.hdb File

RFM File Formats: HITRAN Database Extract


Input, optional.

Records extracted from the HITRAN database (hitran.org)
One of various forms of spectroscopic line data

Specified in *HIT section of Driver Table using keyword HDBFIL=[filname]

Header record, followed by multiple data records, each representing a single transition, in order of increasing wavenumber.
The HITRAN database allows records to be constructed in arbitrary format with arbitrary contents. For the RFM to be able to interpret the data the following formatting options should be selected:
Field separator: [space]
Line endings: Linux/Unix/Max (LF)
Tick the box for 'Fixed Width Format'
Tick the box for 'Output header line'
and the output should look something like this: [rfm_basic.txt]

Note the '#' characters filling the field width if there is no value in the database for a line parameter.

To ensure that the RFM always has a sufficient set of parameters to model the line, the following parameters should always be selected (since these are all included in the standard HITRAN .par file structure, they should always have valid fields). These can be in any order but this follows the sequence in the HITRAN .par file.

Parameter Description Header
Molecule ID HITRAN molecule ID molec_id
Isotopologue ID Isotopologue local ID local_iso_id
ν Wavenumber nu
S Intensity (line strength) @296K sw
γair Air-broadened half-width@296K gamma_air
γself Self-broadened half-width@296K gamma_self
E" Lower-state energy elower
nair Temperature dependence of γair n_air
δair Air pressure-induced line shift@296K delta_air
The following parameters if defined, will be handled correctly by the RFM and default to the air-broadened values if undefined (indicated by a series of # characters filling the format field width)
Parameter Description Header
nself Temperature dependence of γself n_self
δself Self pressure-induced line shift@296K delta_self