Tutorial Problems and Revision Plan

Unless instructed otherwise please hand in problems for me to the Lodge in St Hugh's.

Michaelmas Term

First Year

TopicWork DueTutorial
Vacation Work and Introductory Problems     2pm Wednesday Week 0     Tuesday Week 1
Mechanics I 8am Wednesday Week 3 Thursday Week 3
Optics I 1pm Sunday Week 4 Monday Week 4
Mechanics II 8am Wednesday Week 5 Thursday Week 5
Special Relativity I 8am Sunday Week 6 Monday Week 6
Circuit Theory I 8am Wednesday Week 7 Thursday Week 7
Circuit Theory II 8am Sunday Week 8 Monday Week 8

Second Year

TopicWork DueTutorial/Class
Analogue Electronics 1      8am Thursday Week 4     TBC
Statistical Physics 1      8am Thursday Week 5     Class 2pm Friday Week 5, Hamlin 1
Statistical Physics 2 8am Thursday Week 7 Class 2pm Friday Week 7, Hamlin 1

Third Year

TopicWork DueTutorial/Class
Flows, Fluctuations and Complexity 1     8am Monday Week 4     Class 9am Tuesday Week 4, Hamlin 1
Flows, Fluctuations and Complexity 2 8am Monday Week 6 Class 9am Tuesday Week 6, Hamlin 1
Flows, Fluctuations and Complexity 3 8am Monday Week 8 Class 2pm Thursday Week 8, Dobbs 1