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Current Weather

22-09-2021 05:29:08 GMT

Weather Summary Symbol Temperature8.4 °C
Pressure(MSL)1024 mbar
Relative Humidity98.6 %
Wind0.0 m/s (0.0 mph) at 236°
Rainfall Rate0.00 mm/min
SunNot shining
UV Index Symbol UV Index0
Last Sunshine17:13:30 21-09-2021 GMT
Last Rainfall09:13:41 19-09-2021 GMT

Since 00:00:00 22-09-2021

Maximum Temperature11.0 °C at 00:09:31
Minimum Temperature7.8 °C at 05:13:53
Maximum Station pressure1026 mbar at 00:00:03
Minimum Station pressure1024 mbar at 03:48:40
Maximum Wind0.1 m/s (0.2 mph) at 03:28:56
Total Rainfall0.00 mm
Total Sunshine0.00 hours

Variation over the last few days:

Summary of the last 60 days:

Observations from 2001 to the present can be downloaded here. Please report any bugs or faults to (a value of -999 denotes missing data, which is only a fault if it persists for several minutes to hours).

Known issues:
- New plotting scripts were introduced on 17 Aug 2021. Please send us your thoughts on if these make the observations easier to understand and follow.
- Only factory calibrations are being used since 5 Dec 2018.

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