.dat File

RFM File Formats: General Input Data File


Input(s), optional.

Generic RFM-format for entering data into certain sections of the RFM driver table, as an alternative to typing a list of values directly into the driver table.

Specified in *GAS, *TAN, *JAC or *DIM sections of Driver Table.

The file starts with an arbitrary number of comment records followed by an arbitrary number of numeric or character fields, depending on use.
Numerical data are read free-format, character fields are delimited by spaces (quote marks are optional)
File Structure
!CMNT Comment record(s) (optional)
DAT(1)   DAT(2) ... Arbitrary no of fields
... DAT(N)
[eof] Terminated by end-of-file

!CMNT C80 Comment record(s) (optional), starting with '!'
DAT(:) R or C As required by relevant driver table section
Type: R=Real; Cn=character string, length n.

  1. Values must all be of the same type, eg all names of molecules, or all altitudes

  2. Comment records may be inserted at any point, identified by the first character being '!' (eg, use ! to temporarily comment out records)

  3. When the file is opened, the first record is also printed to the rfm.log file, so it is suggested you make this a meaningful comment record

  4. Maximum of 80 characters per record

  5. There must be a carriage return <CR> at the end of the last record.

A file which might be used in the *TAN section containing a list of tangent heights.
! Nominal MIPAS Scan Pattern 6-68km in 17 steps 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33 36 39 42 47 52 60 68