RAD Flag

RFM Flags: Write Radiance Spectra


Create spectral files of radiance

No radiance spectra written

Incompatible with TAB Flag.

  1. Radiance units are [nW/(cm2 sr cm-1)], modified to [W/(m2 cm-1)] if the FLX Flag is enabled.

  2. Radiance units are not altered by the GHZ Flag, only the spectral axis units are changed. I realise that this is not entirely self-consistent, but if you are using the GHZ flag you probably want to express radiance as Brightness Temperature (BBT flag) or Rayleigh-Jeans Temperature (RJT flag) anyway. However, if you really do want radiance in units of [nW/(cm2 sr GHz)], multiply by 107/c (≈1/30), where c is the speed of light in m/s.

  3. The RFM radiance units are set by the First Radiation Constant, C1 in phycon_dat.f90, although the factor 10-5 conversion for the FLX Flag is applied in spcout_sub.f90

  4. See RFM Outputs for default filename(s).

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