BBT Flag

RFM Flags: Calculate Brightness Temperature Spectra


Calculate brightness temperature spectra, i.e. the temperature [K] of the Planck Function that gives the equivalent spectral radiance.

No brightness temperature spectra written

Incompatible with TAB Flag.

  1. Internally the RFM calculates radiance R, which is converted to brightness temperature T [K] at the output stage (subroutine spcout_sub.f90) using the inverse of the Planck function, i.e:
    T = c2 ν / ln ( 1 + c1 ν3 / R )
    where c1, c2 are the radiation constants, approx 1.191E-3 nW/(cm2 sr (cm-1)4) and 1.439 K/cm-1 respectively (actual values in phycon_dat.f90), ν is the wavenumber [cm-1], R is the radiance [nW/(cm2 sr cm-1)].

  2. See also the Rayleigh-Jeans Temperature, which is closely related to BBT, and converges as ν → 0.

  3. See RFM Outputs for default filename(s).

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