*CIA Section

RFM Driver Table Sections: CIA filenames


Optional Section

Specify Collision-Induced Absorption files.

Multiple fields, arbitrary order
FILCIA C200 Name of .cia File
DEFCIA C200 Default .cia Filename template (contains '*' character)
Type: Cn=character string, max length n.

  1. .cia files can be downloaded from the HITRAN web-site.

  2. If a filename template DEFCIA is supplied, identified by containing a '*' character, first all the explicitly specified files are read, then '*' character in the template is expanded to all possible combinations of the molecules specified in the *GAS section, as well as 'Air'. But if you have both 'Air' and a specific molecule specified as broadening gases for a particular spectral range, the RFM will return a fatal error message (as you would expect).

  3. When looking for filenames, molecule names are mixed case, although in practice for most molecules represented by .cia files this is the same as upper case (eg 'H2O', 'CH4'), apart from 'He' and 'Air'.

  4. The order of molecules, eg O2-CO2 or CO2-O2, is not significant. Using the wildcard, both combinations are checked.

*CIA ../rfm_files/N2-N2_2011.cia ! CIA data for N2-N2 ../rfm_files/*_2011.cia ! Other data, eg N2-CH4, O2-N2

Bug#40 (Fixed v5.21)