Oxford University Club Hurriers (OUCH)

(formerly Mansfield Road Runners)

The Running Group of the University Club

2019 Committee Chris Kennedy (President), Hannah Kennedy (Secretary), Radu Cimpeanu (Treasurer), Alan Darbyshire (Race Awareness), Anu Dudhia (Webmaster), Alecia Nickless (Statistician), Richard Plater (Public Relations), Brian Vlastakis (Social Sec)

Queries: email anu.dudhia@physics.ox.ac.uk

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The Oxford
University Club provides social and sports facilities for staff and postgraduate students who do not have access to college facilities.

The running group usually meets Tuesday and Friday lunchtimes and Thursday evening each week throughout the year, starting from the changing rooms at the back of the University Club in Mansfield Road [Map]. Showers and lockers are available, although the lockers require a pound coin as deposit for the key.

The number of participants varies between 2 and 20 (see statistics) and runs typically last 30-40 minutes, with alternative routes to suit all abilities, typically spanning 6-10 minute mile pace. After the Thursday evening run we settle into the bar of the University Club to set the world to rights.

The club does not seek to poach members from proper local running clubs and it is not affiliated to any athletics organisation. The more enthusiastic members enter events such as those listed below, but there are others who only ever turn for the pub sessions. However, be warned that some of the latter category have unexpectedly found themselves pitched into the former category but not all while under the influence of alcohol).

New runners are welcome to join us at any time, although those less confident in their running abilities may prefer to wait for the special "newcomers" sessions (usually the first Tuesday and Thursday of every month) where we attempt to provide escorts and 30 minute-routes whatever your speed.

Further details can be obtained from Anu Dudhia (anu.dudhia@physics.ox.ac.uk) or by subscribing yourself to the e-mail list


Thursday, 25th April
Handicap run (anticlockwise)
Meet at the University Club from 7pm onwards ready to go at your allotted Start Time
Note slight modification to the route: due to building works, run around the Science Area rather than through it.
Afterwards in the Club bar.

Friday, 26th April
Meet 1pm at the University Club
Jon to choose the route

Sunday, 27th April
Malvern Hills Trail 1/2 M

Tuesday, 30th April
Meet 1pm at the University Club
Anu to choose the route

Further ahead ...

The list below contains races that OUCH members have entered in the past 2 years or have entered for this year.

See also

Saturday, 4th May
Oxford Greenbelt 10k
Sunday, 12th May (OUCH Target Event)
Oxford Town & Gown 10k
Sunday, 9th June (OUCH Target Event)
Chiltern Chase 5/10/15k
Saturday, 20th July (OUCH Target Event)
Farmoor 10k
Sunday, 25th August (OUCH Target Event)
Headington 5m
Saturday, 7th September (OUCH Target Event)
Witney 10m
Saturday, 19th October (OUCH Target Event)
Banbury Park Run


Race Stats

Cumulative Distance (left) [Prev] and Pace v Duration (right) for formal races entered by OUCH members over the last 12 months (top 10 runners, by total race distance, only). Open symbols are for results more than 3 months ago. Data source: [race_stats.txt]

Regular runs

Here is the unnecessarily, but satisfyingly, complicated scheme to decide who picks the route each week:

(Below) Histograms show attendance for past 10 weeks and past 50 weeks (limited to top 15 runners). Outline columns show previous week's stats, figures in brackets are change in the average compared to the previous week. Colour indicates number of consecutive runs up to the most recent run (red=1, orange=2 etc).

Tuesday Statistics
Steering Committee
  1. Anu
  2. Sandy
  3. Leonie
  4. Jon
  5. Rob
  6. David
  7. Radu

[Previous Week]
Highest change in position:
No change from previous week.

[Previous Week]
Highest change in position:
Alexandra up to 9, Elise down to 10.

Thursday Statistics
Steering Committee
  1. Radu
  2. Jon
  3. Chris
  4. Jason
  5. Hannah
  6. Brian
  7. Rob
  8. Alan
  9. Leonie

[Previous Week]
Highest change in position:
Chris up to 2, Brian down to 3.

[Previous Week]
Highest change in position:
Jon up to 1, Chris down to 2.

Friday Statistics
Steering Committee
  1. Jon
  2. Leonie
  3. Rob

[Previous Week]
Highest change in position:
Leonie up to 1, Jon down to 2.

