RFM Driver Table Sections


Primary Sections

The first 6 sections of the Driver Table are mandatory, and must appear in the following sequence:

Label Description
1. *HDR Header Text for output files
2. *FLG Flags
3. *SPC Spectral Range & Resolution
4. *GAS List of Absorbers
5. *ATM Atmospheric Profiles
6. *TAN Tangent Heights (or other ray-path definitions) [1]

  1. Instead of *TAN, alternatives *DIM, *GEO, *ELE, *LEN, *LEV or *SEC may be used/required in specific cases.

Secondary Sections

The following sections are mandatory if the relevant flag appears in the
*FLG section, and are ignored (with a warning message in the rfm.log file) if it does not. These can appear in any order after the primary sections.
Label Flag Description
*FIN FIN Spectral Resolution of Fine Mesh calculation
*FOV FOV Field-of-View Data
*GRD GRD Irregular Grid Data
*ILS ILS Instrument Line Shape Data
*JAC JAC Jacobian calculation elements
*LEV LEV Intermediate Output Levels
*LUT LUT Look-Up Table Data
*OBS OBS Observer Location
*REJ REJ Weak Line Rejection limits
*SFC SFC Surface Parameters [2]
*SHP SHP Molecular Lineshapes (ie non-Voigt)
*SVD SVD SVD-compressed Look-Up Table Data


  1. The *SFC section isn't actually mandatory since, if the SFC flag is set, there are default values for all the surface parameters.

Optional Sections

The following sections are optional in the sense that they do not have an associated flag and it is possible to run the RFM without them. However, in the case of the spectroscopic data (particularly
*HIT but also *XSC) it will almost always be necessary to include these otherwise the RFM will report a fatal error (unless spectroscopic data for each molecule has been supplied via the *LUT or *SVD sections).

As with the Secondary sections, these can appear in any order after the primary sections.
Label Description
*CIA Collision-Induced Absorption Data
*HIT Molecular Line Parameters
*OUT Change Output Filenames from default values
*PHY Change Physical Constants from default values
*XSC Molecular Absorption cross-section Data

End Marker

The last record of the Driver Table should be the end-marker label, after which no further records are read (make sure that there is a <CR> after *END)
Label Description
*END Termination marker