*OUT Section

RFM Driver Table Sections: Set Output Filename


Optional Section, used if present in Driver Table (no associated flag required).

User-defined output filenames or filename templates (over-riding RFM defaults).

Multiple PARAM=VALUE records, arbitrary order
OUTDIR= DIRNAM C200 Directory for output
ABSFIL= FILNAM C200 Absorption spectra
BBTFIL= FILNAM C200 Brightness Temperature spectra
COOFIL= FILNAM C200 Cooling Rate spectra
OPTFIL= FILNAM C200 Optical Thickness spectra
PRFFIL= FILNAM C200 Atmospheric Profiles
PTHFIL= FILNAM C200 Path Diagnostics
RADFIL= FILNAM C200 Radiance spectra
RJTFIL= FILNAM C200 Rayleigh-Jeans Temperature spectra
TABFIL= FILNAM C200 Look-Up Tables
TRAFIL= FILNAM C200 Transmittance spectra
WIDFIL= FILNAM C200 Widemesh Diagnostics
Type: Cn=character string, length n.

  1. The RFM has default filenames for all output files, this section just provides the ability to override these, including redirecting outputs from the default local directory

  2. Where multiple files are generated (eg more than one spectral range or tangent height) FILNAM must contain a wildcard '*' character and then acts as a template with '*' expanded to accommodate the spectral range, tangent height etc data (see Output Files). If in doubt, include the '*' character anyway.

  3. If DIRNAM is supplied, it is inserted at the front of any filenames (removing any spaces). So on Linux systems it should end with a '/' character

  4. If any run_ID is specified, this is also appended to the output filename.

  5. If the filename contains the strings '.asc' or '.bin', these are automatically switched according to the status of the BIN Flag.

*OUT OUTDIR = ./output/ ABSFIL = abs_*.asc_test TRAFIL = tra_*.asc_test

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