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Tutorial Etiquette

Tutorials are normally held in

  • My room in college - MGA 4,
  • My office in AOPP - Room S47 in the Robert Hooke Building (enter through Atmospheric Physics),
  • The Dobson or Brewer Rooms in AOPP (follow the signs).

Please note:

  • If you are not able to hand in your problem sheet on time then let me know (e.g. by email) before the deadline. If you are unable to notify me beforehand (e.g. because you are ill) then contact me as soon as you can to apologise for missing the deadline. In both cases you should state when you plan to submit the work. A Black Mark will be awarded to students failing to notifying me of missing work.
  • Before coming to a tutorial briefly review the problem sheet and prepare any questions you want to ask on the topic being covered.
  • Bring a hard copy of the problem sheet to the tutorial, some paper and a pen.
  • Do not come to tutorials if you are not feeling well. Do not come to tutorials if you have symptoms of a cold or flu even when you think you are 'getting better'.
  • I do not mind if you occasionally need to reschedule a tutorial for non-academic reasons e.g. visit by relatives or some sporting fixture. However these should be rare events < 3 times per year.
  • Email me, text me, phone me or tell your tutorial partner if you are unable to attend a tutorial at the last moment.
  • Occasionally I need to reschedule a tutorial at the last minute. If I do so I will email you.
  • If you do miss a tutorial (or other meeting) then you should email to apologize and suggest an alternative time to meet.
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