[Previous Week]
Highest change in position:
Rob up to 6, Sarah down to 7.

Maps of some local runs

Runs starting and finishing at the University Club in Mansfield Rd. "all road" routes are suitable for night-time runs and, usually, all weather conditions although note that the cycle track out to Marston Rd is prone to flooding [
Cycle Path Status]

Maps of other local routes can be found on the Headington Road Runners Website.

Most of the above maps have been produced using the (free) tools available on either of:

OUCH e-mail list

Events and Results

Some events we have entered over the past year (chronological order)
Events skipped this year but entered the previous year:

Ashford & District 10k

10th February 2019 (515 finished) [Full Results]

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Banbury 15m


The course was gently undulating, and the weather nice, apart from 15 minutes of bitterly cold, driving rain towards the end of the race - SW 2009.

17th March 2019 (249 finished) [Full Results]
19th March 2017 (282 finished) [Full Results]

18th March 2012 (303 finished) [Full Results]

8th March 2009 (378 finished) [Full Results]

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Barcelona Cursa dels Nassos 10k


31st December 2018 (9160 finished) [Full Results]

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Bath Two Tunnels 10k

3rd March 2019 (820 finished) [Full Results]

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Blenheim 10k & Half Marathon


Beautiful course over Blenheim palace grounds and a loop via Woodleys. Nice sunny day but not too warm. Enough space to overtake if desired. Support by audience very poor (mostly people staring at runners rather than cheering them on), .5l water bottles at water points; a terrible waste of drinking water, plastic bottles and the energy it took to get all those heavy bottles there, hopefully net year they will just hand out cups of tap water. - EE 2013

30th September 2018 (1/2 M) (1112 finished) [Full Results]
(10k) (1625 finished)

2nd October 2016 (10k) (???? finished)

4th October 2015 (???? finished)

5th October 2014 (1567 finished) [Full Results]

6th October 2013 (1484 finished) [Full Results]

7th October 2012 (1560 finished) [Full Results]

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Chiltern Chase 5k/10k/15k


A very pretty and not too arduous on- and off-road run based in Ewelme, South Oxfordshire. Attractive countryside, no hills, optional massage and compulsory home-made cakes at the finish - a very pleasant morning - CL 2009

4th June 2017 (15k) (129 finished) [Full Results]
4th June 2017 (10k) (328 finished) [Full Results]

7th June 2015 (15.4k) (125 finished) [Full Results]

10th June 2012 (10k) (417 finished) [Full Results]

13th June 2010 (10k)

7th June 2009 (10k) (390 finished) [Full Results]

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Concord 5m


17th June, 2018 (83 finished) [Full Results]

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Oxford Council Christmas Fun Run

An annual (since 1978) event for council employees and guests. Two laps of Christchurch Meadow (approx 2.25 miles). Sponsored by the City and County Branches of Unison. Free entry.
13th December, 2017 (100 finished)
  • Jason Smith 13:08 (4th)
  • Jan Mol 13:59 (10th)

9th December 2016 (? finished)
  • Graeme Coates 13:29 (7th)

8th December 2004 (135 finished)
  • Anu Dudhia 12:46 (7th)
  • Ahmed Sadek 14:09 (16th)
  • Nick Rees 16:02 (37th)
  • Chris Leftley 16:37 (43rd)
  • Soji Oduleye 16:57 (50th)

10th December 2003 (116 finished) Pictures (click on left of page for further pictures - 10 pages in total)
And here is the age-adjusted version of the results ...

11th December 2002 (97 finished)

12th December 2001 (104 finished)

13th December 2000 (86 finished)
Course slightly modified because of flooding. Photo of the start.

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Didcot 5m


Flat, fast course mostly traffic free on foot and bike paths round Ladygrove - AD 2015

1st July 2018 (258 finished) [Full Results]

2nd July 2017 (257 finished) [Full Results]

5th July 2015 (148 finished) [Full Results]

12th July 2009 (183 finished) [Full Results]

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Goring 10k


It was hilly, cold, windy and wet. Free hot drink for runners. Bit cramped hiding from the weather in the scout hut , but plenty of bacon sandwiches, soup and other refreshments available - VB 2010.

