RFM Flags: Apply Instrument Lineshape Convolution

ILS Flag




Incompatible with AVG, OPT and TAB Flags.

  1. The AVG provides a simpler means of automatically convolving with a triangular line shape, which is the recommended option if all you need is an output grid which represents the average values over spectral intervals rather than discrete samples of the spectrum.
  2. The incompatibility with the OPT flag is ideological: instruments do not measure optical thickness directly, so spectral convolution or averaging in 'optical thickness' is meaningless. If you really do want something representing convolved optical thickness (and are you sure you do?) I suggest writing the convolved transmittance spectrum τ and note that optical thickness χ = - ln τ, but I wouldn't want to give the impression that I'm endorsing that sort of thing.

Bug#37 (Fixed v5.13)
Bug#34 (Fixed v5.13)
Bug#21 (Fixed v5.03)
Bug#19 (Fixed v5.03)
Bug#12 (Fixed v5.02)
Bug#11 (Fixed v5.02)