.par File

RFM File Formats: Standard HITRAN Line Data


Input, optional.

Standard 160-character HITRAN line parameter files, available from hitran.org
One of various forms of spectroscopic line data

Specified in *HIT section of Driver Table

Single record type (format originally defined in Table 2 of Rothman et al, 2005).
File records are always in order of increasing wavenumber.
Only the upper-case variables are used by the RFM

Data Record
MOL ISO WNO STR ein HWA HWS ELS TCA PSA gqu gql lqu lql err ref flg swu swl

Last column shows notation used in HITRAN paper
Field Position Format Description Units HITRAN
MOL 1:2 I2 HITRAN molecule ID[1] M
ISO 3:3 Z1 Isotopologue local ID[2] I
WNO 4:15 F12.6 Wavenumber cm-1 ν
STR 16:25 E10.3 Intensity (line strength) @296K cm-1/(molec. cm-2) S
ein 26:35 E10.3 Einstein A Coefficient s-1 A
HWA 36:40 F5.4 Air-broadened half-width@296K cm-1 atm-1 γair
HWS 41:45 F5.4 Self-broadened half-width@296K cm-1 atm-1 γself
ELS 46:55 F10.4 Lower-state energy cm-1 E"
TCA 56:59 F4.2 Temperature dependence of HWA nair
PSA 60:67 F8.6 Air pressure-induced line shift@296K cm-1 atm-1 δair
gqu 68:82 A15 Upper-state global quanta[3] V'
gql 83:97 A15 Lower-state global quanta[3] V"
lqu 98:112 A15 Upper-state local quanta[4] Q'
lql 113:127 A15 Lower-state local quanta[4] Q"
err 128:133 6I1 Uncertainty indices Ierr
ref 134:145 6I2 Reference indices Iref
flg 146:146 A1 Line-mixing flag *
swu 147:153 F7.1 Statistical weight of upper state g'
swl 154:160 F7.1 Statistical weight of lower state g"

  1. MOL: HITRAN 2020 defines 55 different molecules

  2. ISO: Isotopologues are numbered in order of decreasing (terrestrial) abundance. 12 isotopologues are listed for CO2, identified as 1:9 then '0', 'A', 'B' (ie not strictly hexadecimal, which would be 'A','B','C'). No other molecule has more than 7 isotopologues.

  3. gqu, gql: Although not used by the RFM directly, these are read by the HITBIN program and converted to integer indices.

  4. lqu, lql: Although not used by the RFM directly, these are passed by the HITBIN program, compressed from 15 to 9 characters, into the .bin files and, just for CO2, used to identify individual transitions associated with the internal line-coupling model (MIX flag).