li T19(2), E19(4), T21(8), T22(4), E22(8)
24 Ilayda Karadag T19(4), E19(4), T21(8), T22(4), E22(4)
20 Meirian Evans T18(1), E18(5), T19(9), E19(5)
19 Oriane Grant T17(2), E17(3), T18(3), E18(3), E19(4), E22(4)
17 Orlaith Breen T18(1), E18(4), T19(5), E19(3), E22(4)
17 James Duckitt T19(4), E19(4), T21(4), T22(3), E22(2)

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