.nte File

RFM File Formats: Non-LTE Data


Input(s), read if NTE Flag enabled.

Vibrational temperatures, partition functions and/or rotational temperatures for non-LTE calculations.

The file format originates from the GENLN2 non-LTE input data supplied by IAA Granada, Spain.

Specified in *NTE section of Driver Table

File Header
!CMNT Comment record(s) (optional)
*** MODEL NSET NGAS NLEV NQPR Array sizes, read with format (3X,5I6)
For iGas = 1, NGAS Loop over gases
    MOL_ID(iGas) NISO(iGas) HITRAN index, No. isotopes
PRE(1) PRE(2) ... Pressure profile, block of NLEV numbers over multiple records
0 ISET=0 is flag for Kinetic Temperature
TK(1) TK(2) ... Kinetic temperature profile, block of NLEV numbers over multiple records
... TK(NLEV)
Vibrational Partition Functions
!CMNT Comment record(s) (optional)
For iQPR = 1, NQPR Loop over Vib.Partition Fns.
    IDX_QPR(iQPR) ISO_QPR(iQPR) HITRAN and Isotope index for iQPR
    QV(1,iQPR) QV(2,iQPR) ... Partition fn profile, block of NLEV numbers over multiple records
    ... QV(NLEV,iQPR)
Vibrational Temperatures
!CMNT Comment record(s) (optional)
For iSet = 1, NSET Loop over Vib.Temp profiles
    ISET IDX_SET(iSet) ISO_SET(iSet) IVSGQ(iSet) ENERGY(iSet) [ROTID(iSet)] Single header record for each set
    TV(1,iSet) TV(2,iSet) ... Vibrational temperature profile, block of NLEV numbers over multiple records
    ... TV(NLEV,iSet)

Field Type Description Units Range
!CMNT C80 Comment record (starts with !)
MODEL I Model ID (ignored)
NSET I No.of Vibrational Temperature sets in file > 0
NGAS I No.of different species in file > 0
NLEV I No.of profile levels in file > 0
NQPR I No.of Vib.Partition Fn profiles ≥ 0
MOL_ID(:) I (NGAS) HITRAN index of each molecule in file [1] 1:63
NISO(:) I (NGAS) No. isotopes represented for each gas
PRE(:) R (NLEV) Pressure profile hPa > 0
TK(:) R (NLEV) Kinetic Temperature profile value K > 0
IDX_QPR(:) I (NQPR) HITRAN index of Vib. Part. Fn. IDX_GAS
ISO_QPR(:) I (NQPR)Isotope# of Vib. Part. Fn. 1 : NISO
QV(:,:) R (NLEV,NQPR) Vibrational Partition Function
ISET I Vib. Temperature profile set# 1 : NSET
IDX_SET I (NSET) HITRAN index of Vib. Temp. IDX_GAS
ISO_SET(:) I (NSET) Isotope# of Vib. Temp. 1 : NISO
IVSGQ(:) I (NSET) Vibrational Level Global Quantum Number[2] > 0
ENERGY(:) R (NSET) Energy of upper vib level cm-1 > 0
ROTID(:) C9 (Optional) (NSET) HITRAN Rot. Level Local Quantum ID [3]
TV(:,:) R (NLEV,NSET) Vibrational Temperature profile value K > 0
Type: I=Integer; R=Real; D=Double Precision; Cn=character string, length n.

  1. MOL_ID: see List of Absorbers for assignments.

  2. IVSGQ: The RFM uses an [integer index] to identify each vibrational state of a molecule. These are inserted by the HITBIN program when creating the .bin binary files.

  3. ROTID: In normal use, only the vibrational temperatures TV are supplied since rotational LTE is assumed. If ROTID is specified then Rotational non-LTE is implemented for particular lines. This is matched with the last 9 characters of the HITRAN C15 string.

  4. If a purely vibrational temperature is specified for a level (no ROTID field) this becomes the default for any transitions for which no rotational ID is specified.

  5. A negative value of the vibrational quantum number IVSGQ for the upper energy of a transition results in the RFM only calculating the source function in LTE, while assuming line strength and absorption are determined by LTE (ie kinetic temperature)