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These pages provides an overview of the work performed at the University of Oxford in the Earth Observation Data Group (EODG). The principal focus of EODG is the retrieval of atmospheric properties (e.g. temperature, pressure, trace gas concentrations, aerosol and cloud properties) from data gathered by Earth Observing satellites.

People Research
The Earth Observation Data Group comprises two permanent academic staff members, six post docs, and five D.Phil. students. Job vacancies for post-doctoral employment (if any are available) are listed here. EODG scientists conduct research that helps build our understanding of the properties and processes in the troposphere and stratosphere, particularly in relation to anthropogenically induced climate change, stratospheric ozone loss and volcanic emissions. EODG members have expertise in hyperspectral infrared observations of trace gases and in nadir imager measurements of aerosol and cloud. The satellite retrieval work is complemented by related modelling studies and laboratory measurements.
Ph.D. Opportunities Publications
Each year the EODG accepts students to undertake a Ph.D. degree (called a D.Phil. in Oxford). Follow the links to see past student reports and theses while available topics are listed here. The next career steps of several of our D.Phil. students are listed here. Our scientific results are presented at meetings (recent posters) or published in journals (publication list). Some of our work appears as student reports or as technical documents.

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