*NTE Section

RFM Driver Table Sections: Non-LTE Data


Secondary Section, activated by NTE Flag.

Filenames of vibrational temperature profiles and partition functions for non-LTE calculations.
Note: if only vibrational temperature profiles are required, these are more simply supplied as .atm files in the *ATM section.

Multiple fields, arbitrary order
FILNTE C200 Name of .nte File
DEFNTE C200 Default .nte Filename template (contains '*' character[1])
Type: R=Real; Cn=character string, length n.

With the GRA Flag enabled, ie two-dimensional atmosphere, a horizontal angle ψ can be appended (no spaces) to the filename, enclosed in a pair of brackets (...)
(PSI) R Horizontal angle[2] [3] deg −90:+90

  1. If a filename template is supplied, first all the explicitly specified files are read, then '*' character in the template is expanded to the absorber name of any molecules for which vibrational temperature data has not yet been loaded and, if the file exists, the data is read in.

  2. If a horizontal angle PSI is appended to the filename but the GRA flag is not enabled, the angle is ignored (and a warning message written to the log file).

  3. If no horizontal angle PSI is appended to the filename but the GRA flag is enabled, an angle Ψ=0 is assumed for the file contents.

*NTE co2_std.nte ! CO2 vibrational temperatures h2o_near.nte(10) ! H2O vibrational temperatures at Psi=10deg h2o_far.nte(-10) ! H2O vibrational temperatures at Psi=-10deg *_new.nte ! default filename for other gases, eg 'o3_new.nte'

[none reported]