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Printed Chinese characters contain
o enclosures
x crosses
i dots and lines
s angles

This gives some basic graphics that can be
approximated with the following characters

目 日 罒 夕 口 乂 牛 十
ノ 八 阝 丶 山 一 丨 亅
长 乚 弓 厂 冂 ㄥ 人 フ

Each graphic has a plain text equivalent

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9 A B D E H I J

So a Chinese character
can be represented by text

for example

古 85   不 HAI   贝 UY

To find a character
input part of one element
followed by a dot, then
part of another element

include an R to find radicals only

Input can be a mixture of any
Chinese characters and oxis text

An X lets you match an element exactly:

5X finds only   口   not   古, 五   or others

Characters and their elements
are described left to right,
top to bottom, outside to inside

You can input part or all
of up to three elements,
and can specify some or all
of the character's structure
by using specific notation for
across,   down,   in,  instead of a dot:

across - (left to right)   木 - 口   matches   枯   and others
down _ (top to bottom)   口 _ 木   matches   呆   and others
in @ (outside to inside)   口 @ 木   matches   困

An X after any gap symbol lets you
match a character layout exactly:

5-X finds   味, 叭, 叶
but not   啊, 嘛, 响

An initial X finds characters with no gaps:

X5 finds   口, 古, 尺  and others


Elements can be composed in different ways:

a sequence of graphics
丁 HJ   百 HD2   王 H8H

a superposition of graphics
大 8Y   木 8A   女 846

one graphic influencing another
彐 EJ   (E facing the same direction as J)
臼 EKEJ   (E direction K, E direction J)
臣 1K   (1 influenced by K)

annotated text shows this explicitly with
q for sequence, p for superposition, n for influenced by

丁 HqJ   百 HqDq2   王 Hq8qH
大 8pY   木 8pA   女 8p4p6
彐 EnJ   臼 EnKqEnJ   臣 1nK

the influence operation n can also mean not
n5L   永 nK   艮 2nK
so some graphics can represent
approximately part of themselves

Annotations are used to show composition
but are not included in character definitions