TAB Flag

RFM Flags: Create Look-Up Tables of Absorption Coefficient



No tabulated absoption coefficients written

Incompatible with ABS, AVG, BBT, BFX, CLC, DBL, FLX, FOV, GEO, GRA, ILS, JAC, LEV, LOS, NAD, OBS, OPT, PTH, RAD, SFC, TRA and ZEN Flags.

  1. The .tab files created with this option can also be used as RFM inputs, when they are known as Look-Up Tables.

  2. If GHZ Flag is enabled, the absorption coefficients are specified on a GHz spectral axis

  3. To create tables for different isotopes, you can either
    • perform separate RFM calculations with different single isotopes specified in the *GAS section (output files will all have the same default filename and no internal information on the isotope
    • perform a single RFM run, specifying different profiles for each isotope in the files in the *ATM section. In this case the output filenames and internal information are also modified.
    The second method is recommended.

  4. See RFM Outputs for default filename(s), which can be modified using the *OUT Section

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