COO Flag

RFM Flags: Create Cooling Rate spectra


Create cooling rate spectra

No cooling rates calculated.

Incompatible with TAB Flag.
FLX Flag must be enabled.

  1. Cooling rate R [K/(day cm-1)] is defined as
    R = d( Fu - Fd)/dz × 1/(Cp × ρ) × 86400
    Fu, Fd [W/(m2cm-1)] are the upward, downward spectral radiance fluxes
    z [m] is the altitude
    Cp [J/(mole K)] is the molar heat capacity (default value CPKMOL_DEF in file phyadj_dat.f90, adjustable using *PHY section)
    ρ [mole/m3] is the molar density of air molecules, and
    86400 [s/day] converts from [W] to [J/day].

  2. Cooling rates can be averaged over output intervals using the AVG Flag, but the user has to multiply by the output grid wavenumber interval in order to get K/day for that spectral interval.

  3. The actual cooling rate calculation involves a quadratic fit to three adjacent profile levels. If the levels are equally spaced, this reduces to a simple difference in net fluxes (Fu - Fd) calculated at levels above and below the output level.

  4. See RFM Outputs for default filename(s).

Bug#31 (Fixed v5.13)