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References & Black Marks

Often students ask me for a reference when they are leaving college and applying to do further study or for a job. I am happy to provide a reference but it helps if

  • you let me know in good time (i.e. a least a week before any deadline)
  • you provide further information relevant to the post (e.g. I have to write a pretty vague reference if I am told you have applied to do a PhD at e.g. Caltex. If you let me know the topic and something of your motivation for applying then I can say something far more specific.)

If a student annoys me enough by not putting in sufficient effort, not following tutorial etiquette or by some other academic lapse, I place a black mark against their name. As a reference usually contains comments on a student's attitude to study I do not recommend asking me for a reference if you have three or more black marks against your name.

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