LAY Flag

RFM Flags: Sub-divide Layers


Halve the vertical spacing of the user-supplied profile grid.

Use the user-supplied vertical grd

Incompatible with HOM Flag.

  1. If the user supplies a profile grid of N levels (specified by the first profile in the first file of the *ATM section), then this flag adds an extra N-1 levels at the intermediate points, specified in altitude on ln(p), according to which type of grid is used.

  2. The main purpose of this flag is as a quick test to see if the altitude grid-spacing on the user-supplied profiles is sufficiently fine to support the assumptions used in equating atmospheric paths to equivalent homogeneous paths for the Curtis-Godson approximation and Planck-function variation (see also BFX flag for Planck-variation). If the results with/without the LAY flag are significantly different then the layering is too coarse.

  3. The PRF Flag can be used to write out the new profiles that are actually used

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