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My research concentrates on using space instruments to measure properties of the Earth's atmosphere (and sometimes surface). I have a particular interest in atmospheric aerosols - small particles typically 1 μm in size which have a direct impact on atmospheric radiation and chemistry. Most of my research time is devoted to managing research projects and supervising student projects. The particular programmes I am involved in are described in the Earth Observation Data Group pages.

To give you a flavour, here is a Wordle of the titles of my first 100 publications.

A lot of my work involves atmospheric aerosol so the following monograph provides formula concerning particle size distributions and their derived optical properties.

The working draft of a book on Atmospheric Radiative Transfer is open from comment.

I also working on the following monograph and would welcome comments.

And here are some eclectic bits of maths and IT that are a useful reference.

You will find here historical impact factors for journals which publish topics related to my research.

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