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Guidelines for Submitted Tutorial Problem Sheets

When preparing solutions for marking please note the following points.

  • Not attempting a solution is generally unacceptable.
  • Set out your solution as a coherent narrative explaining any principles used. The final solution should be underlined, or a reasonable gap left in the text so the end of the question is obvious.
  • In general solve problems algebraically before inserting values.
  • In multiple part questions, identify all the answers being asked for and present a solution that answers them all. Counting the things asked for in a problem, and matching this to the number of underlined results in your manuscript, can ensure this.
  • Do not use different notation from that used in the question. Define any new variables you introduce.
  • Write legibly. If you struggle to do this in first draft then rewrite your solutions when complete.
  • Solutions should be presented on one side of the paper and stapled at the top left hand corner (or otherwise held together). Sheppard supplement: The presentation of solutions on pages formed into a Möbius strip is unaccepatable.

Obeying these rules is good practice and will pay off in exams. Scripts that fail to respect these rules will be returned to be rewritten.

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