*ILS Section

RFM Driver Table Sections: ILS Files


Secondary Section, requires ILS Flag.

Instrument Line Shape data filenames

Multiple fields, single type, any order.
FILILS C200 Name of .ils File
Type: Cn=character string, length n.

  1. Different ILS files may be specified covering different spectral ranges, in which case only the ILS fully overlapping any required range will be used. The program returns a fatal error message if any ambiguity is found (eg if the required range is fully covered by two ILS functions).

  2. It is also possible to specify a default ILS (see .ils file format) to be used if no overlapping ILS is found for any particular range.

  3. When an ILS convolution is specified the calculated spectrum is extended at each end to allow for edge-effects, however the output is restricted to the original user-defined range.

*ILS mipas_a.ils ! ILS function for Band A mipas_ab.ils ! ILS function for Band AB mipas_b.ils ! ILS function for Band B mipas_c.ils ! ILS function for Band C mipas_d.ils ! ILS function for Band D

Bug#34 (Fixed v5.13)