Torpids 2021 (8–11 June)

12JUN21 21:30 W7 corrections.
Official results will be posted on the OURCs web-pages. Any questions regarding the information on these pages, contact Anu Dudhia.

Live Coverage

Start Orders

Complete Finish Order

This is the Friday finish order with crews not entered this year reinserted 6 places lower. This will be the basis for the 2022 start order. I've reverted to the 2019 format of divisions of 12 boats for ease of comparison (which means creating a new W.Div VI) but the actual division structure for next Torpids is not yet decided.


At the end of racing You can also click on crew-names in the Start Orders for stats on individual crews.

Rowing On (Sat 5th June)

Special rules for this year: I assume this means that the 2021 finish order will be constructed as follows
  1. All non-racing crews set to six places below their original positions
  2. All racing crews distributed in the remaining slots in their finishing order

Crews not entered 2021

The following crews have not been entered for 2021. Numbers in brackets show their position in the 2019 finishing order The following crews from the fixed divisions either failed to Row On, or scratched before Rowing On (so, effectively, treated as 'not entered')

2019 Torpids