RFM Examples



  1. Limb Radiance Spectrum (RAD flag)
  2. Unknown Absorbers (* in *GAS section, * in *XSC section)
  3. Zenith Transmittance, plane-parallel atmosphere (ZEN and TRA flags)
  4. Nadir Brightness Temperature, plane-parallel atmosphere (NAD, SFC, and BBT flags)
  5. Nadir Brightness Temperature, curved atmosphere (OBS, SFC, and BBT flags)
  6. Limb Transmittance & Optical Thickness Spectra (TRA, OPT flags), with Rayleigh extinction (REX)
  7. Nadir Microwave Spectra, GHz units and Rayleigh-Jeans temperature spectra (RJT, GHZ, VVW flags),
  8. Making/Using LUT files, simple case (TAB, LUT flags)
  9. Making/Using LUT files, complex case (TAB, LUT flags)