RFM Log File



Every run of the RFM will create a file rfm.log (plus any specified Run ID). This file logs all details of the particular run, so is a useful starting point for diagnosing any problems or anomalies.

The file contains 3 types of record: Status Messages, File Header Records and Section Header Records.

Status Messages

Message Meaning
R-RFM: ... General status (also printed to terminal)
I-ABCDEF: ... Info from subroutine ABCDEF
W-ABCDEF: ... Warning from subroutine ABCDEF
F-ABCDEF: ... Fatal Error in subroutine ABCDEF (also printed to terminal)

File Header Records

Whenever an
input file is opened, first an info status message is printed to the rfm.log file giving the name of the file about to be opened, then, if opened successfully, the first record of the file is also printed to the rfm.log file.

For this reason, the first record of each input file should contain some meaningful information. For RFM-specific input files this would usually be a record beginning with !, indicating a comment.

Section Header Records

Each driver table record containing a section header (eg *HDR ... ) is also printed in the rfm.log. Similarly the profile identifiers (eg *HGT) from atmospheric profiles loaded in the *ATM section (these are indented a couple of spaces to distinguish them from Driver Table sections). These terminate with the *END section marker, after which the outputs are all status messages.


(Taken from the
Limb Radiance example run)
R-RFM: Running RFM v5.11_02APR
I-OPNFIL: Opening file: rfm.drv
  !14JUL21 RFM Example: Limb Radiance Calculation
 I-DRVFLG: Enabled flags:  RAD
I-SPCCHK: Label=         Range, Resln=   970.00000   980.00000     0.00050
 I-DRVGAS: Using gases:  co2  o3
I-OPNFIL: Opening file: ../atm/usa.atm
  ! FASCOD Model 6. U.S. Standard Atmosphere plus minor constituents 19DEC99
I-ATMFIL: Set Altitude grid: 50 profile levels from 0.00E+00 :120.      [km]
 I-DRVTAN:  20.0
I-HITTYP: Opening HITRAN File: /network/aopp/crun/eodg/rfm/rfm_files/bin/hitr...
I-HITTYP: Identified as binary HITRAN .par file
I-OPNHIT: Opening HITRAN File: /network/aopp/crun/eodg/rfm/rfm_files/bin/hitr...
I-OPNHIT: Opening as binary file using RECL=88
I-OPNHIT: HITRAN File Label=Created with HITBIN v3.00 3Apr18
I-PTHCLC: Explicit Absorption calc. for      58 paths out of      58(=100%)
W-REACYC: NCYC being increased to NCYC=1500
I-OPNOUT: Opening output file: rad_20000.asc
R-RFM: Successful completion