EODG Theses

J.R. Banks, The Emission and Transport of Saharan Dust, 20 January 2011.

S.F. Bass, Optical properties of laboratory-generated polar stratospheric cloud particles, 10 July 2003.

C.J. Birch, The Emission and Transport of Volcanic Sulphur Dioxide, 28 September 2017.

A.B. Burgess, Retrieval of Atmospheric Composition from the MIPAS Satellite Instrument, 18 July 2006.

G.B.L. Ewen, Infrared Limb Observation of Cloud, 20 June 2006.

H. Huang, Aerosol and Surface Properties Remote Sensing using AATSR, 30 April 2014.

J.G. Hurley, Detection and Retrieval of Clouds from MIPAS, 31 January 2009.

R. Irshad, Laboratory Measurements of Sea Salt Aerosol Refractive Index, 10 February 2009.

R. Ismail, Modelling studies on global contrails, 3 March 2013.

V.L. Jay, Remote Sounding of the Atmosphere by High-Resolution Spectroscopy, 20 June 2001.

G. Miles, Detection and Effects of Volcanic Sulphur in the Stratosphere, 3 April 2012.

L.F. Millán-Valle, Mesospheric Studies with MIPAS and HIRDLS, 1 March 2010.

M. Parrington, Satellite Infrared Limb Sounding of Ozone in the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere, 23 March 2004.

K Paulin, MOPITT Airborne Test Radiometer: Pressure Modulator Performance, 13 September 2002.

V.H. Payne, Retrieval of Water Vapour and Methane from the MIPAS Satellite Instrument, 24 March 2005.

A.C. Povey, The application of optimal estimation retrieval to lidar observations, 17 December 2013.

B.E. Reed, Measurements of the Complex Refractive Index of Volcanic Ash, 23 February 2017.

M.S. Romadhon, SPARCLE: An instrument for aerosol size and refractive index measurement, 3 November 2021.

A.M. Sayer, Aerosol Remote Sensing Using AATSR, 20 May 2009.

A.J.A. Smith, Microphysical modelling of aerosols in the ORAC retrieval, 15 March 2012.

I.A. Taylor, Satellite Remote Sensing of Volcanic Plumes, 6 November 2019.

L.J. Ventress, Atmospheric Sounding using IASI, 22 May 2014.

R.A. Vincent, Retrieval of trace gases using IASI, 13 Sept 2016.

J.C. Walker, Retrieval of non-standard species from MIPAS-ENVISAT, 13 Aug 2009.

A. Waterfall, Measurements of Organic Compounds in the Upper Troposphere using Infrared Remote Sensing, 22 June 2004.

(Dates indicate when Leave to Supplicate was granted.)

Related Theses

G.E. Thomas, A New Instrument for Atmospheric Aerosol Measurement, University of Canterbury, 2003.

D. Wurl, Optimal Estimation Retrieval of Aerosol Microphysical Properties in the Lower Stratosphere from SAGE II Satellite Observations, University of Canterbury, 2007.

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