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Weather Station Maintenance Personnel

  • Don Grainger
  • Kallista Angeloff
  • Nicola Rotolo

Upkeep of the station is fairly minimal.

Once a day,

it is advisable to:
  • Check that the current observation on the weather station website is within the last five minutes. If not, login to atmlxdt055 and run `check_now' to print the last ten observations and make sure they are within the last two minutes. If not, debug.
  • Check that the AERONET observations from the previous day were uploaded to Goddard.

Once a week,

it is necessary to:
  • Clean the filter in the rain gauge. (If needed) remove obstructions from the top inlet and bottom outlet using a thin wire.
  • Clear obstructions and dirt from the baffle of the Cimel. Carefully clean the optics.
  • Clean the dome on the UV meter.
  • Check that the AERONET battery levels aren't dropping much below 11V at Valladolid University (requires an account, which you should be able to obtain).

Once a month,

it is necessary to:

The sensors on their mast

  • Clean the humidity sensor and remove obstructions from the screen surrounding it.
  • Clean the dome on the sunshine sensor.

These acts can be easily done after lowering the mast. This is done by loosening the two scaffolding screws as shown.

Once a year,

it is necessary to send the Cimel for calibration. This is organised in liaison with the Field Spectroscopy Facility in Edinburgh, who manage the instrument. Do not send it in July/August as the Spanish team are on holiday and it won't be returned until September/October.

Once every few years,

it is necessary to send the UV meter for calibration.
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