The course is "ok". The first few k is an upward climb out of the river valley, then it's a few k on flat (and very exposed on a cold day!) countryside before a few k back down again. It's a handy, local event and the roads are well organised but changing is cramped, there's nowhere decent to leave a bag, the showers were switched off, very long queues for the loos and nowhere to get a hot drink which everyone was desperate for on a freezing day - PD 2008.

4th March 2012 [Full Results] (949 finished)

28th February 2010 [Full Results] (888 finished) Times are gun-to-chip

1st March 2009 [Results] (995 finished)

24th February 2008

27th February 2005

6th January, 2002 (254 finished)

7th January, 2001

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Henley Half Marathon


21st October, 2018 (479 finished) [Full Results]

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Heyford Park

5k, 10k and Half Marathon races.

10th June 2018 - 10k (174 finished) [Full Results]
10th June 2018 - 5k (84 finished) [Full Results]
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Kirtlington 10k


30th September 2018 (93 finished, 5k and 10k combined) [Full Results]

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San Silvestre Lisbon 10k


30th December 2017 (8171 finished) [Full Results]

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London Marathon


Anu Dudhia and Amanda Manning have both completed this classic. Steve Bass competed as the second-youngest runner in 1994 (before his Oxford days). The list of runners who have entered but failed to get selected in the ballot is too long to record here.

23rd April 2017 (39349 finished) [Full Results]

24th April 2016 (39045 finished) [Full Results]

26th April 2015 (37541 finished) [Full Results]

22nd April 2012 [Full Results] (36672 finished)

17th April 2011 [Full Results] (34802 finished)

26th April 2009 [Full Results] (36604 finished)

22nd April 2007 [Full Results] (36396 finished)

17th April 2005

18th April 2004 [Full Results]

13th April 2002

22nd April 2001

16th April 2000 (31561 finished)

18th April 1999 (30??? finished)

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Maidenhead Easter 10M


Good Friday. Nice flat route, good weather (got sunburnt!) - only problem was that the start was delayed 15 mins because of the queues for the toilets (yes, really!) - PD (2007)

31st March 2016 (1239 finished) [Full Results]

26th March 2016 (803 finished) [Full Results]

18th April 2014 (867 finished) [Full Results]

27th March 2013 (1095 finished) [Full Results]

6th April 2012 (835 finished) [Full Results]

22nd April 2011 (929 runners) [Full Results]

2nd April 2010 (1055 runners) [Full Results]

11th April 2009 (1152 runners) [Full Results]

21st March 2008 (1139 runners) [Full Results]

8th April 2007 (968 runners) [Full Results]

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Malvern Hills Trail 1/2M


28th April 2018

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Marlow Half Marathon


It was very hilly and foggy but with nice autumn colours and cheerful marshals. - VB 2015

4th Nov 2018 (924 finished) [Full Results]

6th Nov 2016 (787 finished) [Full Results]

1st Nov 2015 (815 finished) [Full Results]

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Marston - Motavation Series#5


4m 47yds.

30th August 2018 (370 finished) [Full Results]

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Milton Keynes Marathon & Half Marathon


7th May 2018 (Marathon, 2028 finished)

1st May 2017 (Half-marathon: 3008 finished) [Full Results]

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Northants Ultra Shires & Spires 35m


4th June 2017 (166 finished) [Full Results]

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Otmoor Challenge


An informal event held in conjunction with the Horton-cum-Studley village fete. Approximately half-marathon distance around Otmoor with about half the distance on roads and the rest on tracks.
It was sunny and hot with not much escape to the shade. The rough ground was hard and uneven - good ankle strengthening in the longest field in the world (miles 8 and 9) followed by the longest hill in the world at mile 10. Nice route, but the longest "half-marathon" in the world, with good cakes and tea and a very jolly fete afterwards. - V&J 2006

3rd June 2017 (280 finished) [Full Results]

7th June 2014 (335 finished) [Full Results]

1st June 2013 (353 finished) [Full Results]

5th June 2010 (296 finished) [Full Results]

6th June 2009 (358 finished) [Full Results]

7th June 2008 (315 finished) [Full Results]

3rd June 2006 (353 started)

4th June 2005 (? started)

5th June 2004 (403 started?)

1st June 2002

2nd June 2001 (274 finished, slightly shortened course)

3rd June 2000 (more than 300 finished)

5th June 1999 (284 finished)

6th June 1998

7th June 1997

1st June 1996

4th June 1994 ("About 250" entries)

5th June 1993

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Oxford Town and Gown 10K


A 10K on home ground including the University Parks.

