MORSE Input Files


When MORSE is run, the driver table (morse.drv) is always required. Additional input files are specified within various sections of the driver table.

MORSE Input Files
File Description Section Requirement Geometry
.atm Internal vertical grid, also *LEV Mandatory
.atm 1D atmospheric profile *ATM Optional
.fov Field-of-View shape *FOV Optional Limb
.glo 4D Climatological fields *ATM Optional
.hit HITRAN binary file *HIT Optional
.ils Instrument lineshape *ILS Optional
.l1c Level 1C Data (apodised spectra) *L1C Mandatory
.mic Microwindow list *MIC Optional
.mdb Microwindow Database *MIC Optional
.noi Noise spectrum *L1C Mandatory Nadir
.orb 2D Orbital (matched) profiles *ATM Optional
.sfc Surface emissivity spectrum *SFC Optional
.svd MIPAS SVD-compressed Look-Up Tables *SVD Optional Limb
.tab Look-Up Tables of Absorption Coefficient *LUT Optional
.xsc Molecular Cross-Sections *XSC Optional


  1. Most locally-defined input files start with an arbitrary number of optional comment records, identified by the first character being '!'
  2. Blank records are ignored
  3. Numerical data are read free format unless otherwise specifed and text data is read either from specific positions within record or using spaces to distinguish fields (essentially free-format but without any requirement for quote marks around character fields).