MIX Flag

RFM Flags: Include line-coupling in spectral calculations



Ignore line mixing


  1. Line-mixing (or line-coupling) is primarily a correction affecting spectral regions where line-intensities, and densities, are greatest. However, it does add significantly to the computational cost. The general recommendation is to try running the RFM with/without the MIX flag for the required calculations and see if it makes sufficient difference to justify its inclusion.

  2. The standard HITRAN 160-character .par file format does not include line-mixing coefficients, so the only option with this spectroscopic data is to use the RFM's internal line mixing coefficients stored for CO2 lines, which uses a first order model from Tobin & Strow (1994), See subroutine ymix_fnc.f90 for details.

  3. The HITRAN Database format, introduced with RFM v5.21, allows for line mixing parameters for any molecule (although in practice most entries in the HITRAN database are blank).

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