14th May 2018 (3954 finished) [Full Results]

14th May 2017 (3665 finished) [Full Results]

15th May 2016 (3561 finished) [Full Results]

10th May 2015 (2829 finished) [Full Results]

11th May 2014 (3265 finished) [Full Results]

12th May 2013 (3020 finished) [Full Results]

13th May 2012 (2361 finished) [Full Results]

15th May 2011 (2666 finished) [Full Results]

16th May 2010 (2647 finished) [Full Results]

17th May 2009 (2619 finished) [Full Results]

18th May 2008 (2666 finished) [Full Results]

20th May 2007 (2743 finished) [Full Results]

21st May 2006 (2846 finishers were timed)
The official times and positions are based on "gun" time, but chip times are now also published on the web-site.

15th May 2005 (2915 finishers were timed)

16th May 2004 (2522 finished)

18th May 2003 (2100 finished) [Full Results]

19th May 2002 (1992 finished) [Full Results]

20th May 2001 (>2000 finished)

21st May 2000 (1404 finished)

16th May 1999 (1401 finished)

17th May 1998 (1261 finished)

May 1996

May 1995

8th May 1994

9th May 1993 (1470 finished)

12th May 1991

13th May 1990 (approx 1000 finished)

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Oxford Half Marathon


7th October 2018 (8648 finished) [Full Results]

8th October 2017 (8313 finished) [Full Results]

9th October 2016 (7643 finished) [Full Results]

12th October 2014 (4461 finished) [Full Results]

13th October 2013 (3507 finished) [Full Results]

14th October 2012 (3034 finished) [Full Results]

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Paris Half-Marathon

4th March 2018 (36510 finished) [Full Results]

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Park Run 5km


A national series of weekly 5km runs. Free to enter, but requires registration. The Oxford run is in Cutteslowe and Sunnymead Park, 9am, Saturdays.

OUCH Participants

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Great Radley Run 4k


24th September 2017

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Skirrid Fell Race

Skirrid Fell Race


16th December, 2017 (146 finished) [Full Results]

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Stockholm Marathon


3rd June 2017 (9041 finished) [Full Results]

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Teddy Hall Relays


An annual mid-week relay race organised by the Oxford University Cross-Country Club on the "3 Bridges" (Donnington, Folly, Magdalen) course.

6th March 2019 (4.35m laps) [Full Results] Team "OUCH" 42dn/50 Men's teams, 8th/9 "Other Internal Oxford team".
14th March 2018 (4.35m laps) [Full Results] Team "Mason Machine" 3rd/6th 'Other Internal Oxford team' category

8th March 2017 [Full Results] Team OUCH: 1:35:09 (35th/65 Men's teams)

11th March 2015 [Full Results]
Team Results (72 men's teams, 50 mixed teams, 34 women's teams)

12th March 2014 [Full Results]
Team Results (82 men's teams, 46 mixed teams, 49 women's teams)

6th March 2013 [Full Results]
Team Results (104 men's teams, 48 mixed teams, 39 women's teams)

7th March 2012
Longer route (4.4m) including detour around edge of Christ Church Meadow, along the banks of the Cherwell.
[Full Results] (586 men/mixed, 103 women)

9th March 2011
[Provisional Results]

10th March 2010
[Full Results]
11th March 2009
Traditional Route [Full Results]

7th March 2007
Traditional Route [Full Results]
OUCH finished 4th/37 Mixed Teams (fastest 'other' category)
The Happy Runners finished 8th/37 Mixed Teams (fastest 'department' category)
Wycliffe Wellbeloveds finished 74th/103 Men's Teams
Wycliffe Wanderers finished 94th/103 Men's Teams

8th March 2006 [Provisional Results (.xls file)]
Traditional route

AOPP Finished 47th/115 Men's Teams, 2nd/21 Departmental Men's Teams
Plant Science 15th/42 Mixed Teams, 1st/9 Departmental Mixed Teams
ECI Finished 17th/42 Mixed Teams, 2nd/9 Departmental Mixed Teams

9th March 2005 [Full Results] (503 Men, 177 Women)
Using the 2002 (4.1 mile) route due to closure of the towpath and pavement at Folly Bridge

10th March 2004 (369 men, 126 women)

