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Elisa Carboni PostDoc at AOPP.
Her main research interest is satellite remote sensing of volcanic emissions into the atmosphere: SO2 and ash. Her research is focused on algorithms for the detection and retrieval of SO2 and ash from thermal infrared spectrometer (such as IASI on Metop). Elisa is also involved in aerosol and ash retrieval from satellite imagers (AATSR, SEVIRI, MODIS, …).

Anu Dudhia University Research Lecturer.
Primarily interested in infrared remote sounding of atmospheric temperature and composition using Fourier transfer instruments. Responsible for the RFM line-by-line radiative transfer model, and the MORSE retrieval code.

Don Grainger Reader in AOPP.
His main interest is in using satellite instruments to determine aerosol/cloud properties and trace gas concentrations in the Earth's atmosphere. This includes studies into natural and anthropogenic changes in atmospheric aerosols and clouds through process such as volcanic emission, aircraft and ship pollution, and surface erosion.

Adam Povey PostDoc at AOPP.
Adam is interested in retrieval theory and its application to the remote sensing of aerosol and cloud with satellite-borne sensors, such as SLSTR, and ground-based instruments, such as lidar. He is a developer of the Optimal Retrieval of Aerosol and Cloud and works within the UK Earth System Model, evaluating the aerosol component.

Simon Proud PostDoc at AOPP.
Simon's research focuses on estimating cloud and aerosol properties from satellite instruments. He is involved with the ESA Cloud and Aerosol CCI projects and is a developer of the ORAC retrieval algorithm. Aside from the CCI projects, his main interest is in exploring how satellite data can benefit aviation users, particular with respect to improving safety through a better understanding of global weather conditions.

Syarif Romadhon D.Phil. student at AOPP.
My research focuses on development of the aerosol measurement instrument SPARCLE (Stratospheric Aerosol Composition and Loading Experiment). This instrument determines the size distribution and refractive index of particles. SPARCLE utilizes a laser beam to illuminate individual particle. Two different sensors are installed to measure the total intensity of scattering light over a solid angel and the spatial distribution of scattering light. These measurements are used to infer particle radius and complex particle refractive index.

Isabelle Taylor D.Phil. Student at AOPP.
Isabelle is a D.Phil student working between Earth Sciences and AOPP. Her main interest is in how satellite remote sensing of volcanic SO2 and ash can be used to interpret volcanic behaviour. She is primarily working with IASI data.

Lucy Ventress PostDoc at AOPP.
Lucy's main interests are in satellite remote sensing of trace atmospheric species and volcanic emissions (specifically volcanic ash). Her focus is on developing detection methods and retrieval algorithms for use with hyperspectral infrared instruments such as IASI.

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