Torpids 2019

22FEB18 Last updated

Official results will be posted on the OURCs web-pages. Any questions regarding the information on these pages, contact Anu Dudhia.
Starting Orders
Provisional although with new entrants currently listed in time order — these will be randomised.

Rowing On
Provisional Results (now confirmed)
The last women's qualifying place is to be decided between Merton W2 and St Benet's.

2019 Starting Order
The 2019 starting order is based on the 2018 Complete Finishing Order, removing any crews which have not entered this year. From the fixed divisions, these are which created 2 extra qualifying places for Rowing On, i.e., 14 men's crews and 14 women's crews qualified. Trinity M3 and Linacre W2 will be re-inserted 6 places lower in the 2019 finishing order after the end of racing.

Last year
Torpids 2018 page
2018 Complete finishing order
The 'Complete' finishing order is the Saturday finishing order with the following crews, which did not enter for 2018, reinserted 6 places lower (Rule A3.7(c)