12th March 2003
Traditional route. [Full Results]
Team Results

6th March 2002 [Full Results]
Yet another variation due to road works on Magdalen Bridge: Iffley Rd, Donnington Bridge Rd, Weirs Lane, Abingdon Rd, cut through to the towpath past the hotel, back to Donnington Bridge, Meadow Lane, Iffley Rd - 4.1 miles, apparently.
MRR Men's A finished 30th/92 Men's Teams
MRR Men's B finished 79th/92 Men's Teams
MRR Women's A finished 10th/29 Women's Teams
MRR Women's B finished 18th/29 Women's Teams

7th March 2001
The course was diverted along Merton Street cobbles and Abingdon Road because of Foot and Mouth Disease precautions.
Mansfield Road Runners A finished 25th(/85) mens team and won the sports club competion.
Mansfield Road Runners B finished 68th(/85) and the Mixed Team 14th(/35).

8th March 2000
AOPP finished 24th(/57) in the men's team race.

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Thames Trot


Due to flooding, the 2014 Route contained many diversions from nominal 50m route along Thames Path, and ended up around 46m.

3rd February 2018 (200 finished) [Full Results]
1st February, 2014 (234 finished) [Full Results]

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Thruxton Duathlon


11.4k run, 38k bike, 3.8 run

22nd October 2017 (133 finished)

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White Horse Half Marathon


Grove, near Wantage.

It was a nice race; very well-organised, good atmosphere and the weather this year was perfect with about 11*C and sun - EE 2012

7th April 2019 (500 finished) [Full Results]
8th April 2018 (457 finished) [Full Results]
3rd April 2016 (450 finished) [Full Results]

29th March 2015 (471 finished) [Full Results]

6th April 2014 (488 finished) [Full Results]

7th April 2013 (425 finished) [Full Results]

1st April 2012 (443 finished) [Full Results]

10th April, 2011 (458 finished) [Full Results (PDF)]

11th April, 2010 (440 finished) [Full Results (PDF)]

5th April, 2009 (486 finished) [Full Results (PDF)]

1st April, 2007 (453 finished) [Provisional Results]

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Officers since 2005 (when officers were first elected)

2015 Jolyon Reburn Sophie Kendall Stuart Higgs
2014 Alan Darbyshire Richard Plater Jolyon Reburn
2013 Emily Baldock Jason Smith Richard Plater
2012 Jason Smith Julie Radcliffe Melissa Highton
2011 Victoria Bennett Dave Coote Richard Plater
2010 Graeme Coates Vijay D'Silva Melissa Highton
2009 Simon Webster Graeme Coates Phelim Daniels
2008 Phelim Daniels Julie Deacon Mark Thompson
2007 Graeme Coates Natasha Thomas Anu Dudhia
2006 Victoria Jay Graeme Coates Alan Darbyshire
2005 Anu Dudhia Jolyon Reburn Graeme Coates

The running group can trace its origins back to 1974 when a group from the Atmospheric Physics Department met weekly at Iffley Road cinder running track (where Roger Bannister ran the first 4-minute mile) for some general fitness training. Afterwards we used to have a drink in the local pub The Fir Tree (re-named to The Old Ale House in 1999). Over the years weight and circuit training became less popular with the participants and, since the boom in the early 1980s, running has become the sole activity (other than the post-training fluid replacement therapy sessions).

The origins of the running group are difficult to define precisely. However, the following records have been extracted from an old diary.

Wednesday 9th January 1974

Wednesday 23rd January 1974

Thursday 24th January 1974

One such response might be of general interest :-

Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 10:16:51 +1300 (NZDT)
From: "Dr Bryan N. Lawrence, Physics and Astronomy, UOC" {phys009@cantua.canterbury.ac.nz}
Subject: Re: Sorry - I forgot
To: "Bob Wells Tel: +44/0 1865 272915" {WELLS@av1.physics.ox.ac.uk}
Reply-to: b.lawrence@phys.canterbury.ac.nz

> http://www.atm.ox.ac.uk/user/wells/mrr.html

Damn, I'll never be able to claim I was quicker than 1.49 ...

Looks good. Mind you, if i'd ever read that before I came running the
first time I would have been scared off ... it all sounds so serious. I'd
put more about the pub sessions right in the first sentence. And mention
the Angel in the first paragraph ... but then that shows my priorities.

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Any comments on this page may be addressed to anu.dudhia@physics.ox.ac.uk